Best Air Purifier for Mold Review

The In-Depth Buyer’s Guide 2019

Best Air Purifier for Mold Review

Top 10 Reviewed Air Purifiers for Mold

Winner: IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

9.8 out of 10

You don’t have to be allergic to mold to want the best air purifiers to combat again the toxic organic compound.The best air purifiers for mold are not all created equally, and those developed to treat dust may not be ideal for removing other pollutants from the air. In this buying guide, we’ve narrowed down the very best air purifier for mold growth and allergies based on purification methods, staged filtration, and filter specifications. These models will provide some relief for your mold allergy.A mold and germ destroying air purifier eliminates dangerous, organic toxins in the air by trapping these airborne spores and living particulate in a dry HEPA filter, causing organisms to die from a lack of moisture. For this technical review, we compared the effectiveness of multi-staged filtration methods used by various air cleaner manufacturers and weighed the quality of HEPA and activated carbon filters employed. Those scoring highly demonstrated superior engineering inclusive of: effective pollutant isolation via internal seals between cleansing stages, comparatively higher volume of adsorption media, medical-grade HEPA filters, and component construction developed for heavy use. So, what is the absolute best air purifier for mold spore filtration?From our technical review, the #1 top pick and Editor’s Choice for the best air purifier for mold and mildew is the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier. The system’s micro-particle filtration stage helps to cleanse the air of mold spores before a granular activated carbon adsorption stage coupled with a pelletized alumina chemisorption filter removes volatile organic compounds and destroys dangerous chemicals with an oxidation process. Lastly, the unit’s HEPA filter captures bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous particles before returning clean air to its environment.

Best Air Purifier for Mold

– April 2019




Top Pick


​​​​IQAir HealthPro Plus Air PurifierBy IQAir


 Best Value


Blueair Classic 405By Blueair



Austin Air HealthMateBy Austin Air




EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model

By EnviroKlenz



​SilverOnyx Air PurifierBy SilverOnyx



AeraMax 100 Air Purifier for Mold

By Fellowes



Honeywell HPA200 True HEPA Allergen RemoverBy Honeywell



Oransi Max HEPA Large Room Air PurifierBy Oransi



Oregon 785004879073 Medium WhiteBy Oregon



Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air PurifierBy Alen


How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top radar detectors.

​SealsIndustrial-grade Seals

​QualityActivated carbon filter

​HEPAFilter Certification


Editor’s ChoiceBest Air Purifier For Mold

 IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

  • Extremely high air filtration efficiency
  • High powered yet quiet fan motor
  • Very low energy consumption
  • No designer colors offered
  • Expensive
  • Filter replacement can be expensive

Why We Like It: An awesome air purifier for most applications. The HealthPro Plus is a mold and germ destroying air purifier that uses traditional air purification methods to treat the surrounding environment. No ionization or ultraviolet light treatment stages in this machine, which means no harmful VOCs in the air for you. It’s the best air purifier technology.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The HealthPro Plus from IQAir is one of the most solidly engineered air purifiers we’ve reviewed.Price: $899 | Medical-Grade HEPA: Yes | Weight: 35 lbsIQAir’s 3D UltraSeal system prevents leaks of polluted air before being processed through a multi-stage filtration process. Tongue and groove seals seat filter media to the frame of the machine, and the UltraSeal seals seat the filter frame to the purifier body. Removable media trays also have their own seals to ensure cross contamination between stages doesn’t happen – of course this is pretty much a non-issue considering the differential pressure between the filter stages (incoming higher pressure air contacts each filter stage and results in a lower pressure air output after passing through the media…backflow isn’t physically possible under normal operating conditions).The top features are its six fan speeds that can be selected from the air purifier’s control panel, and an automatic timer can be configured for daytime and nighttime use. A differential pressure sensor detects changes in filter performance and alerts the owner when the filter is approaching its end of life. It has so many good key features. It’s a great alternative to an ozone generator.

Best Air Purifier For Mold and Dust

 Blueair Classic 405

  • Large room coverage of 434 sq ft
  • Awesome performance rating
  • Highest quality material
  • Is more expensive than others with same room coverage
  • The machine is big and heavy
  • No integrated Smart Sensor

Why We Like It: We’re big fans of Blueair’s product line; from its high-capacity Pro XL model to its economical Classic 203, these machines are very well-engineered and do exactly what they’re supposed to for years on end before breaking down. If you’ve read some of our other reviews on air purifiers, you’ll know that we’re not fans of machines using ionization and/or ultraviolet light to eliminate air pollutants due to a byproduct of these technologies being ozone – which (at high enough levels) can cause respiratory problems.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Without a doubt one of Blueair’s best medium-sized air purifiers.Price: See Above | Medical-Grade HEPA: Yes | Weight: 31 lbsHowever, Blueair’s ionization process has been lab tested to ensure that the ozone levels leaving the device are lower than the levels entering it. It’s one of its top features and the best of both worlds really. Ionization can be an extremely effective means at eliminating pollutants if it’s used properly, and Blueair knows its stuff.The Classic 405 is a seamless mold air purifier that provides excellent performance for medium-sized areas (rated for spaces up to 434 square feet). It’s extremely quiet even on its highest setting, and the machine can be controlled via Blueair’s mobile app “Blueair Friend.” We had a little bit of trouble with Wi-Fi connectivity on our test units, but after some reconfiguration we were able to reliably connect. Our recommendation though is that consumers interested in buying the 405, or another one of Blueair’s non-i models, also purchase Blueair’s Aware indoor air quality sensor – otherwise the mobile app only allows users to change the fan speed.Air purifiers that remove mold air, like the 405, should be used only as health risk mitigation devices and users should attempt to eliminate mold and mildew sources directly to completely remove mold spores from indoor environments.

Best Air Purifier For MoldAnd Allergies

 Austin Air HealthMate

  • Top-notch performance
  • High quality and long-lasting air filter
  • Powerful air flow with high CADR
  • No Smart Features
  • High power consumption
  • Noisy

Why We Like It: The HealthMate employs a pre-filter, medium particulate filter, impregnated carbon and zeolite filter, and a medical-grade HEPA filter to ensure maximum filtration in even non-ideal environments.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Austin Air makes some of the best air purifiers on the planet, the HealthMate is no exception.Price: See Above | Medical-Grade HEPA: Yes | Weight: 45 lbsAustin Air is a leader in the home air purification business, producing superior products meant to last and outperform most other competitors. Its machines, inclusive of the HealthMate, are engineered with great attention to process detail. Ironically most consumers miss this about the company, as all of its air purifiers are relatively simple looking – but Austin Air isn’t about bells and whistles, rather they’re solely focused on superior air cleaning products and nothing else (which is still a plus in our book).

Best For Killing Mold,

Bacteria and Viruses

EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model

  • This air purifier is truly mobile
  • Purifying air in areas up to 750 sq ft
  • 4 airflow speed options
  • The price tag can be a little cringe-inducing to new buyers.
  • Maintenance costs are affordable, but they’re still costs

Why We Like It: The EnviroKlenz Mobile UV can eliminate bacteria, viruses and more thanks to UV lights + a HEPA filter.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: What can’t this Air Purifier take down?!Price: $799 | Medical-Grade HEPA + UV Light: Yes | Weight: 38 lbsWhile it’s not drop in the bucket ($799) for this unit, it should be well worth the price considering its versatility. The EnviroKlenz Mobile UV model can take down mold, bacteria and even viruses thanks to both HEPA filtration and UV light. Each cartridge will last 4-5 months depending on use, so be prepared to purchase new ones, though by our estimates you sometimes can get more mileage.That said, thanks to the onboard UV lights, which emit directly on and before the collection side of the True HEPA filter, this unit should be particularly effective at addressing mold. Conversely, other air purifiers tend to only shine UV light on the particulates or airborne particles as they pass through the UV light, which ultimately reduces efficacy.

Best Budget Air Purifier

For Mold

 SilverOnyx Air Purifier

  • 5 Level Filtration System
  • True Hepa Filter
  • LCD Display
  • A bit expensive
  • Lacks the proper amount of breather holes

Why We Like It: An affordable air purifier that does it all. It will clean your air of mold spores, smoke, dust, pet dander and more. Air purifiers with features like this, including a true hepa filter, normally cost quite a bit, but you are getting all of this for a very budget price. It’s one of the best value air purifiers for pet owners or anyone with mold issues. You’ve heard of the old 3in1 air purifier. Well this is much more in one handy unit.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The SilverOnyx Air Purifier is compact, affordable and more versatile than models like the Alen Breathesmart Flex.Price: See Above | Medical-Grade HEPA: Yes | Weight: 3.6 lbsThe SilverOnyx has a great design that fits into any space and it’s compact measuring just 13″ tall and about 7.5″ wide. So, like the Blue Pure, it’s easy to keep in the spaces you use most, like your bedroom, kitchen or home theater. But don’t let that size fool you. It has all of the features to look for in a great air purifier. It has 5 cleaning levels of filtration for the freshest, cleanest air possible. The filtration system is a filter cartridge that includes a mesh pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, and activated carbon, and it also uses UV-C light and an Ion generator for good measure.This model offers 5 speeds to clean your air as fast as possible. It will clean the air in rooms large as 600 sq ft. That is a lot of square feet, which means more clean air. Other features include a timer, so that you can use it as an automatic mode to turn it on and off when you want. That auto mode is handy for when you aren’t home or asleep.The LCD screen shows the PM2.5 (particulate matter) sensor so you can adjust airflow. As you can imagine that makes for some serious harmful particles removal. The buttons are all on top and it is very easy to use.

Why You Should Buy an Air Purifier for Mold Spore Removal

Mold spores, pollen, viruses, and other organic pollutants like dust mites all account for reducing the class of indoor air quality, and the American Lung Association considers these a significant threat to overall health and wellness, potentially causing lost days at both work and school. In other words, it is a health risk. That said, a literal plethora of medical studies are available to the curious mind that delve deep into the relationship between molds, and allergies and asthma, and they all have slightly different conclusions. One thing that keeps constant though is the fact that breathing clean, dry air is better for respiratory health than breathing contaminated air.Using an indoor air purifier to remove pollutants can significantly improve the quality of your respiratory health, while mitigating risks that have been associated with molds, spores, fungi, and other airborne particulates. Just be aware that you should hire a professional for mold removal in addition to using a good air purifier. The more that you can limit your mold exposure the better for your allergy and asthma. Which is why it is also a good idea to use the vacuum cleaner very often.Buying the best air purifier for mold risk mitigation can make a lasting impact on you and your family’s long-term health, and having said that let’s dive into our top picks.

