This 8-Inch LED Ball Light Is Versatile And Fun

The way that I see it, there are two kinds of lighting for the home: Just plain functional, but boring lamps and lighting that is fun. This 8-Inch LED Ball Light is the latter.

Take It Anywhere

This LED Ball Light is fun, festive and bright. Even beautiful. It is a multi-use orb for both indoor and outdoor use. And you can use it anywhere since it’s waterproof. Use it in your room as a night light, put a few in the pool to create an otherworldly atmosphere, in your yard, in your bathtub or anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

These lights make any event spectacular, whether it is a backyard get-together or a wedding. This LOFTEK mood night truly is for any and all occasions. These RGB decorative globe lamps have a streamlined design and are color changing. Each comes with a remote control and features 16 colors. They are easy to setup and they work great.

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Each is portable and rechargeable so you can carry it with you and create a lovely atmosphere wherever you go. to bring the best light for your activities. The rechargeable internal battery will last up to 6-12 hours. So the party never has to end. These orbs offer 4 lighting modes, so when you combine them with others, the multiple lighting effects create some awesome ambiance.

Use the remote control to choose and change between all 16 different colors, with 5-level dimming and 4 cool light modes for auto color-changing (flash / strobe / fade / smooth) and dimming.

Use This Clever Light Anywhere

These lights also make great props. Some people even like to use them as night lights during movie night, when you have the lights off, but still, want to be able to see enough to go get a snack or go to the bathroom.

It doesn’t get much simpler than an orb when it comes to design and we love that this is lighting that can go anywhere. It’s a cool home gadget that is full of possibilities.

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