Best Deals and Prices on Appliances: How to Save the Most Money

Appliances are expensive, sometimes even if you want the most basic models. If you want the best deals and prices on appliances, you’ll need to put in some extra work and research.

And if you’re in the market for new appliances, then you know this is one of the bigger purchases you can make for your home. And if you’ve done any preliminary research, you know just how much you can end up spending if you’re not careful.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow to get a great deal on new appliances, and we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled the top ways to get the best deals and prices on appliances so you don’t waste too much of your time. Take a look at the ways you can stick to your budget when buying a new appliance.

Deals Are Great But Set a Budget Beforehand

If you’re serious about getting a good deal, you’ll need to get serious about setting the right budget and sticking to it! In many purchase decisions, it’s important to consider what features you want and need first.

You would then determine what your budget is. When you’re looking at getting the best deal, the opposite is true.

So first set your budget, then determine which features are absolute needs for that price point and which you can bear to lose to stick to your budget.

Having a set budget helps you in a variety of ways. You can filter online searches by price and tell salespeople what your price is to avoid the fluffy sales tactics they employ when you go into a store.

Scratch and Dent Sections: Huge Savings with Tiny Defects

Most major furniture and appliance stores have a scratch and dent section where they sell steeply discounted products that have been damaged in some way, shape or form. While that may seem intimidating at first, it’s actually one of the best places to get the best deal on appliances.

Most people think that scratch and dent sections only offer horribly damaged goods, but that simply isn’t true. If you’ve never looked through a scratch and dent section at your local furniture store, check it out next time you’re in. You’ll likely notice that most products are perfectly fine.

This can only be good for you. Appliances with dings and dents often carry deep discounts because most people only consider appliances in pristine condition. If you’re lucky, you can even find products that are damaged in a way that won’t be visible once installed in your home.

Don’t discount the scratch and dent section! They often offer the best savings out of anything else in this list.

Sales and Price Matching: More Research, More Savings

When’s the last time you heard about an appliance sale on your local radio or television stations?

Probably yesterday, right? There’s hardly a time in the year when stores aren’t discounting their appliances.

Retailers use seasonal sales like these just to get you into the store, where they can sell you more stuff. Studies have shown that most of these sales remain the same throughout the year.

Fortunately, there’s still some value to these sales, especially when you combine them with price matching options.

If you do your research, you can usually find a retailer that’s willing to price match both online and in-store pricing from other appliance sellers. With a little more digging, you can find stellar price matches that maximize your savings.

The most important part of shopping sales is to not hold out on buying an appliance until the next sale.

Buy a new appliance when you need one and shop the sales that are running at that time. If you hold off until you’re desperate, you’ll find you’re more willing to wiggle your budget around to fit your desperation.

Liquidation Centers: Not the Latest, but the Greatest Price

The purpose of liquidation centers is to sell the most product they can as fast as possible. In order to sell products as fast as they can, they will discount them to prices cheaper than you can get from wholesale retailers.

You might be asking, what’s the catch?

Liquidation centers often purchase factory defects or other unwanted merchandise directly from the manufacturers. This means you’re purchasing with a higher level of risk. When shopping liquidation sales, don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t expect to get many answers.

Be sure to take your smartphone with you so you can do your research on the fly and find out as much as you can about the models you’re considering.

You may also want to consider purchasing an extended warranty with liquidation purchases. If you decide to purchase a warranty, make sure to read the fine print!

You want your warranty to cover things like repairs so you don’t end up paying more than you have to.

Wholesale Retailers: Cheaper than Most

Wholesale retailers often provide lower prices on big-ticket items like appliances. You can typically find even greater discounts on their websites.

The only downside to purchasing from a wholesale retailer is that you typically need a membership to shop there.

If you don’t shop there regularly, this can only serve to increase the money you spend on your new appliances, unless you shop on one of the rare “no membership needed” days.

Wholesale retailers include stores like:

  • Costco
  • SAM’s Club
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club

The best deals often come when these stores offer instant rebates in their mailer coupons. If you’re a member, make sure you’re receiving the monthly coupon books to keep an eye on these short-lived deals.

If you find a deal, don’t hesitate to act fast. These deals usually only last as long as there’s stock, and you don’t want to miss out on the instant savings.

Floor Models: Hidden Savings

Similarly to scratch and dent sections, many furniture and appliance stores will offer to sell you their floor models when next year’s products have been released.

Salespeople will often offer more discounts for floor models since they need to make room for the new appliances coming in. If you time it right, you can usually take advantage of these sales and snatch up the like-new floor models.

If you decide to purchase a floor model, make sure you inspect it for any damage. Small dings can often mean huge discounts for you when you bring them up with the salesperson.

