Neato Botvac D7 Connected Can Map Multiple Floors In Your Home

Robot vacuums are good at mapping the floor in your home, which is all many of us need if we are living in a ranch home or an apartment, but what about the rest of us who have multiple floors?
Well, Neato Robotics has that covered now thanks to a software update to the Botvac D7 Connected. This is Neato’s most powerful robot vacuum.

The Botvac D7 Just Got An Upgrade

The update allows the robot vacuum to create maps for as many as three floors via the Neato app. After that, you can even create “No-Go” lines to tell it where to avoid cleaning on these floors. Naturally, this doesn’t magically transport your robot buddy from floor to floor. You’ll have to carry it up the stairs yourself. Even so, it’s nice to know that it has all of your floors covered now.

And since the Neato Botvac Connected will have more floors in its repertoire now, adding up to more work, Neato is selling stand-alone charging stations to make things more convenient. You can have one on every floor if you want. Or two on the first floor. This beats what other robot vacuum cleaners are offering.

The extra charging station is a good idea because this update also brings another significant new feature. One that helps the robot to handle bigger cleaning jobs. The Quick Boost charging feature allows the bot to calculate the electricity it will need to complete the current job and know whether it needs to return to its charging base for more juice.

This Update Gives The D7 a Boost

So if you have a larger room, this little helper won’t lose steam in the middle of a job.

The idea is that it can return to the charging base, top off and then resume the job with no fuss. These new features and abilities are part of software update 4.2.0 and Neato app version 2.6.0. Users will get a notification on the Neato app to download and install it.

There’s no doubt about it, this robot vacuum now does it all. Well, maybe it can’t do it all. I mean, it’s not a vacuum and mop, but it is much more capable now.

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