Kenmore 7212 Microwave Review Roundup

The Kenmore 7212 is a countertop microwave model that tries to keep things simple while still offering plenty of features for the average kitchen. Does it succeed? Let’s find out what users have to say!

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Features of the Kenmore 7212 Microwave

The Kenmore as 1.2 cubic feet of internal space for cooking, and 1100 watts to do it with, both respectable numbers for a family home microwave. It offers sensor function cooking and several presets. As with many microwaves these days, it comes with an internal coating to help make cleaning a little easier, especially if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals. There is no handle on this model, but it does have a 12.4-inch turntable.


  • Accurate sensor heating
  • Customization for multi-stage and favorite cooking times


  • A high failure rate within a year of use

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports and its users disagreed on a lot about this model. CR found that it had great even heating and defrosting, was easy to use, and was one of the quietest models they tested. So many users chimed in to say it had poor performance and loud noise issues that CR actually made a note in its review. That puts this review at pretty much a draw, and makes us wonder if they were testing two separate models (there are a couple different versions of the 7212, CR tested the 72123).

“After researching various reviews and sites, I bought this Kenmore 72123 model today because of its high rating for an 1100 watt capacity counter model. Some reviewers mentioned it was extremely quiet, others that it’s very loud. Well, it’s going back tomorrow. Simply heating water for tea made such a loud buzzing racket that it startled my dog two rooms away from the kitchen as the magnetron cycled on and off. Maybe it was simply a bad day at the factory. Too bad, not many mid-size counter WVs higher than 1000 watts out there (at least 1100 watts is recommended for thoroughly heating frozen dinners and potpies).”

Sears Users

Sears users didn’t have many problems with performance: Their issue was longevity. There are multiple accounts of various components only lasting for a year or two: Then the internal light would burned out, the turntable would stop working, or another part would fail and keep the microwave from working properly. On the plus side, the sensor cook option and shortcut buttons did get some praise.

“It does take up some space though on your counter top and make sure you put it on top of some cloth or rough surface because it keeps sliding when trying to open..or you have to use both hands to hold and to open it..I bought a side table to accommodate this but it keeps slipping back b’coz of the smooth shiny surface.Been using for 6 months now.The closing /opening does make a lot of noise.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users also had quite a few complaints about components that fail after a year or so of light use – something that tends to make customers pretty unhappy. However, they also had some words of praise for this model, mostly about how easy the buttons are to understand and use and how it is quieter than old school microwaves.

“A horrible product. Design-wise: no handle on the door, the ‘cook time’ button is muted and small even though that’s the most common command used. Quality is VERY poor: within a year the power/ heating became variable and inconsistent and now, just barely 2 years past the purchase date, it’s dead. I know microwaves don’t last 20 years anymore, but this is a RIP OFF. Don’t waste your money on this incredibly crappy product.”

Bottom Line

Longevity issues keep this microwave from being a serious countertop consideration.

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