Don’t be afraid to haggle a little to get the purchase in your price range.

Just remember that floor models are usually sold as-is and cannot be returned for a full refund.

There’s always some level of risk that comes with purchasing a display unit, but many times the savings are worth the risk.

Appliance Retailers: Which Are the Best?

Appliance retailers aren’t usually the cheapest places, especially when it comes to appliances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal during special sales or liquidation sales. But what are the best appliance retailers?

There are tons of options to choose from, but choosing a reliable retailer can save you a l0t of money and headache in the long run. Some of the major appliance retailers to consider include:

  • Abt (Online)
  • Home Depot (In-Store & Online)
  • Lowe’s (In-Store & Online)
  • Walmart (In-Store & Online)
  • Amazon (Online)

Craigslist: As a Last Resort

Sometimes, buying new just isn’t an option. While we always recommend purchasing brand-new appliances, we also understand that this isn’t always possible for everyone.

In cases like these, you might need to turn to online classified sections like Craigslist. This should be a last resort.

Buying gently used appliances carries the highest risk out of any of the options on our list for getting the best deals and prices on appliances. You never know what you’re going to get, and you can’t return the appliances if you’re not happy with them.

When buying from Craigslist or another online classifieds website like Facebook Marketplace, the best advice we can give you is to use your best common sense and judgment.

Look for appliances that come from clean and non-smoking homes, as they are the most likely to work the best.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! Sellers expect this, and you won’t be out of place if you want to know more about the appliances you want to purchase.

Be sure to go see the best appliance brands in person before purchasing them. Since they are likely in the seller’s home, you can even see if they work properly before purchasing.

The other nice thing about buying from a private seller is the increased ability to haggle and get an even better deal. Research similar models online to see how others are setting their prices. This can give you some bargaining position, and you might just walk away with a killer deal.

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Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter Review

Scooters have been around since before the 1950s. If you don’t believe me, you can watch some old black and white TV shows and see the kids riding them. But back then, scooters relied on the kid constantly propelling it forward with their own feet, much like the cars in The Flintstones. These days that seems like a lot of work. Luckily for us, we have electric scooters that will get you where you need to go, with minimum work on your part. The Gotrax GXL electric scooter is one of the latest.

Gotrax Does It Again

Gotrax is the leader in personal transport devices like hoverboards and now they are looking to offer the same experience with electric scooters. So does the GXL live up to their line of products? I recently spent some time with the GXL electric scooter, so read on to find out my impressions.

Super Smooth Ride
Great Performance
Great Tires

LED Headlight Needs To Be Bigger and Brighter
Charge Time Of 4-5 Hours

Build Quality

The build quality is exactly what you would expect from Gotrax. This scooter is quality constructed and durable, which makes it a bit heavy, but that’s not a problem. More on the weight later. The entire scooter feels solid. There are no cheap or flimsy parts on this vehicle at all. Everything just feels superior and sturdy compared to other models on the market.


The design is very sleek and stylish as well. This scooter was very well thought out. It’s heavy, but since it folds in half and the handlebar section locks into the bottom section, you can pick it up and carry it easily and it doesn’t feel so heavy in this configuration. The other big standout here is the LED screen, which is integrated into the stem. During our rides, the sun was out bright and we could still see it clearly. The throttle is on the right handlebar, and the rear brake controller is on the left, making controlling both very effortless.


The GXL needs only a gentle push from you to get the electric motor going. The maximum speed is about 15.5 MPH with a range of around 9-12 miles on a single charge. Your max speed and mileage will vary depending on factors like the weight of the rider. This scooter has great torque and accelerates very fast. It may have a top speed of just 15.5, but when you get on this vehicle it feels like a real speed demon, which is very fun. Both brakes also work very nicely, whether you need to stop quick or slow to a stop. The red brake on the handlebars slows you, but if you need a hard stop, you can use the foot pedal on the board. Slight inclines proved to be no problem and the ride is ultra-smooth since it has 8.5″ air-filled tires. You barely feel bumps at all unless you ride over something really bad. The LED headlight could be brighter. It isn’t up to the usual standard of LED lights on hoverboards. It looks fine at night but leaves you wanting more light.


You can charge the battery using the included power adapter and your battery will charge in about 4-5 hours.

