EasySMX COOL 2000 Gaming Headset Review

Most gaming headsets don’t put on a light show, but the EasySMX COOL 2000 aims to be different sporting some cool LED lighting on the ear cups. This is an affordable entry level gaming headset that actually proves to be pretty versatile. It’s compatible with most popular platforms like the XBox One, PS4, mobile, PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Great Features For The Price

This headset achieves this versatility thanks to an included adapter. This means that you don’t multiple headsets to game between platforms. It comes with some pretty nice features too. Aside from the LED lighting, it packs in 50mm drivers, on-headset controls (for the lighting, volume adjustment, microphone), an omnidirectional microphone and an adjustability to fit most sized heads.

Great design
Very versatile
Great entry-level headset

A bit spacious for my ears
Not great for music

The adjustable headband is great and this headset feels good when you get it just right. Although it does feel a little bulky on your head. The on-headset controls are all very easy to use and intuitive to use, even when they are new. It’s easy to figure out which button does what when you wear it.

One of the things that I like most about this headset is that the microphone arm is completely flexible, allowing you to position it exactly how you want and get it out of the way when you need to. It also has an LED light to let you know visually that it is turned on.

The included adapter has a USB plug and a 2 in 1 cable(2 3.5 mm plugs). This is what allows you to switch between PC and console use easily.

The overall aesthetic is pleasing. At first sight, you can tell this is designed for gamers, with its futuristic lines and bright LED lights. The sides of the ear cups have 5 light-up segments and a grill-work design that looks pretty awesome.

Considering the entry-level price of the EasySMX COOL 2000 they are pretty comfortable to wear. I used these for about 3 hours during one PS4 gaming session and they didn’t bother me at all. I feel like they could be softer, but I didn’t otherwise have any discomfort or irritation. The padding is nice and soft. Though the earcups seem like they have some extra space compared to other models I’ve tried. That’s not a bad thing. The headset is also very lightweight.

Setup is easy no matter what platform you are gaming on. If you are using a PC, you’ll need a spare mic port and audio port plus the USB port for the LED illumination. If you are on a console or mobile you’ll need to use the included adapter. There are no drivers or software needed for the headset. It’s all plug and play.

While playing games, this headset performed better than average, which you normally would not expect from an entry-level model like this. Listening to music, it could have been a little better. It isn’t great for deep bass and in general, the music sounds thin. However, it is very clear. These are best used for gaming and movie watching.

Great For Gaming

Bottom Line

As we mentioned, for this price range, this is a decent headset. And when you take into account that you can use it easily on multiple platforms, whether it’s the XBox One, PC or anything else, that means you don’t need multiple headsets. That’s a big plus. The design is decent and lightweight and if you dig those LED earcups you’ll be pretty much sold on these. These are great for gaming and movies, but for music, you might want to find something else with better sound quality. Overall, this is a solid headset at a great price.

EasySMX COOL 2000 Gaming Headset Review was originally seen on www.gadgetreview.com

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