Reolink Argus 2 Wireless Security Camera

If you’re looking for a security camera for your home or office, wireless is definitely the way to go. And when it comes to wireless cameras, the Reolink Argus 2 Wireless Security Camera is a great choice.

Go Wireless and Get Great Features

This 100% wireless and rechargeable security camera eliminates the hassle of wires altogether since it is based on 2.4GHz WiFi. Put it anywhere and move it whenever you want, both outdoors and indoors. The long-lasting rechargeable battery will save you money and if you want non-stop power, you can also connect it to Reolink’s Solar Panel. It’s nice to have options.

Some other features include Starlight Night Vision for clearer night vision up to 33 feet, 1080p full HD, a smart PIR sensor that detects if something is wrong and sends alerts, push notifications, emails, and siren alerts in real time, two-way audio, 130° viewing angle, live view 24/7 and much more. It is also weatherproof.

One of the benefits of a wireless camera is that you can put it anywhere, without having to drill holes. You can take it with you from room to room if you want or take it with you anywhere. The flexible power options make this camera a money-saver and it is much better for the environment.

And since many security cameras have a hard time with outdoor lighting unless you adjust things just right, the Starlight Night Vision feature is great. =It gives you high-quality video in very low light conditions from full daylight to starlight, hence the name. It also delivers up to 33 feet of night vision. This is what you want to see every detail so that you can identify people, vehicles, and other objects.

These specs make it a great choice for your next home security camera.

This Camera is Portable and Easy To Use

The two-way audio is also a nice feature. For instance, you can place this camera by the door and whenever someone comes to your you can see who it is and also have a conversation with them. It’s nice to know who is at the door before opening it because you never know if there is a danger. You can also use this to check in on and communicate with kids, or an elderly relative.

The Argus 2 is a versatile camera and you would do well to incorporate it into your home security system.

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Nightwatcher Robotic LED Light And Wireless HD Security Camera

If you are going to go through all of the trouble of installing a security camera, you might as well go all out and get one that packs in robotic technology. No, I don’t mean a robot that patrols your yard and actually captures burglars for you, but that would be cool. I’m talking about the Nightwatcher Robotic LED Light And Wireless HD Security Camera.

Trust Robotic Technology

This camera uses robotic lighting technology to protect your property. It does this by using a super-bright security light that locks on and follows an intruder. And since this model also has a high definition security camera that starts recording when motion is detected, you are going to have some detailed video of the intruder. How many home security systems have those features?

Just connect it to your wireless internet and it will alert you whenever motion is detected so you can view the live video on your smartphone. This latest version of the camera uses one super bright 16 Watt COB LED to generate 1200 lumens of light.

You’re used to motion activated lights that just light up when motion is detected, but the NightWatcher’s robotic light locks on and follows any trespasser across three separate detection zones. This will scare a burglar much more effectively as he tries to evade the light, but he can’t since it is following his every move. You don’t mess with robotic security. This guy will run away and find someone else to victimize.

This model also features a high definition (720p) camera that will record and store video on an SD card. When connected to your Wi-Fi, the app will alert you whenever motion is detected.

It Lights Them Up and Follows Them

Optional audio warnings play a barking dog sound, a chime, or you can record two 10 second messages. I suggest something like the sound of a shotgun being primed, followed by a stern warning.

This is a security camera that is effective at keeping your home safe.

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You certainly have many smart locks to choose from and almost all of them do a great job protecting your home and keeping your family safe, but you might be asking yourself what the next evolution of smart locks is. Because, well, they all pretty much offer the same features these days.

Open the Door With Your Finger

Well, the Fingerprint Smart Lock is the next generation of smart locks and takes these devices to the next level.

This lock goes the extra mile by letting you enter your home using your fingerprint. You don’t need keys or passwords. Just use your fingerprint to unlock your door. That means no more struggling with keys and no more having to remember passwords. You just use what nature gave you. Even if your hands are full, you will gain entry easily. It is pretty much the most convenient way to enter your home ever.

You can also open the door with the remote control or Bluetooth via your smartphone if you like. It’s hard to believe that smart locks could get any better, but here we are. You decide who is allowed in your home based on their fingerprints. The Welock can store 999 fingerprints in all. So get your family and friends in the system and grant them access. You can grant access to others or control the lock through the mobile app too.

This smart lock is fully compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well. This device uses 3 AAA batteries which will last for over a year. The company says that it offers bank-grade security.