Gotrax GXL Features

  • UL2271 Certification
  • 8.5″ tires.
  • LED headlight
  • LED display
  • Front and rear brakes
  • 250 Watt motor
  • 36V Lithium-ion battery
  • Maximum rider weight is 220 Lbs.
  • Scooter weight is 26.50 lbs
  • IP54 Waterproof rating so it is water resistant
  • Kickstand

Easy To Use and Fun

Bottom Line

I have to say, right out of the box, the Gotrax GXL scooter is fun. Opening that box and putting it together will make it feel like Christmas. Gotrax made assembly incredibly simple so that anyone can put it together and start riding in minutes. Simply screw the handlebars onto the main frame, make sure it is charged up and you are ready to go. I love how it folds down to half its size for storage and easier carrying. Push a simple lever and you can unfold it and ride. The GXL has great acceleration and offers a smooth ride, with great braking when you need it. Gotrax really did a great job making the overall experience with this scooter a fun one, from unboxing to riding it all over town. Truth be told, I may be a scooter convert now. I think I like this better than riding a hoverboard and better than other balancing scooters.

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Gotrax Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard Review

These days if you want to unleash your inner Marty McFly, two-wheeled hoverboards are as close as most of us will get. No worries though, they are working on real flying hoverboards for the masses. But in the meantime, if you want the next best thing, modern hoverboards offer plenty of excitement.

The Gotrax Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard is an affordable way to get into these vehicles. It comes in a variety of colors, is easy to rise and it has some very bright and cool LED lighting accents. Gotrax is the leader in the personal transport market because the company is known for releasing top of the line quality electric vehicles, which is why their hoverboards continue to be the most popular of 2018.

The Hoverfly ION is no exception. Read on for my Hoverfly ION review below to learn about our experience with this hoverboard.

Has Self-Balancing Technology

Low Range
No Smartphone or Bluetooth
Low Maximum Speed

Gotrax Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard Build Quality

Like all of the Gotrax line, this one is durable and built to last. It has a solid construction that will stand up to a lot of abuse. It is light enough to carry with you but tough enough to take whatever you can dish out. So don’t worry about abusing it while you learn, this hoverboard can take it.

Gotrax Hoverfly ION Design

You have to give Gotrax credit. It’s not easy to design a hoverboard and make it stand out from the crowd, while also giving it good looks. They’ve managed to do just that though. It has bright futuristic lights that give it a great look, making it unique among other hoverboards. The front and rear have LED’s and there are also LED rings on the wheels which light up brightly.

It doesn’t connect to your smartphone with a mobile app or even Bluetooth, but that’s okay. We really didn’t expect this from an entry level hoverboard. It also lacks the popular Bluetooth speakers that can be found on many models. This might disappoint those who are looking for a board that has all of the bells and whistles, but that isn’t what this model is about.

How Powerful Is The Gotrax Hoverfly ION?

The ION is more powerful than you might think given its price. It has a powerful 200-watt electric engine that kicks in as soon as you get on. You really feel the power, but it’s not overpowered for beginners. It has a max speed of 6.2 MPH. Again, just perfect for those who are new to hoverboards. The self-balancing technology in this model allows anyone to get on and get riding with very little trouble.

Gotrax Hoverfly ION Performance

Since this hoverboard is geared toward beginners, Gotrax did an impressive job of giving it just the right amount of power and stability. This makes it feel really nice to get on and feel the power beneath your feet, but not be overwhelmed. Beginners can get right on and take off. This hoverboard performed pretty flawlessly on flat surfaces, giving us a smooth and stable ride. It isn’t meant for grass or off-road riding, so naturally don’t take it off-road. Stay on a flat surface and you’ll be impressed at the quality of the ride.

Hoverfly ION Features

LED Lights

It has bright LED lights in the center section, forward and back, then on each wheel. It makes for a beautiful and futuristic design that we instantly loved.

Self-Balancing Mode

Since the ION is all about beginner riders, the self-balancing mode allows the hoverboard to self-level to make it easier to ride. This is a great feature that will get many extra kids riding where they may not have been willing to try before.

Lots Of Color Options

You have many colors to choose from like white, black, orange, blue, yellow, pink, red and seafoam. So you can choose a color that’s right for you.


The ION has a maximum speed of 6.2 MPH which is perfect for you if this is your first hoverboard. It also has a range of 5-9 miles per charge which is not bad at all for any entry level hoverboard.

Charging Time

We were hoping for a faster charging time, but this model will charge in 3-4 hours. That’s not the best, but again for the price and considering all of the other features that you get, we really can’t complain.

Wheel Size

The ION is outfitted with 6-inch wheels helping to keep things light and streamlined. They give you good traction and I can’t stress how cool these wheels look with their LED “rims”.

Maximum Weight

The max weight for a rider is 176 pounds.