How We Choose the Best Air Purifiers for Mold

The following are the criteria for selecting the best air purifier for mold


Internal Seals

Mold affects our health adversely and airborne pollution comes in many forms, but the one thing that stays consistent is size. Aside from visible dust, most particulate pollution is tiny – microscopic in fact – and if the air purifier isn’t assembled with internal seals to prevent air from escaping before it’s been cleaned then you might as well not even have an air purifier at all..

All the models that made our list have been engineered with industrial-grade seals and filtration compartments, meant to ensure that dirty air is processed through filters and treatment processes prior to returning to the environment it’s been pulled from. If an initial review model was found to have a major design flaw allowing contaminated air to escape before the exhaust, we eliminated it from our review.


Media Quality and Volume

Machines employing carbon filtration were carefully reviewed to ensure that the medium of choice ranked as some of the highest quality in the industry segment. Activated carbon filters with more weight provide a greater surface area for capturing contaminants and also typically last longer – we’ve ensured that the models in this list reign superior to others in the vertical when it comes to carbon filtration.


Medical-Grade HEPA Filtration

HEPA. We’ve all heard the term, but how many of us really understand what HEPA is and why it’s critical to air filtration? If you want to learn more about HEPA filters we have an article just for that. Otherwise, it’s important to understand the very basics: various HEPA grades are available to manufacturers of air purifiers, and a company’s selection of medical-grade, high-performance HEPA filters demonstrates not only superior device functionality, but also the company’s commitment to superior customer health. All of the units included in this list employ medical-grade HEPA filters as part of multi-staged air purification.


Industrial Design

When it comes to mold spore removal, we think of damp spaces that are undergoing remodeling and/or remediation, and while this isn’t always going to be the case, we wanted to ensure that the units that made our final list were built tough – tough enough to take a minor beating, and devoid of components that break when you manhandle them. Our top picks are built solidly and can endure demanding environments and long run times in less than perfect environmental conditions.

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Key Factors

Multi-Stage Air CleaningMold spores are typically captured by medium-sized particulate filters, but some spores can make it through various stages of an air filter until reaching the HEPA filter. Multi-staged purification ensures that airborne particulates captured by your air cleaner have a higher probability of being removed by the machine. Purifiers with true HEPA are the best. Filter life is about 3-6 months depending on usage. When it’s time make sure you get a replacement filter and do a filter change.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed

There are many models to choose fromWith so many air purifiers on the market it can be hard to determine which is best. There are popular models like the Honeywell HPA300, the Levoit lvpur131 air purifier, Germguardian ac5350b, breathesmart flexs with the Hepasilver filter, Coway ap1512hh, the LVH132 air purifier, Purezone 3in1 true HEPA air, Fellowes Aeramax, Germguardian ac4100, Levoit lvh132 and all of the other air purifiers on amazon. No matter what you buy, make sure that you shop around, check price on Amazon and get a lifetime warranty when you purchase. Also consider getting an energy star rated model to save energy.

HEPAShould mold spores reach air purifiers with true HEPA, interlaced threads in the filter will attract the particulates and capture them. Dry environments, like the HEPA filter, are inhospitable for spore reproduction and cause the organic material to die. True HEPA air purifiers capture up to 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Air Cleaner ConstructionIndustrial seals keep contaminants from escaping once caught by the machine, but they also ensure that the machine itself isn’t compromised by its environment. Things like internal moisture protection, positive air pressure relative to the environment being treated, and airflow engineering into and out of the machine all ensure that the air cleaning process works in practice as well as it works in theory.

Features To Look For


User Interface

Few of us like complicated controls. With that in mind, we set out to include machines on our list that are easy to configure, use, and understand with some very key features. These are mostly “set them and forget them” devices, but understanding filter change indications, speed settings, and automation functions are an important part of the consumer experience.

Sensor Technology

Not too many sensor are considered necessities on machines like these, but we prefer a few: 1) Differential pressure sensors to indicate filter replacement, 2) Environmental sensors to automate fan speed based on pollution detection, and 3) Day/night programs to ensure a peaceful environment while resting.

Caster Wheels

Few of us like complicated controls. With that in mind, we set out to include machines on our list that are easy to configure, use, and understand with some very key features. These are mostly “set them and forget them” devices, but understanding filter change indications, speed settings, and automation functions are an important part of the consumer experience.

What Else You Should Think About

Molds and mildew should be dealt with primarily at the source. High humidity environments are conducive to mold propagation. Our recommendation is to 1) Treat the source first, 2) Install an air purifier that’s designed to remove mold spores from the air, and 3) Install a dehumidifier to ensure that the environment’s humidity is kept around 40-45% (to kill mold the environment’s humidity needs to be under 50%, ideally around 35%). These steps should completely remove spores from the air and eliminate mold entirely. Mildew removal is essential no matter the type of mold and besides, no one likes that musty smell. Don’t even get me started on pet odors.If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, consider the Honeywell 50250 HEPA air purifier which we covered in our best air purifiers for allergies and dust buyers guide. Aside from a dehumidifier, humidity control can also be maintained with a portable air conditioner. Also, ensure you keep your air purifier clean by following best practices and guidelines set by the manufacturer.Our Editor’s Choice for the best air purifier for mold, the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier is an expertly crafted HEPA air purifier that when used properly can significantly reduce the inhalation risk of airborne mold spores.Make sure that you get the proper machine for the job that you want. An air purifier for smoke is going to excel at that job, while a machine for mold will do very well for mold. Whatever you get, make sure it has a true HEPA allergen remover. A true HEPA air purifier will remove the most pollutants. Smart air purifiers and your typical 3in1 true HEPA air purifier are getting better at multitasking, however. The addition of a UV lamp to kill germs is a nice bonus also.

Mistakes to Avoid

Air purifier filters vary greatly based on intended application. Avoid buying an air purifier that isn’t designed to reduce and/or eliminate mold spores in the air, because antimicrobial filters are designed to kill organic pollutants on contact and offer greater protection from contaminants like molds. Medical-grade HEPA filters coupled with pre-filters designed for mold spores capture particulate in an environment that isn’t ideal for propagation – leading to the organisms’ death.

Who Contributed to this Review

Dan Seitz


Conor Galagan-Mead


Christian Hokenson


Caleb Clark


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What Camera Do Famous Youtubers Use To Vlog?

The In-Depth Buyer’s Guide for 2019

What Camera Do Famous Youtubers Use To Vlog?

Over 65+ Hours Researching & Reviewing 40 Cameras

Winner: Canon EOS 70D

9.8 out of 10

If you want a great vlogging camera, there’s no better place to start than what famous YouTuber vloggers already use!

So we took a look at a variety of popular YouTubers (Roman Atwood, MKBHD, Casey Neistat, Zoella, Aspyn Ovard, CutiepieMarzia, Bethandy Mota, and so many more) in a number of different vlogging specialties prefer to use, so we can answer the question “what camera do youtubers use to vlog“.

But we also noted the other common models chosen by YouTubers, and why vloggers preferred these cameras. Take a look at the top picks, and what you need to know about professional vlogging. 

The Top Cameras Famous YouTubers Use in 2019

– March 2019





Top Pick


​Canon EOS 70D​By Canon

 Best Value


Canon PowerShot G7 XBy Canon


Canon XA10 CamcorderBy Canon



Canon EOS 5D Mark III​ 

By Canon


Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100​By Sony


GoPro Hero5

By GoPro


How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top YouTuber Cameras.

​SensorImage Quality

4K ​Resolution



Canon EOS 70D

Zoella, NigaHiga, Bethany Mota, Many Others

Read Full Review

  • Many video capture & splicing features
  • Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus
  • Full wireless control and data transfer via app
  • Prices are still high, especially when you start buying lenses
  • No 4k options for this model
  • Memory cards required 

Why We Like It: It’s no surprise that the Canon EOS 70D has remained the most popular YouTuber camera for a couple years now. In fact, Canon is a brand that we consistently find on our best of vlogging lists, which to a large degree answers what cameras famous Youtubers use to vlog.

It’s an immensely powerful camera with a full suite of video features, including pixel-based focusing. You can switch between modes like Video Snapshot (which takes short GIF-like videos and knits them together as needed), Movie Digital Zoom, and more.The built-in stereo mic comes with a wind filter to reduce noise and works nicely when first starting your vlogging adventure.

Plus, the camera is quite compact and durable for a DSLR, so carrying it around isn’t a problem.While the base model is still pretty expensive, there are a number of ways to customize this camera. You can buy the video creator kit with a full mic setup and versatile lens (recommended). If you want the latest model, you can even upgrade to the EOS 80D to take advantage of the latest features.

 Canon PowerShot G7 X

Joey Graceffa, CutiepieMarzia, PewDiePie

Read Full Review

  • Very compact & affordable 
  • HDMI output for immediate playback
  • Customizable manual controls
  • A lack of on-camera video features  
  • Setting up video may take a little time
  • NFC tech only works with Android devices

Why We Like It: If the Canon 70D model was just too pricey for you, you’ll be pleased to know that many YouTubers also use this much more affordable PowerShot model. It’s a particularly attractive option for people who like dependable on the comfortable manual controls of the camera – controls which you can customize until you find the perfect fit.

However, manual controls aren’t always better – the manual movie mode, for example, let’s you adjust Av, Tv, and ISO speed, while also picking out focal points on the LCD screen…which is great, but maybe a lot of work for beginners who just what to get started. The connectivity options, including NFC and one-touch Wi-fi connections, are also an excellent addition, but they are only designed to work with Android devices, which may limit your plans a little.

 Canon XA10 Camcorder


Read Full Review

  • 64GB of internal storage space
  • Powerful optical image stabilization for smooth video capture
  • Great touchscreen video adjustment controls
  • No photo capabilities 
  • Bulkier than a camera 
  • Slow charging time

Why We Like It: The XA10 is an excellent camcorder, with everything you could want for capturing high-quality video and making any adjustments to focus, aspect ratio, composition, and exposure that you may need. Not to mention the excellent optical image stabilization, built-in room for high-end microphones, plentiful onboard storage space, and lots of other features you might need.

But you pay a price for all these features and not just the particularly high price tag. The camcorder is bulkier than a camera, takes more time to master, and may not be suited for all vloggers. Take note of your vlogging goals before deciding!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Jennxpenn, Shane Dawson

Read Full Review

  • Excellent image sensor and capture features 
  • Focus options for video (albeit manual)
  •  Long-lasting batteries 
  • Extremely expensive compared to alternatives  
  • No 4k options for this model
  • More focus on still images than video

Why We Like It: Not only does this camera record stellar video, but it’s a greater still photo camera. The steep price may have you wondering why vloggers prefer this camera.

It’s an interesting case because in some circles you need an excellent photo camera as well as a video camera, and few cameras take better photos than this model. It’s ideal if part of your vlogging includes snapping photos of your creations, or taking still images of landscapes for your blog, then this camera may be exactly what you need.

