Best Webcam for Streaming: Top 7 Picks & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for an upgrade to your current webcam – a new cam that will benefit your streaming and help you grow your audience (while also helping you to look better on stream)? There are plenty of affordable webcams around with far better capabilities than the cam your computer came with: We’re going to help you choose the right one!

Best Webcams for Streaming

#1  Logitech C922x – Best Logitech Webcam for Streaming


  • Lighting and focus features
  • Reliable 1080p resolution recording
  • Stereo audio mic


  • More expensive than many cam upgrades
  • Stereo mic isn’t much good if you already have a headset
  • Background removal isn’t always recommended

This Logitech model is a state-of-the-art webcam designed for professional streaming from gamers and YouTube vloggers. From top to bottom, it’s filled with features we look for in our reviews. Moreover, it’s focused on making streaming easier, including background removal, a temporary licensing for Xsplit’s streaming software, autofocus and light adjustment, and a full HD glass lens that’s probably better than the onboard webcam you may have been using.

Not everything is perfect, but the issues this cam has are acceptable: The mic won’t do gamers much good if they use a headset, and background removal, while a fun feature, can look seriously weird on the wrong type of streaming (feel free to experiment with it, though).

#2  Logitech HD C615 – Best Outdoor Webcam for Streaming


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Autofocus and mic filters
  • Ideal for video chatting, too


  • 1080p compatibility comes with some odd caveats
  • Made strictly for computer mounting
  • Some video chat options overshadow streaming features

Do you travel a lot but still need to stream? Is a high-quality video streaming cam important for your professional life, even (especially) when you are on the go? This excellent little Logitech cam folds up for easy travel, and expands to provide – as we discovered in testing – immediately high-quality video when you need it. The optimization software is also very helpful with both mic and focus features ideal in on the go situations.

However, some oddities are present, too. The 1080p settings can to make other features like the autofocus struggle a little, and the mount is specifically designed for smaller computers, so trying to attach it to a desk or chair may pose problems.

#3  Logitech Brio – Best HD Webcam for Live Streaming


  • High resolution image sensor and glass lens
  • Zoom and pan options
  • Logitech’s strong optimization features are better than ever


  • One of the more expensive webcams
  • 4k resolution may not be necessary and requires USB 3.0
  • The mount is not great

If you want to zoom straight to the high-end of the webcam world, you’ll find the Brio waiting there with is top-line and very expensive features. The 4k resolution is ideal if you want to stream tutorials and detail is very important (and you have a USB 3.0 connection). Lighting and color optimization here are quite excellent, although they will lower your frame rate. Zooming and panning is ideal for conferences or more complex web shows, too.

The only big concern here is the mounting base, which just isn’t up to par with the rest of Logitech’s cams for some reason, and needs extra care and adjustment when you set the cam up.

#4  HP HD 4310 – Best HD Webcam for Live Streaming


  • Nice sharing features
  • Software for lighting and focus adjustment
  • Many mounting options


  • Design is a little outdated
  • Some complaints about OS updates
  • No zoom technology

The 4310 may look a little clunky but behind that design are a bunch of video-friendly features that add up to a surprisingly competitive webcam. There are tools for sharing your desktop in video chat, uploading video to Facebook, implementing autofocus, and even adding effects to your video. The 1080p lens may be large, but it also offers wide image capture (although no zoom is included).

When we reviewed the older model we found that it didn’t work with the newer operating systems. This appears to be currently resolved, but it is something to consider when it comes to future firmware maintenance.

#5  Microsoft LifeCam Studio – Best Quality Webcam for Streaming


  • Highly durable lens and audio
  • Microsoft’s autofocus and video smoothing technology
  • 1080p widescreen sensor for big projects


  • Autofocus isn’t always dependable
  • Frame rate issues in low light
  • An older cam that may require extra driver installation

While this cam is a bit older than the rest of our choices (look for recent models and prepare to download the right firmware), it still does a great job capturing clear video, including widescreen 16:9 video if you really want to go big. The autofocus and low light capabilities are another welcome feature, but they do tend to slow down the frame rate a lot when all that optimization software has to work together.

#6  Ausdom AW620 – Best Webcam for Streaming on Twitch


  • Great ease of use
  • Options for fps based on resolution
  • Compatible with many platforms


  • Fisheye lens approach not for all streaming
  • Video optimization isn’t always ideal
  • Stereo mic quality is just average

This Ausdom model gets plenty of respect for being so easy to use: it’s compatible whether you’re using a Mac, PC, Chromebook, or any other computer, and setting it up is particularly speedy thanks to the compact design. Fortunately, you still get a choice between 30fps 1080p and 60fps 720p video depending on how detailed you want your streaming to be.

A stereo microphone is indeed built in, but it’s just okay and you are probably better off buying a dedicated mic for serious streaming. But if you have concerns about compatibility or usability, this cam will help allay your fears while still provided high quality video capture.

#7  Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 – Best Budget Streaming Webcam


  • Highly affordable
  • Color enhancing technology
  • Versatile base works with many different devices


  • Only 720p max resolution
  • Software has some occasional reported issues
  • Omnidirectional mic can pick up background noise

If you are looking for a more affordable option, this cam is only around $25 (which easily ranks as one of the cheapest vlogging cameras) – with an ideal design for more casual streaming. Sure the resolution is a little low as we found in our tests, but there’s color optimization technology (that will also help a lot with light levels), and a great adjustable base that you can use to attach the cam to nearly any kind of computer.

Some people have noted that the software may have occasional trouble with the audio cutting out or the cam not working with certain types of software, which is why we didn’t rate this model higher. Fortunately, these problems seem fairly rare and frequently solved by making sure all your software is updated.

Note: if you’re still trying to build context on how much to spend on a Streaming Camera, make sure you read this article.

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