Lever Gear CLiP System Offers Compact Storage For Everyday Carry

We all have certain items that we love to carry with us every day. For some of us, that means just a small multi-tool on our belt, while for others it means an arsenal of items to cover any eventuality. No matter what you carry on you daily, we all have the same problem. There’s only so many things we can fit on our person.

The CLiP System is an Essential Addition To Your EDC

And that’s why we rely on clever design, which allows us to carry more. That’s what the Lever Gear CLiP System is all about. The CLiP System is functional, practical and durable, as well as being compact and customizable.

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The CLiP System is a new line of tough, versatile tools that share a common form. They clip onto your keychain or fit in your pocket or bag. They are designed to be modular, interchangeable and expandable, while in a small form that you can carry easily. The first two CLiP System tools are the BitVault and BitLight.

These are essentially small containers to carry all of your small things. It’s a clever concept that will let you carry even more than you do already. Both of these tools can store hex bits and transform into small screwdrivers. The BitLight has a rechargeable LED flashlight with 3 brightness settings for light whenever you need it.

A Small Form Factor For Small Items

You can fill these with anything small: Matches, stamps, tablets, money, toothpicks, breath mints, whatever you want. Like most cool things, the CLiP system was invented when Lever Gear founder, Mike Scully, injured his back. He also had his teeth straightened around that time and found that he got spinach stuck in his teeth at every meal. So he had to carry around small pills and toothpicks all day. The CLiP system was born. Now he could carry these things easily.

You can see why this is essential to add to your EDC (Everyday Carry) gear. All of your small items are kept secure and clean and are easily accessed at any time. The idea is brilliant and the design is well carried out. The CLiP system is going to be very popular indeed.

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