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100

Roman Atwood, Faze Rain

Read Full Review

  • 4k video with direct pixel readout 
  • Hybrid autofocus mode for smooth video 
  • Slow motion video and other useful modes
  • Design is a little obsessed with pop-ups
  •  Certain features only apply to photos 
  • Lack of connectivity options

Why We Like It:  This Sony model gets a lot of points just because of the 4k video, which is a focus for many YouTubers looking to increase the quality of their video. The compact camera also has a nice LED review screen for selfies and similar self-recording, while the hybrid autofocus helps ensure that videos stay smooth.

Also, note the underwater kit option!Otherwise, this is a fairly simple camera option, without the customization and long list of modes that other models may offer. It fits in well with the compact, let’s-get-started nature of the camera.

Best Home Router

GoPro Hero5

Zoella, Casey Neistat, Louis Cole

Read Full Review

  • Durable in many different conditions 
  • Versatile mounting
  • 4k video modes 
  • Not as effective in all situations as other cameras  
  • Onboard controls don’t offer much compared to the app
  • Features like voice control don’t add much to usability

Why We Like It:  A lot of YouTubers continue to use GoPros, and this is one of the most popular models with its excellent 4k video, plentiful video options, and the ability to endure pretty much any weather. However, it’s also a niche camera model, for obvious reasons, that is not under 300.

If you prefer to post up at home for artistic projects or cosmetics, then a GoPro isn’t going to do much for you.This camera is for vlogs that focus on action, sports, and outdoor adventures. Here, GoPro remains one of the best choices, and prices compare favorably with other vlogging cameras. However, be prepared to do a lot of video management via the app – you’ll want a full battery charge on your phone and the GoPro whenever you head out.

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YouTube Vlogging Camera Buying Guide

Why do YouTubers prefer these cameras? Let’s talk about a few of the specific features that make these models so attractive top vloggers.


Video Resolution

More frequently, we are seeing vloggers use 4k video, which is supported by YouTube. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the pack, although you can expect the majority of YouTubers to switch to 4k-friendly cameras soon, probably within the next year or so. It’s a massive video quality upgrade, and one of the most important features today.


Image stabilization

If you plan on moving your camera at all when capturing video (a good idea, as static images have trouble keeping people’s interest)), then image stabilization is key. This software will keep the image from shaking or blurring, which is probably the last thing that you want.


Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth:

Connectivity is very important for the vlogging cameras used by top YouTubers. Video clips and images can be quickly transferred to other devices for editing using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Bluetooth is typically used if vloggers have a nearby device, like an iPad, where they can quickly review and publish the video. Wi-Fi is used if it’s easier to store the video in the cloud or send it via app for later, in-depth management.


SD Cards

Cameras may or may not come with their own SD cards, but they should definitely be compatible with these storage devices. A 32GB SD card is fairly affordable, and an important necessity when capturing data-hungry video. In fact, if you can go up to 64 or 128GBs, then it’s a good idea, especially with ultra HD video footage. A single vlog can require lengthy shoots, and it’s good to have physical media to quickly store and transfer that video.

Top Questions About Vlogging Cameras That YouTuber’s Use


Why don’t top YouTuber’s Use Webcams?

Chances are good that at least one of your favorite YouTube streamers uses a webcam for some of their streaming…which raises the question, why can’t you? After all, a webcam is easy to use, free, and already connected to your computer!

However, webcams also have many drawbacks and aren’t really suitable for serious vlogging. Most YouTubers who depend on webcams have another core offering for viewers – they are sharing their screen, or telling great jokes, or giving minor updates on more interesting activities, and so on.

Read Next: Cheapest Vlogging Cameras to Get Started –

But many vlogs really do require dedicated cameras, because they don’t happen in front of a computer.

Unless you are streaming a game or working a computer instruction video, your webcam is rarely enough. You need a camera that you can take with you – a camera that includes high-quality audio and features that help guarantee a sharp, focused image.

Camera vs Camcorder

You may notice that some YouTubers, particularly the top vloggers, such as PewDiePie, also have a camcorder as well as a camera (we even included one of the most popular models – the Canon XA10 Camcorder).

So, when upgrading your equipment, should you invest in a camcorder, or stick with a camera that has strong video functions?

Camcorders tend to be more expensive (the above model is $1200+), harder to travel with, and more complicated to use than a point and shoot or DSLR camera, which is why many vloggers don’t really bother with them.

However, they also have their own advantages.

The top camcorders can take very high-quality video, make it easier to plan out complex shoots, and they excel at capturing video on the move. While they are larger, their viewing screens and recording scope also tend to be larger, making it easier to monitor your video and take movie-like shots.

As a general rule, if you are moving around a lot in your vlogging videos, then you may want to consider a camcorder.

Cameras can take on-the-go video, and some are very good at it, but camcorders just tend to be better overall.

That said, if your vlogging tends to be still, focused on one place or subject, you don’t really need a camcorder. If your specialty is wandering around or exploring locations, then a camcorder may be of great benefit.

Why do these Youtuber’s have multiple cameras?

If you take a look at the studies on what cameras YouTubers use, they typically have two or three different cameras listed. If you really want to imitate the pros, you may be wondering why that is – and if you need to buy two cameras as well.When first starting your blogging project, you really only need one camera (especially if it’s a good camera). In fact, you may not see the need to get an additional camera for years, if at all. But here are the reasons that many YouTubers find an extra camera to be useful or necessary during their work.Some cameras travel better than others: YouTubers who travel a lot – particularly air travel or other situations where luggage is limited – often have a more compact camera that they can take with them. These vloggers may use an advanced DSLR with a large lens kit at home, but switch to a compact model with fewer accessories when they are traveling.

Photos vs. video: Professionals still like to take photos for various branding and content projects. In this case, some of them prefer to use one camera for video and one camera for photos, each with their own benefits – and their own storage, which is always handy.

Multi-direction video: Vloggers very invested in a particular recording may set up two different cameras to record video from two different directions. This allows them to switch angles when editing the footage, or have a close-up recording and a far-away recording to move between for the benefit of their viewers.

Durability: Not all cameras are made to be used in the dust, rain, or heat. Having a secondary camera with better proofing against the elements is very handy for many top YouTubers.Sponsorship: Brands pay to have YouTubers use their cameras. Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

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Best Garage Heaters – Buyer’s Guide

The In-Depth Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Best Garage Heaters 

Over 135+ Hours Testing & Reviewing 100+ Heaters.

Winner: Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Propane Garage Heater

9.8 out of 10

After considering more than 100 garage heaters, researching their features and eliminating the models that did not offer something unique to the homeowner, we ended up with ten best garage heaters.Of the ten, only one deserves the top best; Mr. Heater MH18B. This model is not only lightweight and portable, but it also has a dual heating system. It heats up fast and evenly while burning liquid propane gas.It offers both indoor and outdoor use. It provides weeks of use in the coldest temperatures up to 200F. It does not need to be vented and it auto power offs once it detects low oxygen levels. This heater is safe for everyday use as long as you have a full propane gas tank.

Test Results and Ratings

– March 2019




Top Pick


​​​​Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Propane Garage Heater​By Linksys


 Best Value


Dyna-Glo KFA50DGD 50,000 BTU Heater​By Dyna-Glo​



Mr. Heater VF30KBLUELP 30,000 BTU By Mr. Heater




Fahrenheat FUH54 5000watt Heater

By Fahrenheat



Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988

By Dr. Infrared



Dimplex DGWH4031G Fan-Forced Heater

By Dimplex



Modine HD45AS0111 Hot Dawg Garage Heater​By Modine



King Electric KB2407-B2-Eco 7500Watt Garage Heater​By King Electric



Heat Storm HS-1500-IMO Mojave​By Heat Storm



Optimus H-9010 Garage HeaterBy Optimus


How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top garage heaters.

​BTUHeating Capacity

UL & CSA​Safety

ControlsUser Friendly


Editor’s Choice

Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Propane Garage Heater

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  • Burns clean and odor free
  • Efficient Low oxygen and tip-off sensor
  • Dual heating system for fast heat
  • It does not have a thermostat
  • Cannot operate beyond 7000ft above sea level
  • The high setting will not work well with a 1-pound LP tank

Why We Like It: Mr. Heater MH18B will shut off when the garage or workshop is low on oxygen levels or if you accidentally knock it over. Having been CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified, you can rest assured it is safe to use indoors.

What’s more, this heater offers three heat options. The maximum being 18,000 BTU you can adjust it to heat at 4,000 BTU or medium heat at 9,000 BTU.A built-in spark igniter ensures you will never use a matchbox to light this heater. And finally, it has the option to connect it to a direct gas line.As always, you will want this propane heater at least 4ft from pets and flammable materials. Compared to other heaters on the market, this is a clear winner. For commercial and industrial application there is Mr. Heater Liquid Propane Forced Air Heater designed to provide up to 85,000 BTU . There is also Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy with 9000 BTU output.

If you are looking for a garage heater that will not rack your energy bill, Mr. Heater MH18B is the perfect match for your needs. It burns liquid propane and is capable of medium-sized garage heating up to 450 sq. ft.With a dual heating system, Mr. Heater MH18B gives you around 220 hours on only one 20-pound propane tank. Think of all the time you wished you could get a heater that gives you fast heat for an extended period, and this heater got you covered.It takes approximately 20 minutes to heat its maximum space size thanks to its dual heating system. For those with single and double garage sizes, you will be warm even before you are done setting up your workspace or gym.The heater combines both radiant and convection type of heating. As such, it releases warmth that will heat the things around it including you in a shorter time. It is quiet, 95% fuel-efficient, and gives you instant heat when you need it.

Additional Pros: Does not need direct venting Sturdy carry handle allows portability, Can operate on 4D batteries

Best Kerosene Garage Heater

Dyna-Glo KFA50DGD 50,000 BTU Heater

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  • One-piece aluminum motor improves durability
  • Up to 50,000 BTUs for large garages
  • It has a safety flame-out sensor
  • The electric cord could be longer
  • Indoor use with other types of fuel requires a lot of venting- it does not have a low oxygen sensor

Why We Like It: Dyna-Glo KFA50DGD does not need any assembly. It lights up using an electric igniter that works each time responsively. It is CSA-certified, portable, and requires minimal venting when used indoors. The heater has a low fuel and overheat sensor that shuts it off in any of the two circumstances. You can’t go wrong with this multi-fuel heater.

Warm up your double or triple car garage with a heater made for the job. Dyna-Glo KFA50DGD is a multi-fuel forced air heater that operates on K1 kerosene, # 1 diesel, and # 1 fuel oil. For garages, we recommend K1 kerosene because it not designed to be used with an external flue.This heater offers an incredible 50,000 BTU of heat. It can heat any garage setting up to 1200 sq. ft. in around 30 minutes. It has a thermostat that makes it easy to set the temperature. You don’t have to cycle it on and off.The 5-gallon fuel tank provides up to 10 hours of runtime. It has a fuel gauge for timely refills too. You will like that it is 98% fuel-efficient. When using the right kind of fuel, this heater burns clean without any odors. It can heat uninsulated garages, and you can also use it outdoors.