It installs Easily

There are many features to love here and in the event that someone tries to break in, the can automatically lock a stranger out. Installation takes just a few minutes and it is easy to use. It installs just as easily as putting in a new door knob. It is a great addition to your home security system. Fingerprint Smart Lock was originally published to GR home page

Posture Keeper Eases Pain From Sitting At A Desk All Day

If you spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk, then chances are that you have experienced the back pain that comes with an office job. In the morning you have a lot of energy, you sit up straight, but as the day goes on, you get tired.

Keep Your Back Straight

That’s when you start to slouch and hunch forward toward your computer screen. This puts a lot of stress on your spine. Pretty soon, your neck, shoulders, and back are in agony. This is sadly an all too common side effect of a desk job. But it doesn’t have to be any longer. Prolonged periods of bad posture affects your work, and your ability to enjoy life. Luckily for all of us Posture Keeper is here to correct the problem.

It requires no drugs, no rehab and no getting a new desk or chair. It will relieve your pain within the first day and it takes less than 30 seconds to set up. Posture Keeper helps you stay upright the entire time you are sitting at your desk. You may want to slouch out of habit, but it won’t let you. It is one of the coolest health gadgets we’ve seen in a while.

The padded shoulder straps are designed ergonomically to fit around your shoulders and arms. This gently reminds you to self-correct when you are sitting the wrong way and causing yourself pain. It gives you feedback so that you are more aware of what is going on with your body so that you can readjust your spine.

After you use it for a little while, your body’s muscle memory takes over and you stop leaning forward on your own even when you aren’t wearing it.

Feel Better and Sit Straighter

Some other features include durable 1680D Nylon Ballistic material, memory foam that adapts to every body structure, a padded strap that is designed for different body frames, breathable material and a quick release connector to get in and out of it.

It will be nice to get out of pain and correct these behaviors so that you stay pain-free. Between this and a proper ergonomic chair for back pain, you should be pain-free in the office.

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Zoom vs GoToMeeting: Zoom Offers More Bang for Your Buck

In today’s business world, video conferencing tools have moved away from once-a-month frustrations to everyday necessities. It’s a competitive industry, and two of the major competitors are Zoom vs GoToMeeting.

Almost every company uses some kind of video conferencing software to keep their teams connected and talking to each other. This is why it’s so important to have a tool that works well every time.

Both Zoom and GoToMeeting are dedicated to video conferencing functionality and don’t offer much in the way of chatting or everyday communication. However, if you’re looking for video conferencing specifically, you definitely need to consider one of these two options.

But what exactly are the differences between these two choices? Continue reading to learn more about Zoom vs GoToMeeting so you can decide which one will fit your small business conferencing needs the best.

Zoom VS GoToMeeting Costs: Which Offers More Value?


Zoom offers a wide variety of different plans and price points, including a free, basic version. This plan allows you to host up to 100 participants in a video call, along with other basic communication features.

The next tier up costs $14.99 per user per month. On this tier, you can host up to 100 participants and includes m0re administrative features to tweak things like user settings and generate reports.

The highest tier costs $19.99 per user per month. Like the other tiers, it allows you to host up to 100 participants and it includes all the features in lower tiers. You can also customize more features overall and have more collaboration tools.

If you ever need to increase the number of participants in your video calls, you can always purchase more for a higher monthly cost per user.

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GoToMeeting offers three different pricing tiers: Starter, Pro and Plus. Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for a free plan.

The Starter plan costs $19 per user per month. It includes basic video conferencing functionality like screen sharing and recording. With this plan, you can host up to 10 participants on your video calls.

The Pro plan costs $29 per user per month. It includes all the features from the Starter plan and includes more advanced video conferencing functionality. With this plan, you get features like unlimited recording capacity and drawing tools. It also allows you to host up to 150 participants.

The Plus plan costs $49 per user per month. It includes all the features from the Starter and Pro plans. It also includes a feature called InRoom Link, which allows you to connect GoToMeeting to your existing conference room system. The Plus plan also allows you to host up to 250 participants.

Ease of Use: Both Options Are Simple

A great user interface is essential in today’s world of increasingly better software options. Both Zoom and GoToMeeting offer simple, easy-to-use user interfaces. Call buttons are clearly marked and placed in spots that make sense.

The initial configuration of both software options is also easy and intuitive. In the end, neither one comes out on top from an objective standpoint. However, you may want to download a free trial of both to see which interface works better for you.