Bottom Line

Inexperienced riders or new riders are getting a lot for their money with the Hoverfly ION. I think we can easily say that this is the absolute best hoverboard for any newcomer to the hoverboard craze. It’s durable, designed extremely well and powerful enough for the users it is marketed to. It gives you a very smooth ride. Gotrax is once again proving why they are the leader in hoverboards. Sure, you can get more features elsewhere and better speed, faster charging etc, but this isn’t for those people who are looking for those higher-end specs. This is the hoverboard that you should buy to begin your new two-wheeling adventures.

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Bloody Gaming SP Series Gaming Mouse Review

When you’re playing a highly competitive game online or just a casual game session with your friends, the right gaming mouse can make or break your game. Sure you love your headsets and your gaming keyboards, but the right mouse can give you the edge that you need to win. Bloody Gaming recently launched its all-new Signature Pro (SP) series of high-performance Optic-ALL gaming mice and they are packed with everything you need to gain a competitive edge and only what you need to win.

Great Design, Great Features

The Signature Pro series has a sleek design that’s reminiscent of a small tabletop stealth fighter and they have technology inside to match that aesthetic. These mice feature Bloody’s Light Strike (LK) optical switches in the L/R trigger buttons and a Light Strike scroll wheel sensor for scrolling smooth as butter. This is important because LK optical switches have a crazy fast response time of 0.02ms and are good for 50M+ clicks.

Sleek design
Smooth and precise tracking
Good customization

Not for gamers who want tons of excessive features

The idea here is to keep it simple. There are no gimmicks or overly-engineered designs here. Just proven ergonomic designs with the right curves for various grip styles. Simple and effective. Ultimately that simple strategy is what wins you games with your gaming peripherals.

Other features of the Signature Pro series include a Metal X Glide Armor Boot for smooth and precise AF tracking no matter what surface you are using, Pixart adjustable CPI optical sensors, 6 Sniping Modes for instant DPI switching to match mouse speed to gameplay needs and 8 programmable buttons

Bloody Signature Pro (SP80)

The SP80 is geared toward professional gamers, with a lightweight body design and an ergonomic shape that is ambidextrous. It has the aforementioned left and right trigger buttons with Light Strike Optical Switch technology and Bloody’s optical scroll wheel sensor. The optical gaming grade sensor and X Glide metal feet keep everything friction-free and accurate.

Bloody Signature Pro (SP30)

The SP30 is designed for e-sports gaming, with a minimalist style, and an ergonomic design for right-handed users. It is basically an all-purpose gaming mouse that also happens to offer gaming precision and tracking. This model has three shooting modes in the left button, six sniping modes and finely-tuned macros for customization. This mouse will win you the campaign for sure.

A Simple Way To Up Your Game

Bottom Line

Both the SP80 and the SP30 live up to the hype. Both are as smooth as the company says and as accurate too. I tested each for several hours and I have to say that I’m convinced that they helped my game. Both are comfortable to use and it was pretty refreshing to use a gaming mouse that wasn’t overly complicated. The simplicity really helped me to stay on target so to speak, because it was easy to know which function did what. The simple designs here really help you to stay in the game and do what you need to do quickly. PC gaming is better with these mice.

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EasySMX COOL 2000 Gaming Headset Review

Most gaming headsets don’t put on a light show, but the EasySMX COOL 2000 aims to be different sporting some cool LED lighting on the ear cups. This is an affordable entry level gaming headset that actually proves to be pretty versatile. It’s compatible with most popular platforms like the XBox One, PS4, mobile, PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Great Features For The Price

This headset achieves this versatility thanks to an included adapter. This means that you don’t multiple headsets to game between platforms. It comes with some pretty nice features too. Aside from the LED lighting, it packs in 50mm drivers, on-headset controls (for the lighting, volume adjustment, microphone), an omnidirectional microphone and an adjustability to fit most sized heads.

Great design
Very versatile
Great entry-level headset

A bit spacious for my ears
Not great for music

The adjustable headband is great and this headset feels good when you get it just right. Although it does feel a little bulky on your head. The on-headset controls are all very easy to use and intuitive to use, even when they are new. It’s easy to figure out which button does what when you wear it.

One of the things that I like most about this headset is that the microphone arm is completely flexible, allowing you to position it exactly how you want and get it out of the way when you need to. It also has an LED light to let you know visually that it is turned on.

The included adapter has a USB plug and a 2 in 1 cable(2 3.5 mm plugs). This is what allows you to switch between PC and console use easily.

The overall aesthetic is pleasing. At first sight, you can tell this is designed for gamers, with its futuristic lines and bright LED lights. The sides of the ear cups have 5 light-up segments and a grill-work design that looks pretty awesome.