Additional Pros: Ideal for medium and large-sized garages, It has a handle and cord wrap, Burns clean and fume-free with K1 kerosene

Best Wall-Mounted Heater

Mr. Heater VF30KBLUELP 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Heater

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  • Can work without electricity
  • Floor or wall mounted
  • Low oxygen sensor
  • It does not have a multi-output valve
  • Lacks handles to make it portable
  • Low runtime with a 20-pound propane tank

Why We Like It: This heater can be mounted to the wall or the floor. It comes with the mounting brackets and fasteners for fast and easy DIY installation. At a burn rate of 1.389lbs/h, it gives you 30 hours of use on a 20-pound propane tank. We find that it uses gas faster than its MH18B cousin, but it’s open for direct line installation. Note that this heater requires a low-pressure hose and regulator. This makes a smart industrial heater.

Mr. Heater VF30KBLUELP burns fuel efficiently without the need to do any ducting or installing conduit pipes. Unlike other heaters that rely on electricity to run the fan-system, this one uses natural convection to drive hot air out and cold air in it.It means you will still be warm and comfortable during power outages. It can output 30,000BTUs to heat spaces as large as 1000 sq. ft. It has an efficient thermostat that helps set your ideal temperature. The heater also comes with a low-oxygen sensor, and a battery-operated ignition system.The built-in fan of this heater is super quiet. It distributes heat more evenly, and since it heats the air, your garage or workshop will remain warm even after you shut it off.

Additional Pros: Low oxygen sensor, The blower is virtually quiet, Easy temperature regulation on the thermostat

Best Electric Garage Heater

Fahrenheat FUH54 5000watt Heater

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  • Thermostat is replaceable
  • Comes with mounting accessories
  • Cheaper to run than other garage electric heaters
  • May need professional installation due to the need for a 30-amp breaker
  • Controlling it from the ceiling without a remote can be difficult

Why We Like It: Fahrenheat FUH54 is built with safety in mind. It cuts out power if it overheats. It then turns back on when temperatures normalize. It should be installed on a 240V line with a 30-amp breaker since it is rated for 20 amps. As such, it will trip most home breakers rated at 20 amps. Overall, Fahrenheat FUH54 is a reliable electric heater, masterfully designed to output heat fast and quietly. It is straightforward to install and use in the coldest of months. For industrial application there is the Fahrenheat Ceilingmount Industrial Heater 7500W

Fahrenheat FUH54 does a decent job to warm garages up to 400 sq. ft. It gives you peace of mind since you don’t need to worry about any carbon monoxide. It can be installed on the ceiling such that it can radiate heat in the direction you want.The sturdy steel construction offers years of safe use. With its adjustable louvers, it can direct the heat accordingly. You will like that it has a single-pole thermostat that does an excellent job of controlling temperatures to the ideal level you put it. Temperatures for this model can be set between 450 and 1350F.This heater will never turn on the blower until temperatures are at a minimum. This means it will never blow cool air in an already cold garage. With a heating capacity of 5000 watts, most single and two-garage homeowners will be pleased with it.

Additional Pros: Auto shuts off if it overheats, Five louvers direct heat accordingly

Best Infrared Portable Garage Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988

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  • Heats medium-sized garages super fast
  • Includes fan to distribute heat
  • It has overheating protection
  • The surface runs hots
  • It sends heat one way only

Why We Like It: Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988 provides lots of heat for medium-sized garages. It does not need any kind of installation except plugging in. Because this heater draws 30 amps, it will need a 40-amp breaker when installing it. It should be pretty easy with a professional. And don’t forget, it needs to be used on the floor and not the wall or the ceiling.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988 is a popular, industrial-grade space heater. On top of its portable design, this heater will warm your garage using clean, infrared heat. It has a max capacity of 5600W that you can set down to 4800w for comfortable heat.The heater is UL-certified and C-UL listed. It cuts off power once it detects any overheating. This way, it won’t be a fire hazard more so when working in a crowded garage workshop. The thermostat gives you a wide range of temperature settings between 45 and 95F on a simple dial.It toggles between your comfortable temperature settings and the minimum automatically. You don’t have to go back and restart it once the room cools down. Better still, it outputs only 48dB noise, and with a regular vacuum, you’ll be able to clean it so that it does not clog and become noisy.

Additional Pros: Comes with thermostat control, Finger-proof stainless steel housing

Best 4000 Watt Garage Heater

Dimplex DGWH4031G Fan-Forced Heater

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  • Fast heat through convection
  • Offers wall and ceiling installation options
  • Economical fan delay function
  • The thermostat is at the back
  • It does not oscillate
  • It is a bit noisy

Why We Like It: Dimplex DGWH4031G is fan forced heater that uses a propeller type of fan. It means it can accurately give off heat in all directions. It helps you work in the comfort of warmth without worrying about carbon monoxide or an empty tank. Everything about it spells performance. It can raise temperatures from 200F to 700F in 30 minutes when its chilling outside. You don’t have to be cold tolerant when you could have Dimplex DGWH4031G.

Built with 20-gauge stainless steel, Dimplex DGWH4031G offers incredible long term performance. Its panel design involves a fan that helps distribute heat in small-sized garages up to 250 sq. ft. It is energy efficient thanks to its fan delay featureWith its adjustable thermostat controller, you will find it easy to set optimum temperatures between 410F and 1090F. After that, the heater does all the work for you.This heater allows you to install it either in the ceiling or against the wall. At only 12 pounds, this heater can be used in different areas of your garage since it also integrates a comfortable handle. It works on a 240V outlet and needs a 30-amp breaker.

Additional Pros: Powder coated stainless steel construction, Automatic temperature control

Best Natural Gas Heater

 Modine HD45AS0111 Hot Dawg Garage Heater

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  • 80% thermal efficient
  • It uses 3-inch vents
  • Electric ignition system
  • It does not come with a thermostat though it is compatible with one, even smart thermostats
  • It looks bland in bright garages
  • It needs professional installation

Why We Like It: Modine is a unique brand. With this heater, you get ten years of warranty on the heat exchanger. You can even choose between a separated-combustion and a power vented heater. Both have their advantages. You will want to explore which of the options applies to your situation. The dependability of this heater is just amazing as you can count on it in the coldest months.

If you have a triple car garage, Modine HD45AS0111 Hot Dawg offers the right combination of efficiency and power requirements. It is quiet, blends with most garages, and has overheat protection. It is gas fired from a natural gas line, or you can use liquid propane. Modine offers conversion kits if you need to change your heating source.If you like tinkering with your cars or motorbikes, this heater makes it all better in winter. Its 45,000 heating capacity is unbeatable even in uninsulated garages. Modine allows you to use regular-sized vent pipes for your side wall or the roof. It can be piped from either side of the heater so no worries there.

Additional Pros: Offers versatile installation, Aluminized heat exchanger with a 10-year warranty

Best with a Remote Control

 King Electric KB2407-B2-Eco 7500Watt Garage Heater

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  • Offers fan-only and eco modes
  • The epoxy-coated motor is enclosed
  • Comes with an infrared remote control
  • The timer cannot be set in intervals
  • It clicks when cycling which can be annoying
  • It does not satisfy large-garage heating needs.

Why We Like It: King Electric KB240-B2-Eco will provide efficient heating for a two car garage. It offers up to 7500 watts of heat so you may want to use two or more for a larger space. The best thing is that you’ll not be dealing with fumes and complicated installation systems. It comes with a universal mounting bracket for the wall or ceiling. And thanks to the remote control, you never need to be physically close to the unit.

It is compact, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient. King Electric KB2407-B2-Eco is perhaps the most effortless garage heater to use. With a two-stage heating system, the eco mode maintains steady garage temperatures by automatically applying the lowest needed wattage for your particular space.With the digital control panel, you get to choose from room temperature, fan only, eco mode, or use the timer to set ideal heating times. It has adjustable louvers that you use to direct the heat upwards or downwards. Its metallic screen prevents any contact with the rotating blades.

Additional Pros: Permanently oiled bearing motor, Stores temperature settings for the next time it’s used

Best 1500Watt Garage Heater

 Heat Storm HS-1500-IMO Mojave

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  • Overheat protected
  • Lifetime washable filter
  • Digital LED control panel
  • You have to hit the off button twice for it to stop running
  • It has plastic parts that may reduce durability
  • It can take longer up to an hour to heat a large garage

Why We Like It: Heat Storm HS-1500-IMO Mojave is such a compact heater, but it works like a massive heavy-duty model. It uses unique heat exchangers to account for the tons of heat it outputs. It combines a thoughtful design and moisturized heat which is why it is ideal for the dry winter weather. With an adjustable thermostat, LED display, and ETL safety features, nothing could keep you from enjoying the convenience of this heater.

Bring your infrared heater to the garage and back to the main house hassle-free. With the Heat Storm HS-1500-IMO Mojave, it’s all about convenience, safety, and portability. This heater outputs 5,200BTUs such that it can heat 1000sq. ft. of garage space.It utilizes a unique heating system in which a copper heat exchanger provides moisturized heat so that the air in your garage won’t be dry. It includes a fan that comes in handy to distribute the heat much faster in every corner. It offers stable heat that won’t stop as soon as you switch the unit off.Heat Storm Mojave has a thermostat temperature controller and a remote control. Changing the heat settings comes easy even from the other side of the workshop. The heater is also cool to the touch, and so is the wall you place it against. It is still advisable to keep it 3ft. from combustibles to be on the safe side.

Additional Pros: Uses a standard plug, Comes with a remote control

Only Heater with a Workspace Light

Optimus H-9010 Garage Heater

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  • Heater and light are independent of each other
  • Wall or ceiling mounting options
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • The quality of the brackets could be better
  • It does not have a thermostat
  • It’s slower than models that have fans

Why We Like It: It’s not usual to get a heater that has a usable halogen light. But Optimus H-9010 works great for its size. It saves you space, warms you up and promises long term usefulness. No assembly or hard wiring is required. It works excellent when temperatures are in their 30s which means you won’t be shivering when the cold months hit. It takes the chill out even when used by four persons. Its dependability does not equal its size which is why it is a favorite pick.

Optimus H-9010 Garage Heater offers heating and lighting benefits. Its heat output is between 750-1500 watts enough to warm a small sized garage. It lets out a soft halogen light that can be independently operated with an on/off pull cord.This heater features a compact, space-saving design with flexible mounting options. It emits infrared heat that warms you up much faster than models that first heat the air. This heating method saves you energy. It is focuses on where you need the heat.You get to enjoy a decent time of use thanks to the durable metal housing. It is sleek, modern, and will fit in any garage setting. Whether it’s a gym or home office, it does not detract from your décor.