Feature Availability: Both Provide Similar Functionality

In an overall sense, both Zoom and GoToMeeting offer all the features you need to successfully run a video conference with your team. They both offer essential tools like HD video, screen sharing, and recording functionality.

Advanced collaboration tools are also available with both options. These tools include breakout rooms, drawing tools and virtual hand raising.

The difference between the two comes in the form of which features are offered and what price point. For the most part, Zoom offers more features at a lower price point than GoToMeeting.

Be aware that Zoom charges extra for some features that are included standard in GoToMeeting’s pricing. One example is the Call Me functionality, which calls participants when the meeting starts, rather than requiring them to deal with clunky dial-in processes.

Customer Support: Zoom Offers More Live Support Options


If you need help with Zoom, you can get it through a variety of different means. You can also browse help topics on your own online on the company’s comprehensive support page. This page also includes video tutorials, FAQs and comprehensive help articles.

If you prefer live help, you can call the support team directly, initiate a live online chat or submit a ticket online.


GoToMeeting also provides an in-depth online support page that is searchable. You can typically find an answer by searching for a related topic here. GoToMeeting also has an active user community that discusses problems and provides solutions in an online forum.

You can also get live support from GoToMeeting, but it only comes in the form of telephone support, which can involve long wait times.

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WooHoo Smart AI Speaker and Home Assistant

If you are looking for something different in a virtual assistant, check out WooHoo. WooHoo is the next generation of smart AI assistants for your home, office or anywhere really. This is a good looking personal assistant and a capable speaker.

This is The Assistant You Need

Normally saying that would get you into trouble in an office atmosphere, but not in this case.

This device will allow you to download your favorite music apps like Pandora, Spotify and more, and stream them through WooHoo’s Spatial Surround System. Of course, you can download other apps like Whatsapp, Pandora, Uber, and Facebook too.

Like any good home assistant, it will also let you do video calls with coworkers or friends and family. WooHoo’s 13MP camera lets you conduct video conference calls with anyone at anytime. You can also use those function to look in on your pets, or you can use it as your security camera when you aren’t home. Hands-free calling is a big bonus.

Use it to set reminders for important events and sync it up with family schedules. WooHoo will also let you create alarms and to-do lists that will be very helpful in your daily routine. It can even set pill reminders for anyone who needs to take medication and that can be a life-saver. That alone makes this a worthy home automation device for your home.

A Speaker, a Scheduler and Much More

Obviously, it will do a lot to streamline your life, but the reason this assistant stands out is that the user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. And yes, you can use it to control the smart things in your home, with a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service). You can connect to Nest, SmartThings, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, Fitbit and over 1500+ products from Zigbee and Z-wave alliances. It will even work with some smart locks.

Once you hear about all that it can do, that’s when you understand the name. WooHoo this is a cool home assistant!

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Sesame Smart Lock Reinvents The Key

Keys, in one form or another, have been a part of our lives since we have had houses. It’s hard to imagine life without them, but these days the need for using an actual key to enter our homes is going the way of the dinosaur.

A Smart Lock that streamlines everything

The Sesame Smart Lock reinvents the key so that you don’t need it at all. That’s a good thing because we already have enough to carry. We typically always have three things on us at all times: Our keys, our wallets, and a smartphone. But now since your smartphone is your key, your load will be lightened.

Sure, there are plenty of other smart locks that you can buy, but the beauty of Sesame is that it is probably the easiest to use. The app isn’t confusing, your door can be locked or unlocked quickly and effortlessly, and it installs in seconds.

Sesame fits right over your deadbolt and fits any deadbolt latch anywhere in the world, and this is what turns your lock into a smart lock that your phone can control. You can even approach your door with your phone in your pocket, then simply knock on your phone and your door is unlocked as you approach.

With the optional wi-fi access point, Sesame is always on your home network and is linked to the access point. This keeps it connected while helping with battery life. If you need to let other people into your home, that’s not a problem either. Like other smart locks on the market, it allows you to choose who gets access and who doesn’t. No matter who you let in, you’ll get notifications every time your lock opens and closes. It is the perfect compliment to any home security system.

Easy To Install and Secure

Military grade encryption rounds out the feature set and ensures that no one is going to hack your lock. As mentioned, the ease of use is what sets Sesame apart, while still giving you the features that you want in a smart lock. It is both smart and easy for everyone.

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