Smado Smart Lock Review

These days it is easier than ever to up your home security thanks to all kinds of cameras, motion detectors, and smart locks. These devices are not only everywhere, but they are easier to use than ever before. Smado has introduced their own smart lock with a variety of features that you’ll like.

No Tools Needed To Install

It fits on all door locks so you don’t need to hire a handyman or even remove your existing door lock to install it. It will work with your existing key or a latch. It is as simple as sticking it, then calibrating it and you are done. No screws or tools necessary. I know that those of us who are not very handy can appreciate that.

Easy to install
Effortless to use
Keeps your door secure

3 items to buy to make it all work(but priced affordably)

With the Smado opener and your already connected smart device nearby, you can operate hands-free. You don’t have to pull out your phone or touch the door. It connects automatically and opens the door for you. So basically it’s giving you that Star Trek lifestyle that many of us have dreamed about for ages.

Smado will lock and unlock the door automatically. It features military-grade end-2-end encryption for the highest possible security and if you want to use your key and do things the old fashioned way, you can. A 180-degree angle adjustment allows you to fix the Opener for both swing doors and slide doors. Those sliding doors will give you the most Star Trek-like experience after all. That’s one big reason to love this smart lock.

These devices have lithium batteries for a longer life and when those batteries get low, you will get a notification.

If you lose your key, it will no longer be a problem. And you won’t have to leave a spare under the mat outside, which is just asking for trouble. You can control your Smado devices with the Smado Smart App from your phone.

Upgrade Your Door and Your Security

Smado has a trio of products that bring your door, firmly into the future. The Smado smart lock, the Smado smart roller and the smart bell. Together they lock and unlock your door, open it for you and let you see who’s there. This is a nice upgrade to any home security system.

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