Additional Pros: Auto shuts off if it overheats, Ultralight at only 8.25 pounds 

Garage Heaters Brands and Market Growth Rate

The need for domestic space heating is at an all-time high as we face serious weather changes due to global warming. A CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.96% is forecasted in the 2018-2023 period by the HVAC Equipment Market Report of 2018.This growth also includes garage heaters which have been in consumer market for decades.But it was not after the introduction of Mr. Heater’s Buddy Heater in the year 2000, that the indoor heating industry saw major changes. Portable infrared heaters quickly grew in popularity because they gave off instant heat without the need to be hard wired. Other leading brands include DR Heater, Comfort ZoneAs the Mr. Heater brand became and still is a name to reckon with in this industry, brands like Dr. Infrared heater and Dyna-Glo were also inventing their low-cost and consumer-friendly garage heaters. And with Modine, Heat Storm, and King Electric already in the picture, they contributed in developing technologies to cut out low-cost competition from China making the garage heating industry what it is today.You can find innovative, low-cost designs that include accurate thermostats, remote controllers, smart integration, and the combination of electric and radiant heat. With an aim towards reliability, efficiency, and comfort, we can say that these top brands lead the pack in modern-day garage heating.


When looking to buy a garage heater, it’s important to look at the specifications of each model. There are those that will work with an existing setup like a gas line while others need hard wiring and installing of vents.Also, be keen to read the manufacturer’s instructions manual. The last thing you want is to have a fire hazard because of incorrect installation and setup. This way, you won’t void your warranty if something is wrong with the heater.

Garage Heaters Buying Guide

The devil is in the details folks.


Insulate! Insulate! Insulate!

Garage heaters do not save you money on energy. That’s a fact. It can’t be any more accurate if you are choosing an electric heater. Not weatherizing the garage means you will be losing heat through the windows, door, the roof, and the walls. If the rest of the house is already insulated, why not get it through to the garage? It pays off with time since you won’t be paying a racked up energy bill for nothing. You better get to it now; at least 6 inches in the ceiling and 4 inches in the walls. Ensure that you use an energy efficient door. We are talking about a double or triple layered garage door with a high R-value from 10. Choose insulating materials like steel, wood, and composite wood. Also, use the same type of windows that you use for the house. You will find that you don’t have to use the heater all through the day. Look at these types of garage insulation to consider.


Types of Garage Heaters depending on fuel

There are different heater types depending on the fuel they use;Gas HeatersConsidered the cheapest type of fuel, gas heaters are a cheap option to heat your garage. Gas garage heaters are in two types.Liquid Propane Powered Garage HeatersThese are freestanding heaters that require a propane tank. The heater will not need to connect to a gas line, so they are convenient portable heaters. The only negative to it is that they can produce carbon monoxide are not recommended to use at night.Natural GasGarage heaters that use natural gas are ideal if you already have a gas line installed for other heating purposes like your furnace or oven. This way, you can have a professional extend the line to the garage. Natural gas heaters require direct venting to the outside to make it safe for you to work without risk of suffocation. If you are the DIY kind of guy, here’s a little help to do it correctly. Choose a natural gas heater with the highest BTU rating you can afford.Electric HeatersThese are still a great option if your power rates are affordable. They come in three types including panel, convection, and infrared heaters. You must have an electric outlet in your garage since they work by converting electricity into heat.Infrared Heaters/ Radiant HeatersPeople use portable radiant and infrared heaters interchangeably. But this is because they heat the things around them like furniture, the floor, the wall, people, pets, etc. They do not heat the air. As such, they are the fastest way to get warm and toasty in winter. They should, however, always be at least 4ft from flammable items. Radiant heaters are not capable of heating large rooms while infrared heaters can heat large spaces.Convection HeatersThese are the most common type of heaters. They use the science of convection. Warm air rises while cool air falls as they heat the air around them. You will find different designs of these heaters from radiators to baseboard, and ceramic heaters. Because of the fan in a convection heater, you will be dealing with noise which is something you want to consider if you want a convection heater. The good thing with convection heaters is that they can warm the garage more evenly.Panel HeatersPanel heaters combine the benefits of radiant and convection heaters. They use fans to distribute heat around the room so they can fill a large space with toasty warmth.

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Top 10 Garage Heaters Compared

We like data, too. Especially data that helps you find the garage heater that is just right for you and your home.


Devince Name

Heating Capacity




Mr. Heater MH18B

4,000 – 18,000 BTU

450 sq. ft.



50,000 BTU

1200 sq. ft.


Mr. Heater Vent-Free

30,000 BTU

1000 sq. ft.


Fahrenheat FUH54

5000 Watts

400 sq. ft.


Dr. Infrared Heater

5600 Watts

600 sq. ft.


Dimplex DGWH4031G

13,640 BTUs

250 sq. ft.


Modine HD45AS0111

45,000 BTU

1000 sq. ft.


King Electric KB2410-1-B2-ECO

7,500 Watts

750 sq. ft.


Heat Storm HS-1500-IMO

5,200 BTUs

1000 sq. ft.


Optimus H-9010

1500 Watts

150 sq. ft.


That said, the garage is that room in the house that is often ignored. But there are those of us who get more than just parking cars, bikes, storing garden tools, and random junk. It may be your creative space, a home gym, a workshop, or even a home office.The cold months can be bitter, and if your garage is not heated like the rest of the house, you may never step foot in it. But with the best garage heater, that valuable space can be used all year round.

Heating Time In 1500 Sq Ft.

Tests are paramount. Especially tests that show which garage heater is objectively the fastest at heating a 1500 sq ft room. 


Product Name

Time to Heat in 1500 Sq Feet // Minutes


Mr. Heater MH18B




Mr. Heater Vent-Free


Fahrenheat FUH54


Dr. Infrared Heater

Garage Heater Features

​Learn about the top features of a garage heater before you buy

  • Heating Capacity
  • What about the BTU
  • Safety Features
  • Controls


You should match your garage heater to your heating needs in terms of the size of your garage. When getting an electric heater, the capacity is measured in watts.Know your garage size and match it to the watts in a ten-to-one ratio. For example, if the heater has a 4000W rating, divide that by 10, and you have the recommended area size in square feet. In our case here, 400 sq. ft. If the heater is not heating the garage sufficiently, check the heating element or the thermostat.


BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the energy unit required to heat a pound of water by a degree Fahrenheit. In heating units, it is BTU per hour (BTU/h). Most manufacturers don’t bother with the h.1000 BTU= 293 watts1 watt = 3.41 BTUIf a heater has a BTU rating of 45,000 BTU, it is equivalent to 13,188 watts. That means it can heat a garage that is around 1300 sq. ft. A high BTU rating indicates a high heating capacity which is what you want in your garage heater.Here’s a good BTU calculator to help you know your exact needs.


Consider only heaters that are UL & CSA certified and ETL listed. UL (Underwriter Laboratories) and ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories) both have safety standards that appliances must meet. Make sure to look for a mark by these three institutions.A safety mark means the heater has passed the stringent standards of these companies. This is because heaters are considered a top cause of fires in homes.Other safety features include auto turn off when the heater reaches its temperature limit or if it knocked over.More on garage heating safety tips.

User-Friendly Controls

A thermostat and a remote control are nice features to have in any garage heater. They allow you to set the amount of heat and temperature with convenience. With a thermostat s you won’t need to turn off the heater once it gets warm enough and on again when it cools down. The heater maintains the heat for you.

​PLACEMENT – DON’T COMPROMISE!Look for heaters that allow versatile placements. A long power cord, for example, will enable you to set the heater in a practical space.Again, a heater that comes with a ceiling mount bracket is excellent when you want the heater out of the way.

Garage Heater Related Articles

​Learn more about home products for, well, your home

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5 Ways A Humidifier Can Improve Your Health

We all appreciate the health benefits of clean air. Especially if you happen to live in a smog-heavy city, the sensation of breathing in a fresh lungful of clean, beautifully scented air is invigorating and refreshing.

Companies such as doTERRA have become immensely successful marketing products which improve the quality of the air we breathe at home.

While air fragrance and purity are something most health-minded people can relate to, many of us pay less attention to the moisture level in the air we breathe — and that’s often to the detriment of our health and comfort.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a humidity of around thirty to fifty percent for the average household. If you happen to live in a dry area, chances are your natural air isn’t anywhere near that.

This article looks at a few of the solid benefits you’ll get from having a humidifier in your home.

1. It’ll Support Your Sinus Health

The sinuses and nasal passages in particular are our body’s built in air filter. When they’re working right, the air entering the body is cleansed of many allergens before entering the lungs.

When the air is moist, the function of your sinuses is optimized. Mucus membranes are able to work as they should, and your sinuses are more likely to be properly dilated to allow the flow of air.

This makes a good humidifier a must-have for many people seriously afflicted with allergies or allergic conditions with additional complications, like asthma.

Additionally, moist air is less likely to contain dust and other airborne particles. Reducing the load of irritants in the air before it hits your nostrils makes all kind of sense.

2. A Humidifier Protects Your Skin

Dry skin isn’t just uncomfortable and more difficult to maintain, it is also more prone to a range of annoying skin conditions. Dry, flaky skin, rashes and even chronic eczema are all frequently exacerbated by dry air.

Having moisturizers and other calming lotions are undoubtedly beneficial in keeping skin supple and vital, it’s not always an option for people with extremely sensitive skin.

On top of that, moisturizer is site specific. It’s hardly a viable option when it comes to keeping all of your skin moist!

A humidifier in your home can instantly reduce the rate at which your skin dries out, and will bathe your skin in a protecting layer against those allergens and irritants which we know can worsen existing skin conditions.

3. It can Improve Eye Comfort

Your eyes are an incredibly sensitive organ. The introduction of even the tiniest irritant (whether dust, pollen or some other airborne particle) can cause instant discomfort, and often it can last for hours.

Compounding this, dry air places a lot of additional strain on the natural lubricating function of the eye. This is particularly difficult for people working in front of a screen, when it’s all too easy to not blink enough.

A humidifier can greatly reduce these discomforts, bathing the eyes with a fine layer of moisture which can augment the natural process of tear formation. They also help cut down on airborne allergens; a huge bonus if you suffer from streaming, irritated eyes caused by allergies.

4. Promoting Better Sleep

According to the CDC, up to a third of adults aren’t getting good sleep. While a bit of sleep deprivation should be of no particular concern on a short-term basis, if it continues it can become a significant health problem.

A wide range of chronic health concerns are associated with sleep deprivation, from high blood pressure and an associated increased likelihood of heart disease, through to a greater propensity for lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. Lack of sleep may even exacerbate your mental and emotional health, causing depression, anxiety or both.

