What is the Best Electric Lawn Mower and Why: Gas vs Electric

To find the best electric lawn mower we ran over 20 hours of backyard cutting tests, monitored battery charges, and tried the mowers in real world scenarios at various levels of performance (and difficulty) to see just how well they compared.

Our favorite (although it was close): the Ego 21-inch, 56V. This mower combines:

  • Useful battery features
  • Plenty of motor power
  • A broad cutting width
  • And and excellent choice if you are moving from a grass mower or want to upgrade to a better cordless mower.

That said, today’s cordless mowers provide an excellent and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered lawn mowers. So check out our top 5 and make sure to read our buyer’s guide before you purchase your next cordless electric mower.

The Top Rated Electric Lawn Mowers for 2018>

#1 Ego 21-inch 56V Electric Lawn Mower – Editor’s Choice


  • Powerful 56V battery
  • Headlights for low-level work
  • Lightweight, durable design
  • Easy, useful controls
  • 21-inch cutting width


  • Small grass bag
  • Some controls a little flimsy

#2 Black & Decker 60v Powerswap – Best Mower for Battery Life


  • Powerswap tech for much longer uptime
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent maneuverability


  • 20-inch width may be a little small for some
  • No self-propelling option

#3 Worx 24v Powertank – Best Electric Lawn Mower for Small Lawns


  • Compact form that’s easy to store
  • More power than you’d expect
  • Different modes for power or quiet use


  • Designed for small yards and shorter mowing tasks

#4 Lawnmaster 60v Electric Lawnmower – Most Customizable Mower


  • Speed and power customization options
  • Lightweight design for easier handling


  • Some flimsy design features
  • Slightly small 19-inch cutting width

#5 Greenworks Pro 60v – Most Durable Electric Mower

Lawnmower: Greenworks Mower


  • Highly durable
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Large wheels for rough terrain


  • Poor self-propel option
  • Battery is durable but takes time to charge
  • Heavier than other models

Top Rated Electric Lawn Mower Test Results and Ratings

Shopping Guide for Best Electric Mower

Electric Mowers: Now and Then

During the early years, electric mowers were slow machines held back (literally) by their cords, which needed to be connected to a sort-of-near electrical socket. Not ideal, and not popular! When the first cordless versions came out using large rechargeable batteries, they weren’t especially durable or dependable.

Only in the last few years have cordless mowers really grown into their own, with multiple brands producing powerful lawnmowers that can do everything a gas mower can – and in some cases a few extra things, too.

There’s no better time to make the switch! So let’s take a look at these cordless mowers, the top model we reviewed, and the runners-up.

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