KeyHero: Digital Spare Key On Your Phone Review

Keys are quickly becoming a thing of the past with all of our smart locks replacing traditional locks, but are they on their way to being gone forever? Probably not. I mean, we once thought that the internet was going to make us a paperless society and look how well that turned out. For the moment anyway, some of us still use keys for our doors and other locks. However, the problem with physical keys is that they can get lost.

This Is One Handy App

Losing your keys is a real hassle too. If you have a spare, it’s all good, assuming that it isn’t in the very place that you are locked out of. And sometimes you lose a key that you don’t have a spare for. We have to protect our keys unless we want to get locked out of our homes and our cars. But even knowing this, it still happens.

Makes it easier than ever to get a spare key
No physical key needed

You still lost your key, but it’s not so bad now

So what is the answer to the whole key conundrum? How can we make it even easier to get spare keys when we need them. The answer is simple. Save your spare key on your phone. It’s an idea so brilliant, I can’t believe that it hasn’t been done already.

Keyhero makes it easy to create a digital backup for your key. All you have to do is scan your key at any Home Depot kiosk and save it to the Keyhero app. So now when you lose your key or just want a spare key, you can cut one without having the original physical key. Now you can lock and unlock your door. If you need to, you can also share your digital key with someone else, so they can cut a spare.



No Physical key Needed

Bottom Line

This app takes some of the hassles out of losing your old-fashioned keys. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. We love apps like this that make life easier.

KeyHero: Digital Spare Key On Your Phone Review is courtesy of gadgetreview customer testimonials

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