One of the biggest impediments to good sleep is breathing disturbance. Snoring and sleep apnea can doom its sufferers to years of poor sleep.

While serious cases of these undoubtedly require more extensive medical interventions, a humidifier can at least improve the breathing process. This may well be all a mild sufferer needs to reduce strain on night time breathing and improve their sleep.

5. Aiding in Recovery from Colds

Humidifiers can be particularly helpful in assisting in the recovery from cold and flu like symptoms. Particularly after a long bout of respiratory distress, the trachea and bronchial area can become inflamed and irritated.

A dry cough can form and last long after the original cause of the ill health is resolved. These are frequently quite hard to treat, involving long-term medication to soothe the throat, especially at night.

Humidifiers can greatly support this process of recovery by keeping the inflammation caused by dry air to a minimum. Especially during sleep, a humidifier is great for supporting the natural process of recovery.

Humidifiers don’t just make for a more comfortable home experience, they can be great for your health too. Keeping your home at the CDC recommended humidity levels of thirty to fifty percent can benefit your sinuses, eyes, skin and even your sleep. It’s well worth the investment.

5 Ways A Humidifier Can Improve Your Health is available on

Best WiFi Smart Air Conditioner for 2019

The In-Depth Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Best WiFi Air Conditioner

Over 50+ Hours Testing & Reviewing 44 AC Units.

Winner: Frigidaire 10,000 BTUSmart Air Conditioner

9.7 out of 10

With 10,000 BTUs to cool 450 square feet + Alex integration and easy setup, this is the AC Unit you want.

Test Results and Ratings

– March 2019




Top Pick


​​​​Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 10,000 BTU Smart Window Air ConditionerBy Frigidaire


 Best Value


LG Electronics LP1415WXRSM 14000 BTUP ortable Air ConditionerBy LG


Frigidaire Cool Connect 8000 BTUBy Frigidaire


Easy Setup


Kenmore Smart 04277087 room-air-conditioners 8,000 BTU WhiteBy Kenmore




Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air ConditionerBy Frigidaire


AirPatrol WiFi Air Conditioner ControllerBy AirPatrol


Best Value


Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner ControllerBy Sensibo


Quirky ArosBy Quirky


Emerson Quiet Kool EARC8RSE1 8000 BTU 115V, White Window Air ConditionerBy Emerson


Tado Smart Air Conditioner and Heater ControllerBy Tado


How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top WiFi A/C units.

5000+ BTUsCooling Power

AppQuality & Easy of Use

500+ sq. ftCoverage


Best WiFi AC Unit

 Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 10,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner

  • 10,000 BTUs can cool any room
  • Android and iOS compatible + Alexa integration
  • Easily removable mesh antibacterial
  • Operationally can be on the loud side
  • Window only installation so once installed can’t be easily moved
  • Built-in display hard to read fro afar

Why We Like It: The Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 has killer power (10,000 BTUs), easy setup, and looks good while performing.

Even though we prefer the functionality and convenience of Quirky’s offering (our now #5 pick, only because it’s not in stock) there is no disputing that Frigidaire’s WiFi Air Conditioner can get the job done on the hottest of summer nights. How so?Well, first and foremost it boasts 10,000 BTUs, which is enough power to cool a room up to 450 square feet. So most living rooms and bedrooms are applicable. Second, it features built-in WiFi, allowing you to connect to the unit via your smartphone (Android or iOS) and changes fan speed, temperature, control the AC’s modes and turn it on and off without having to walk over to the unit. We were gonna say lift a finger, but…that being said, this particular Smart AC unit is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. So if you have one of those at home, you’ll be able to control its feature set with the command of your voice.And if that isn’t enough, this AC unit has achieved an Energy Star rating of 12, making it one of the lowest cost to operate window units in its category; $75 a year to be exact (give or take depending on your energy utility’s costs).And for those of you that are worried about air quality you’ll take comfort in the easily removable mesh antibacterial filter, which easily pops off for cleaning thanks to a magnetic closure. Moreover, there is a built-in clean air ionizer allowing this unit to capture more dust in the air. Lastly there is a sleep mode, battery operated remote (in case you like to go old school on the controls – and on the units), a built-in 3 foot cord, and a window kit with side panels that minimizes leaks and keeps the cold in.

Best Portable A/C

 LG Electronics LP1415WXRSM

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  • 14,000 BTUs, need I say more
  • Covers 500 square feet no problem
  • Easy to setup and install without effort
  • Can be loud for light sleepers
  • App can be slightly buggy
  • Setup manual is poorly written

Why We Like It: The LG LP1415WXRSM has enough power to cool down any size home. For many, a smaller window-mounted smart air conditioner is more than enough to cool down their bedroom or home office, but what do you do if you need a lot more power for larger spaces like your living room or kitchen?

For many, a smaller window-mounted smart air conditioner is more than enough to cool down their bedroom or home office, but what do you do if you need a lot more power for larger spaces like your living room or kitchen?

Enter the 14,000 BTU, portable LG LP1415WXRSM. This A/C unit is a big, burly monster of a cooling system that easily rolls to any corner of your home, and is capable of keeping spaces upwards of 500 sq. ft. tolerable during even the hottest of heat waves.

Using the LG Smart AC app, you can control everything from the fan speed to the humidity settings of your smart air conditioner no matter where you are in the world.

Best Value

 Frigidaire Cool Connect 8,000 BTU

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  • 8,000 BTUs provides cooling power for days
  • Easy to install and setup
  • App worked alost flawlessly
  • 2,000 less BTUs then big brother so why not spend a bit ore?
  • WiFi spotty every once in a blue 
  • Temp gauge not 100% accurate

Why We Like It: The Cool Connect is the best plug-and-play Wi-Fi A/C around. Of all the Wi-Fi-connected air conditioning units out there right now, it’s not hard to see why the Frigidaire Cool Connect system is one of the best.

Note: If you’ve got a bigger space, see our #1 pick – same feature set but more power.

Frigidaire is a king in the industry of keeping your home cool, with a trusted brand name and dedication to quality that stretches back decades. With the Cool Connect, the company is finally bringing their air conditioners into the 21st century, and the move pays off in spades.

Want to get your bedroom cooled down before you get home from work, but don’t want to keep the unit running all day? This is where the Wi-Fi functionality comes in, enabling you to quickly and easily control your A/C remotely so any room in your house is at a perfect 72° by the time you pull into your driveway.

If you only need to cool a small space (350 sq. ft. or less), the Cool Connect is the way to go.

Best Simple Setup

Kenmore Smart 04277087 WiFi A/C 

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  • Energy start rated
  • 8,000 BTUs of power
  • Easy to setup and use
  • The least sexy looking
  • Only works with Alexa
  • Only 1-year warranty

Why We Like It: The Kenmore Smart is unquestionably a simple and easy to use unit. It’s not frills but with that comes simplicity especially if you don’t want to tear your hair out with setup. It currently works with Amazon’s Alexa/Echo.

Best Portable Power

 Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Easy installation in just minutes
  • 12,000 BTUs to cool large rooms
  • App works great
  • Heavy and not easy to move
  • Pricey at $600
  • Can be loud for light sleepers

Why We Like It: This Frigidaire unit can cool at a rapid rate, even for a large room thanks to 12,000 BTUs of power. Setup is a cinch and doesn’t require any mounting in a window.

Consider Your Room Size

It almost goes without saying, but make sure to measure your room size. A general rule of thumb is for every 20 btus you can cover a square foot. But use your best judgement and also account for the age of your house or apartment. The less insulation, or the older it is, the more power you might need.

How We Reviewed the Routers

The devil is in the details folks.


Available Features

While all of the Wi-Fi air conditioner units we could find carry a basic set of features including: Wi-Fi controls, temperature readouts, and timer setups, that’s not all they can do.Keep an eye out for added energy-saving features and scheduling apps that will run your A/C for you in the background, even when you’re not home or able to get to your phone to tell the unit what to do without you around.


App Compatibility

All of the Wi-Fi air conditioners on this list use various smartphone apps to connect you to the unit remotely. Some apps are more streamlined than others, while some (like the LG Smart AC app) haven’t seen a visual update since iOS 6.0


Ease of Use

One of the main reasons you would want to choose a Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioner over a classic design is ease of use. Whether you’re a hundred miles away or a few feet away on the couch, Wi-Fi air conditioners offer a convenient way to change temperatures and monitor the temperature stats of your room all from the comfort of a mobile device.


Power Saving Options

If you decide to go with either the Frigidaire or the LG, know ahead of time that the only power-saving options you’ll have will need to be activated manually.The Aros on the other hand automatically tracks your usage stats, and gives you a rough estimate of how much power you’re using or money you’re saving by only activating the air conditioner during certain times of the day or year.



Unlike dozens of other “smart home” devices that have come out in the past few years, Wi-Fi-connected air conditioners don’t cost much more than their offline counterparts just for the added wireless functionality. on average, you should expect to pay around $300 for a reliable 8,000 BTU window-mounted unit, or a little over $500 for a portable 14,000 BTU unit

Resident Expert Consultant

Chris has been reviewing consumer tech for almost 10 years. He brings extensive knowledge with respects to home connectivity and most importantly WiFi Routers, reviewing more than 50 of these over the course of his career. He also has the unfortunate side effect of living in Portland, Oregon where the summers are balmy and beyond humid. So he jumped at the chance to take on these tests…to say the least.

Chris Stobing | Wireless Router Expert

Top 10 Routers Compared

We like data, too. Especially tests that show which router is objectively the fastest of the bunch. 


Device Name

BTUs Square Feet Rating

Frigidaire FGRC1044T1

10,000 500 Sq Ft

LG Electronics LP1415WXRSM

14,000 700 Sq Ft

Frigidaire Cool Connect 8000 BTU

8,000 400 Sq Ft

Kenmore Smart 04277087 WiFi

8,000 400 Sq Ft

Frigidaire Cool Connect 

12,000 184 g

Lorem Model 2209

8 663 g

Lorem Model 2209

8 663 g

Lorem Model 2209

8 663 g

Lorem Model 2209

8 663 g

Lorem Model 2209

8 663 g

Mistakes to Avoid


Measure Twice, Cut Once

The last thing you want to deal with after ordering a brand new window-mounted or portable air conditioner unit is finding out that it doesn’t fit in the space where you’re trying to put it. Window-mounted units need at least a foot of vertical clearance and two feet of clearance on either side, and portable units need a window or sliding door that you can stick the ventilation tube out of while still keeping a tight seal between your home and the outside world. Without a proper seal, all that cold air will simply leak out of your home before it cools anything down, so be sure to take a tape measure to your window frame prior to placing an order.