Considering the entry-level price of the EasySMX COOL 2000 they are pretty comfortable to wear. I used these for about 3 hours during one PS4 gaming session and they didn’t bother me at all. I feel like they could be softer, but I didn’t otherwise have any discomfort or irritation. The padding is nice and soft. Though the earcups seem like they have some extra space compared to other models I’ve tried. That’s not a bad thing. The headset is also very lightweight.

Setup is easy no matter what platform you are gaming on. If you are using a PC, you’ll need a spare mic port and audio port plus the USB port for the LED illumination. If you are on a console or mobile you’ll need to use the included adapter. There are no drivers or software needed for the headset. It’s all plug and play.

While playing games, this headset performed better than average, which you normally would not expect from an entry-level model like this. Listening to music, it could have been a little better. It isn’t great for deep bass and in general, the music sounds thin. However, it is very clear. These are best used for gaming and movie watching.

Great For Gaming

Bottom Line

As we mentioned, for this price range, this is a decent headset. And when you take into account that you can use it easily on multiple platforms, whether it’s the XBox One, PC or anything else, that means you don’t need multiple headsets. That’s a big plus. The design is decent and lightweight and if you dig those LED earcups you’ll be pretty much sold on these. These are great for gaming and movies, but for music, you might want to find something else with better sound quality. Overall, this is a solid headset at a great price.

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KeyHero: Digital Spare Key On Your Phone Review

Keys are quickly becoming a thing of the past with all of our smart locks replacing traditional locks, but are they on their way to being gone forever? Probably not. I mean, we once thought that the internet was going to make us a paperless society and look how well that turned out. For the moment anyway, some of us still use keys for our doors and other locks. However, the problem with physical keys is that they can get lost.

This Is One Handy App

Losing your keys is a real hassle too. If you have a spare, it’s all good, assuming that it isn’t in the very place that you are locked out of. And sometimes you lose a key that you don’t have a spare for. We have to protect our keys unless we want to get locked out of our homes and our cars. But even knowing this, it still happens.

Makes it easier than ever to get a spare key
No physical key needed

You still lost your key, but it’s not so bad now

So what is the answer to the whole key conundrum? How can we make it even easier to get spare keys when we need them. The answer is simple. Save your spare key on your phone. It’s an idea so brilliant, I can’t believe that it hasn’t been done already.

Keyhero makes it easy to create a digital backup for your key. All you have to do is scan your key at any Home Depot kiosk and save it to the Keyhero app. So now when you lose your key or just want a spare key, you can cut one without having the original physical key. Now you can lock and unlock your door. If you need to, you can also share your digital key with someone else, so they can cut a spare.



No Physical key Needed

Bottom Line

This app takes some of the hassles out of losing your old-fashioned keys. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. We love apps like this that make life easier.

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ActivePure Technology In Beyond By Aerus Air Purifiers

If you’re looking for a new air purifier, go with the best technology out there. Aerus’ ActivePure Technology can be found in Beyond By Aerus air purifiers, making them the best choice for your home. How good is this technology? Well, Aerus’ ActivePure technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall Of Fame. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Space Age Technology

They don’t just give this to anyone. Only 75 other technologies have received that honor in 30 years. So obviously they are in good company.

This tech was originally developed by NASA researchers at the NASA Commercial Space Center at the University of Wisconsin where they used it to reduce ethylene gas that interfered with potato plant growth experiments on the space shuttle in 1995. ActivePure denatured ethylene gas into simple carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules by pulling ambient ethylene-filled air into a chamber. The chamber contained a wavelength of ultraviolet light that interfaced with a titanium dioxide plate to create hydroxyls.

These hydroxyls oxidized the ethylene into its base elements and reduced it at the molecular level. In terms that those of us on Earth can understand, it converted ethylene gas into harmless carbon and water, scrubbing the air in a contained environment. If it is good enough for NASA and the space shuttle, it is going to perform amazingly in your home.

So that was back in 1995. How does the technology work today? The answer is, better than ever. The technology has proven effective on air and surface contamination and is almost 100% effective in the elimination of airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and volatile organic compounds.
These Volatile Organic Compounds include:
H1N1 (Swine Flu)
H5N8 (Bird Flu)
Staphylococcus aureus
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

This Air Purifier Cleans Your Home

ActivePure technology is built into products like their Beyond Guardian Air and Air Scrubber Plus, and many others. You will notice the difference in air quality right away. Your air will be fresher and the surfaces cleaner, with an up to a 99% reduction in contaminants on surfaces, like kitchen sinks, keyboards, TV remotes, doorknobs, and carpets. Now that’s impressive.

Get your home cleaner with the power of air, straight from NASA to you. It makes their air purifiers sound like some kind of miracle, but it’s science.

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