Homeseer’s Smart Switches Have Color Coded Lights

The good old light switch really hasn’t changed much over the years, but that is changing today as our smart homes get smart switches. HomeSeer’s new smart home wall switches, dimmers and fan controllers are changing things big time. They feature RGB LEDs that glow or blink different colors based on homeowner preference or when things happen in your home.

A Truly Useful Light Switch

They are equipped with multicolored RGB LEDs that respond to wireless Z-Wave commands. So you can control the color of each LED or switch based on your personal preference or the changing status of things going on around you.

For instance, if your back door is open, the light might be red, or if your side door is unlocked it could be yellow. It is designed so that you can get important info at a glance. It is a brilliant system that is easily understood. And it can coexist with any smart home monitoring systems in your home.

While in normal mode, the wall switches glow to show the status of each circuit using 7 colors. The colors can be set once and left or can be programmed to change every day or on holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.

While in status mode, individual LEDs can be controlled to show the status of almost anything in your home. If your garage door is open, LEDs can be programmed to glow in the color of your choice to show this. When a smoke alarm goes off, all LEDS on all switches can blink red. If there are no status conditions active, wall switches automatically return to normal mode.

Know What is Happening in Your Home

So you can see how useful these switches are. As mentioned, you may also want to program them for special events. Maybe have more greens and reds at Christmas for instance.

This series os smart switches has me eager to see where Homeseer is going to take things next. These have got to be the most useful switches on the market for anyone looking for more home automation.

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