Replacing a Brand New Offline Unit

If you just bought a new regular air conditioner and don’t feel like returning it for a Wi-Fi model, there are alternative options available. By purchasing a third-party AirPatrol.

Cool Down Test

We like data, like you. Especially tests that show which A/C  is objectively the fastest at cooling.  


Product Name

Time in Minutes to cool 300 sq. feet


Frigidaire Cool Connect 10,000 BTU


Frigidaire 12,000 BTULG 




Frigidaire Cool Connect 8,000 BTU


Kenmore Smart 04277087

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Official Lamborghini Hoverboard Review

If your love for Italian sportscars isn’t confined to four wheels, ditch the car altogether and ride on two wheels, without sacrificing the style that made Lamborghini famous. I’m talking about the official Lamborghini hoverboard made by TwoDots. It’s sleek, it’s fast and it goes with the car in your garage. (Hopefully)

The Lamborghini Hoverboard is a sleek 8.5-inch wheel off-road hoverboard with some decent specs to match those good looks. I love that Lamborghini hoverboard look. I can easily say that it’s the best looking hoverboard I have ever encountered.

A Lamborghini On 2 Wheels

It’s got dual 400W powerful motors, a comfortable max speed of 9 miles per hour and several other nice features that are worthy of a hoverboard that bears the Italian auto maker’s brand. You really feel the power of those dual motors on this performance hoverboard with Bluetooth.

Spoiler alert: This hoverboard surpassed my expectations. Read on for my Lamborghini Hoverboard review below to see why.

Great Design
Great App

Plastic Shell Scratches Easily
Considering The Speed, I Expected A Faster Charge
Low Maximum Speed

Lamborghini Hoverboard Build Quality

This cool hoverboard is durable and built to last, however, that plastic shell, pretty as it looks, gets dinged up easily. Because of that, I would recommend this hoverboard for users who are already experienced and not likely to scuff up the shell as much. Aside from that, the build quality here is solid and this vehicle will stand up to a lot of tough riding. Weighing in at 43 pounds you can carry it when you need to, but at that weight, it feels a bit too heavy.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Design

You have to give TwoDots credit. It’s not easy to capture that Lamborghini style in off road hoverboard form, but somehow they did just that. This is a self-balancing hoverboard that stands out from the crowd, making heads turn. It has bright stylized lights modeled after the headlights on a Lamborghini Huracan and all of the other detailing is just right. It’s probably the coolest designed hoverboard online.

Getting a hoverboard with bluetooth speakers and other nice features was a real surprise as well. It sounds amazing. Connecting to your smartphone with a mobile app or Bluetooth is super easy. using your smartphone you can control the maximum speed, driving force, steering sensitivity and more. This self balancing scooter is a bit pricey due to that Lamborghini branding, but you get a lot for your money. This hoverboard has a nice large platform so that you can get the best foot position possible.

How Powerful Is The Lamborghini Hoverboard?

The motors are responsive and fast, which again, is what I would expect from a showy vehicle like this one. Those 8.5-inch tires make the height perfect for riding. The dual 400-watt motors kick in from the moment you climb on. It has a max speed of 9 MPH, which may not seem like a lot, but when the wind is in your face, with that power underneath you, it’s all you need. It has a cool self-balancing mode that is great for those who are still getting to know hoverboards. This means that this performance hoverboard balances itself when you turn it on, giving you a stable platform to step onto.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Performance

This hoverboard delivers just the right amount of power, ease of use and stability. It’s a smooth and comfortable ride that users of all ages are going to enjoy. On flat surfaces, this model performed excellently. And since those 8.5 inch tires are made for off-roading we had to test it out in nature as well. It did not disappoint. It performed well on grass and uneven terrain full of sticks and twigs. It has a bit of trouble on wet ground, but that’s not unexpected. You’ll be impressed at the quality of the ride here whether you are on the sidewalk or in the forest.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Features

LED Lights

The LED lights will light your way at night and it can’t be understated how cool they look. It was a good choice to model the lights after the Lamborghini Huracan. It gives this hoverboard serious attitude.

Self-Balancing Mode

This vehicle’s self-balancing mode is great for beginners and allows the hoverboard to self-level, making it easier to get on and ride. It’s a nice feature that means that riders of any skill level can enjoy this hoverboard.


The Lamborghini hoverboard has a maximum speed of 9 miles per hour and a range of about 9.32 miles. That’s fast enough to have fun and far enough to collect your friends and have a great time.

Charging Time

With a charging time of 3.5 hours, that’s not the best, but I’ve seen worse as well. It’s nothing to complain about considering all of the other features this hoverboard packs in.

Wheel Size

The Lamborghini hoverboard has large 8.5 inch hoverboard wheels that handle great in both on and off-road conditions, gripping the terrain nicely. This 8.5 inch wheels off-road terrain hoverboard just plain performs. This model has no LEDs on wheels, but it doesn’t need them. It’s already a stunner.

Maximum Weight

The maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds. At this weight capacity, it can handle most riders.

Bottom Line

This is a 8.5 inch lamborghini hoverboard with Lamborghini branding. So it wins you over from the start with that amazing style and design. We can say with confidence that it has a feature-set and performance worthy of the name. This self balancing scooter is a lot of fun and even though the lamborghini hoverboard price is a bit expensive, it is well worth it. You get a hoverboard for kids with a Bluetooth speaker and led lights, plus a lot of other great features. You have to be able to play music after all.

You can expect a smooth ride and a great off-road experience. This is, in fact, the luxury sports car of hoverboards. It may even be better than an electric scooter or an electric skateboard, just for the design alone, if you love Lamborghini. It is one of the better performing models that we have tested lately. I wouldn’t go so far as to call this bluetooth hoverboard a racing performance hoverboard, but it feels like one even at only 9 miles per hour.

If this isn’t enough, they make a version that is a gold hoverboard with Bluetooth as well. Who knew that Lambo hoverboards were this cool?

And it wont explode, so no worries there. It is UL 2272 tested and certified, meeting the latest safety standards. Hoverboards are great gifts for kids. You can check out our Best hoverboards For Kids buying guide to learn more. Then check out our Best Hoverboards list for all of the best vehicles on two wheels. Always make sure to buy a UL 2272 certified hoverboard. That way you know that your hoverboards safe.

Official Lamborghini Hoverboard Review is republished from (GR) gadgetreview

10 Best Monitors for Xbox One X

Headsets, pro controllers and killer speakers are all good, but without one of the best monitors for Xbox One X, you are never going to be at the top of your game. Which means you won’t see that zombie shambling toward you in time or snipe that Nazi soldier in the watchtower dead in the eye. But shopping for a monitor is daunting, especially if your job is to focus on racking up the frags (or points). There are so many factors to consider. That’s why you are here and as usual, I have you covered with some solid info on the 10 Best Monitors for Xbox One X.

I spend way too many hours playing games, so I’ll clue you in on which monitors are best and why, so you don’t waste your time buying an expensive paperweight. I just spent two full weeks playing Xbox One X games on 20 different monitors.

Then I researched 20 more, taking into account things like HDR compatibility, refresh rate, resolution, picture sharpness and clarity, design and more. Lastly, I looked at user reviews of these models online and compiled all of the data.

What To Look For In The Best Monitors For Xbox One

The best of today’s 4K console gaming monitors come from top brands like BenQ, Acer, Alienware, Samsung, LG, and ViewSonic, but you can’t count lesser known brands out, which is why I rigorously test and research as many as we can.

Today video gamers want 4k resolution, a high refresh rate, either FreeSync over HDMI or G-SYNC to avoid screen tearing while gaming, the right kind of panel (IPS panels offer better all-around visual quality) and low response time for smooth camera movement. It’s also important that a gaming monitor has the proper connection ports.

In 2018 alone the industry saw 5.1 million gaming monitor units shipped (R), a figure which will likely be higher for 2019. Many of the monitors below will be a part of those numbers as buyers up their game with new displays.

Our Winner

And now let’s get to my #1 pick. It’s the LG 27UK650-W. LG is a brand name known around the world for quality electronics like smartphones, home appliances, televisions, and monitors. The LG 27UK650-W stands out from the crowd with a 4K HDR display and it comes loaded with features that gamers will go crazy for.

From the specs, all the way down to the stand, this LG offering has everything that you want. You won’t find better in this price range.

 #1  LG 27UK650-W – Best Monitor for the Xbox One X


  • Amazing Color Production
  • Great Gaming Features
  • Supports AMD FreeSync


  • Needs More USB Inputs
  • Response Time Is Low
  • No speakers

The LG 27UK650-W has a lot going for it. This 4K HDR display has many gaming features that will please both hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike.  I put in a decent amount of gaming hours and it blew me away. This 27-inch monitor has an ArcLine stand and some serious versatility.

The curve at the base not only keeps things stable but also adds a touch of luxury. It’s very easy to adjust the stand’s height, tilt it back and forth, swivel it, and pivot it any way you want. This LG monitor has a 3840×2160 4K resolution, HDR10 support, nice SDR peak brightness, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 60Hz refresh rate, and a 5ms response time.

But that’s not all. It also has AMD FreeSync technology and Dynamic Action Sync so you can look forward to gameplay that is not choppy, with no broken frames.

Low input lag mode combined with all of these other features makes the LG 27UK650-W a very capable gaming monitor. As far as connectivity, LG gives you what you need with a two HDMI 2.0 ports that support HDR and HDCP 2.2, a 1.2 DisplayPort, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Other key features include

  • Super Resolution+:  Upscaling that gets more data so that it can give you sharper clearer video.
  • Black Stabilizer: Use this to change the gamma of dark shades so that it doesn’t affect light shades.
  • Automatic Standby: This will turn the monitor off after periods where there’s no movement on the screen.

More USB inputs would have made the LG 27UK650-W more versatile, and it does have a low response time of 5ms, but everything else that this model offers is simply superb. This 4K monitor wowwed me with its superb color reproduction and gaming features. Very immersive!

 #2  LG 27UD58-B – Best Xbox One X Monitor For Your Money


  • Great Gaming Performance
  • Sharp UHD Images
  • Multitasking Screen Split 2.0 


  • Needs More USB Ports
  • No Speakers
  • Response Time Can Often Be Slow

LG is known for making quality smartphones, appliances, and smart TVs (R). They also make many gaming displays like the LG 27ud68p and the LG 27uk850w that are highly rated by users online like you and me.

The LG 27UD58-B is the monitor that you need if you want it cheap, but don’t want to sacrifice performance. This is a 27 inch gaming monitor that beats out most 4K monitors in the entry-level category. It delivers vivid colors that look great thanks to an Ultra-High Definition (UHD) In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel.

