DISH Launches OnePoint To Control Multiple TVs

DISH has been making a lot of solid moves lately to give their customers even more and now DISH has launched a new app that businesses are going to love. It’s called DISH OnePoint. OnePoint is an interactive app that gives business owners the ability to control multiple televisions from a single interface.

Your Customers Will Never Miss A Thing

The days of getting frustrated by all of those remotes are over. With OnePoint, you can control multiple TVs using iPad and Android tablets. You can use the DISH OnePoint remote app to manage large entertainment systems that use DISH set-top boxes, making it an ideal solution for businesses like sports bars, restaurants, fitness centers, waiting rooms and more. If you have a business that uses multiple TVs, this is going to make life easier.

Now you won’t have to worry about juggling remotes or scrolling through the programming guides, both of which are a pain. This means that your customers don’t have to miss a second of the big game or any show that they’re watching while employees find the right channel. This is another great reason to love DISH.

DISH OnePoint features include a single interface that will control all TVs connected to your network with a single app as well as custom groups that lets you rename individual receivers and create custom groups to easily control a single TV, a group of sets or the entire system. You can also set favorite channels or categories in the interactive guide. It also brings an interactive guide and searches that let you search for content in the interactive guide without upsetting the current program. Plus you can filter content by favorites or genre.

Control It All From Your Tablet

DISH OnePoint is available for free on iPad and Android tablets and is compatible with DISH’s Wally set-top box and all generations of Hopper and Joey receivers. If you have a Hopper Duo, support for that is coming soon. This is a great move by DISH.

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