Monet Phone Wallet, Grip And Kickstand

Phone cases are a dime a dozen. Some of them even do more than protect your phone, but usually, they don’t do much aside from giving you a protective outer shell. And one that looks pretty boring at that.

Monet Is All About Style and Function

That’s why we love phone cases that serve several functions. One of the coolest and best-looking options that we’ve seen recently is the Monet. It’s a phone case, wallet, grip and kickstand all in one. What’s great about this protective cover is that it feels like an extension of your hand and actually gets noticed.


It features an easy slip-on grip, a handy stand, and a sleek wallet. It is stylish and perfect for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are working out in the city or on the go in the country. Monet is a unique solution that stands out from the crowd.

Let’s face it, most phone accessories are pretty bland and they tend to all look the same. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Almost. Not Monet. One of the things that caught our eye is the unique attention to detail and the bold colors. It’s also obvious that they are quality made. What we have here is a unique upscale and luxurious phone accessory. The ladies will love it because they can coordinate the colors with their outfits. That’s why Monet is in demand. Don’t believe me? Stars like Justine Skye, Gizele Oliveira, and others have been spotted using one.

This is a Phone Accessory That You Want To Use

Monet comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose from solids, neon, multi colors, pastel, or patterns. Monet is also compatible with all phones.

It’s 2018, so we deserve some style. No one should have to use bland and boring phone cases. Your accessories should say something about you. It should stand out. Well, that’s exactly what Monet does.

Monet Phone Wallet, Grip And Kickstand is available on GadgetReview – Hands On Reviews

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