ONE Smart Keyboard Pro: Learn Piano Like a Pro (sort of)

The ONE Keyboard Pro has the attention of the piano community and rightly so. That’s because this portable 88-key keyboard for beginners and experienced players alike has a lot of great features. It has keys that light up with sheet music, video lessons, games and new users can take a crash course in piano music when connected with The ONE Smart Piano app.

Putting Instructors Out of Business

Sorry piano instructors, but this keyboard is another technological advance that is going to help to put you out of business. Beginners can start with this gadget and use the features to become proficient players in no time at all, albeit with some practice.

The ONE Smart Keyboard Pro has 88 keys, hammer action keys, Grand Piano Tone sample, adjustable instrument sounds, multiple apps, a large song library, free video lessons and music rhythm games.

Learning to play the piano seems like an impossible task, but now it is easy.

The keyboard has LED lights that work with the app and show you which keys to press. The lights stay lit until you hit the right notes. This is a great way to learn and it makes things easy on beginners. You can change the 128 instrument sound on the fly with the simple press of a button.

iOS and Android Apps

Along with the other features, the apps for iOS and Android will standardize the learning process and get you on your way to becoming a concert pianist. The company claims that the Crash Course section of the app will have you playing some basic tunes in just five minutes, other more complex pieces within a week.

Another great feature is that you have thousands of pieces of sheet music in the real-time updated library. Just choose the piece that you want and get playing in minutes.

Whether you are a seasoned musician or completely new to piano music, there’s a lot to love about this system. It can probably help professionals flex their musical skills with practice sessions that will keep them sharp, while new users will advance quickly. It seems like the best way to learn to play the piano in the modern age.

Price you ask? $799.

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