Also on board is AMD’s FreeSync which works great with the AMD graphics card in the Xbox One X. The black finish looks great with the ArcLine stand keeping it stable on your desk. It has impressive gaming features, like On-Screen Control with Screen Split, and two HDMI ports and a display port that can both deliver 4K video over a single cable. The 4K Ultra HD resolution gives you a rich pixel density of 163 pixels per inch.

You’ll also get a 178-degree viewing angle so that you can see the action no matter where you are viewing it from in the room. That’s great if I have some friends over and they are all watching. On another note, if you are using two monitors, this one is great for your primary sidebar.

That IPS panel has 10-bit color depth support through dithering. In fact, it is factory-calibrated to cover over 99% of the sRGB color gamut and this wows you on screen. You can see why this monitor is appealing for its price. The LG 27UD58-B is another fine example of the company’s commitment to quality. If there’s one design flaw here it’s a lack of connectivity options. There are two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort. No USB ports at all. Other key features include:

  • Super Resolution+ is onboard here as well,
  • Black Stabilizer feature to darken dark details.
  • Automatic Standby puts the monitor on standby after 4, 6 or 8 hours of inactivity.

The LG 27UD58-B offers superior performance, giving you a smooth 4K monitor with vibrant colors and crystal clear detail. It gives you all of the great features that you want at a fantastic price. It’s also a great monitor for PS4.

 #3  ASUS MG28UQ


  • Great Picture Quality
  • Power Supply Is Built-In
  • Great Pixel Density


  • Contrast Could Be Better
  • Needs More USB Ports

The Asus MG-series has always been a popular budget alternative to other premium ASUS products and the MG28UQ is a 28-inch Ultra HD monitor that continues this tradition.

With a 1ms response time, a flexible tilt and swivel stand and a maximum resolution of 3840×2160 @ 60Hz, this is a great value from Asus. It’s sturdy and sleek with a quality build. The stand itself lets you fully adjust the display to any position you choose. You’ll also love the MG28UQ’s color accuracy.

I was surprised by the sharpness and vivid display. This, along with the 1ms response time and Adaptive-Sync technology make this a great buy. The visuals are smooth and Adaptive Synch means that you won’t see any image tearing.

As far as connectivity options, it has 3 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 2.0 and 2 HDMI 1.4), along with a single DisplayPort 1.2 connector, 2USB 3.0 ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Another interesting feature is ASUS Eye care technology with TUV certified Flicker free and Blue Light Filter. This feature aims to prevent eye fatigue and other eye problems associated with prolonged computer use (R).

  • ASUS Eye care technology with TUV certified Flicker free and Blue Light Filter helps with less Eye fatigue.
  • 5-Way OSD Joystick for intuitive control.
  • Crosshair lets you choose 4 different crosshair overlays and adjust them for your playstyle.
  • On-screen timer.
  • FPS Counter to show off your framerates.

This is a fantastic monitor that is priced just right. It’s not cheap, but it isn’t overly expensive either. You get great performance, some very cool gamer-oriented features, and surprisingly beautiful images.

 #4  ViewSonic XG2700-4K – Best FreeSynch Monitor For Xbox One X


  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Lots Of Connectivity Options


  • Not As Bright As Others
  • Chunky Bezel

Viewsonic makes many quality monitors like the popular ViewSonic xg2402 and the company has a tradition of delivering value as well. The ViewSonic XG2700-4K hits almost all of the right buttons for console gamers and it does so at a great price.

This 27 inch has great accurate color, an IPS panel, low response time, Adaptive Refresh technology and some decent customization options. This monitor is a solid choice for those who want FreeSync since it has a DisplayPort connection.

So here you’ll find four USB 3 ports, three HDMI 2.0 connectors, a DisplayPort jack, a mini-DisplayPort plug, and an audio jack. I loved FreeSync on this model and found the panel to be very responsive. It also packs in low input lag and a response time of 5ms. That’s not the fastest, but it’s decent for any 4k monitor.

I played many hours of Fortnite on this thing and it was a blast. The image quality was great, although not as bright as many other models that we tested.

The IPS panel gives you great viewing angles of 178 degrees. So no matter where you are in the room you won’t miss any action. It has excellent color accuracy and the blacks are stunningly deep blacks. It also boasts a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

I really liked this one a lot, but one major downside is that thick bezel, which makes it look outdated, bulky and quite frankly, ugly. The low input lag means that when you click your gaming mouse or do anything else, it happens instantly.

Key Features

  • FreeSync monitor technology for smooth frame rates and no motion blur.
  • Superb Black Stabilization.
  • Low Input Lag.

The bottom line on the ViewSonic XG2700-4K is that gamers will love it. It has a great contrast ratio that will allow you to see the things that are important in the game. I also like that it has plenty of connectivity options. Image quality looks great. During our testing, FreeSynch was very responsive and we had zero problems with ghosting or tearing. It is a solid choice for console gaming or PC gaming.

 #5  BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K – Best Monitor For Gaming And Movies


  • Supports high dynamics range
  • UHD (Ultra High Definition) Resolution
  • Great Price


  • Not Enough Connectivity
  • Built-In Speakers Could Be Better

If you’re looking for a decent 4k monitor that will give you many hours of joy on your gaming consoles at a great price, the BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K should be your choice.

This UHD monitor performs great whether you’re playing games or watching the latest blockbuster movies. (Action movies look insane.) This entry level 28-inch display offers 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution at 60hz refresh rate, which is the current standard for 4K.

At 28 inches it’s big enough to draw you into the game and immerse you deeply. It also supports HDR10 content and Cinema HDR Mode will enhance the visuals and contrast further. The native contrast ratio is 1000:1 and the dynamic one is 12M:1.

Like many other modern monitors, it supports FreeSync as well. It boasts a TN panel with a 1ms GTG response time, which is fast enough for your gaming needs. It makes the experience seamless. This model has an extremely vibrant picture and extremely realistic images with crystal-clear details. It has a nice style, but the stand is not adjustable. I would have preferred that it was.

Connectivity is another downside on this 4K UHD IPS monitor.  It just needs more options. It has 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, DisplayPort 1.4, and a headphone jack. No USB ports. The speakers don’t sound bad, but they are pretty mediocre. The wide color gamuts on this model make everything look natural.

Key Features

  • Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology for a balance between the maximum contrast and vibrancy. You can pick an option he one that brings out the most details with the brightness you want.
  • Smart Focus allows you to target an area on the screen, so you can focus, with less distraction.
  • Auto brightness and color temperature detector adjusts the settings for your room environment.

The BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K is a superb HDR gaming monitor for multi-use. Watch movies, play games and see everything with sharpness and clarity. It offers very decent game performance and will immerse you for an amazing gaming experience. If you love both games and entertainment this is your choice. This is a very worthy Freesync monitor and one of the better 4k hdr monitors.

 #6  ASUS VP28UQG – Best Budget 4K Monitor For Gaming


  • 1 ms Response Time
  • Great Image Quality
  • Low Input Lag


  • No Built-In Speakers

Asus has a proven track record in the game monitor industry and has annual revenue of $13.9 billion (R). The ASUS VP28UQG is a great example of the company’s experience.

Here I felt that they deliver a lot of quality for a great price. This 4K 28″ TN monitor has a beautiful design, fast 1ms response time, FreeSync and 1000:1 contrast ratio. The image quality on this monitor is better than most TN monitors thanks to 10-bit color depth and the capability of a crazy 1.07 billion colors. 300-nit peak brightness keeps everything bright here.

This model also has ASUS’ GamePlus features including Crosshair, Timer, FPS Counter and Display Alignment. Some buyers might think that the 60Hz refresh rate could be better, but if you are just playing games with your Xbox One X, that’s all you need today.

Key Features

  • ASUS Eye care technology with TUV certified Flicker free and Blue Light Filter helps with less Eye fatigue.
  • 5-Way OSD Joystick for intuitive control.
  • Crosshair lets you choose 4 different crosshair overlays and adjust them for your playstyle.
  • On-screen timer.
  • FPS Counter to show off your framerates.

Between FreeSync, the 1ms response time speed and the 60Hz refresh rate, it’s a very responsive and smooth performer. You won’t see any ghosting or tearing. Just quality images. This 28″ monitor has 3840×2160 (UHD) resolution and great specs at a great price. I love that recent ASUS monitors come with so many extras for gamers, which really adds value. This 4k monitor for Xbox has what you need.

 #7  Samsung UE590D


  • Nice Design
  • Affordable
  • Fast response


  • Stand Isn’t Adjustable
  • No USB Ports
  • Thick Bezels

The prices of 4K gaming monitors have been coming down over the last year as you can see from the other monitors that ranked in our best of list. Here’s another that is popular with gamers due to its great performance and great price. That’s why it won me over.

The Samsung UE590D reminds me of the Samsung chg70, but it’s a more recent model. It has a stand that tilts, but that’s about it. There’s no height adjustment here. On one hand, the stand gives it a sleek modern look, but then the 1-inch bezel around the screen takes away from all of that charm.

It has a Vesta mount option as well. Looks aren’t everything though. This monitor has it where it counts. You’ll get UHD resolution at refresh rates up to 60 Hz for uninterrupted 4K resolution with no tearing or ghosting.

This gaming monitor for Xbox has on-screen settings to adjust things quickly and Game Mode improves darkness or brightness with the optimum balance. I found the color accuracy to be decent for a TN panel if you are both gaming and watching movies.

It looked great playing Overwatch and Fortnite with 8 million pixels on the screen. You get a lot of connectivity, but no USB ports here, which is a common thing missing from gaming monitors right now in general. The Samsung u28e590d 4k has DisplayPort 1.2 and 2 different HDMI ports.

Eye Saver Mode keeps your eyes comfortable by reducing harmful blue light emissions, while Flicker-free technology reduces eye strain and headaches. Multitaskers will love the picture-by-picture modes which let you watch 2 different input sources at the same time without sacrificing the quality of either. The picture modes are awesome.

Key Features

  • AMD FreeSync and 1ms response time minimizes input lag and reduces image tearing and ghosting.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2.0 technology.
  • Eye Saver Mode reduces blue light emissions.

The Samsung u28e590d has some really nice features for gaming consoles and while the image quality may not be as stunning as others, it still delivers amazing images and great performance with some very cool features that gamers will love for the price. I loved the picture and picture feature, which is great for gamers who have to multitask. It is one of the more affordable console gaming monitors.

 #8  Dell UP2718Q – A Great True HDR Monitor For Xbox One X


  • Slim Design
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Ultra HD Resolution


  • Factory calibrated modes need work
  • Mediocre Blacks

Dell is no stranger to gaming monitors. They are a trusted name in the industry and are known for quality computers, laptops, and monitors.

The company’s u2718q has been a popular model recently and shows that when you buy Dell you know you are getting your money’s worth. I can safely say that while the Dell UP2718Q is not perfect, it is a professional monitor worthy of the brand.

This 27-inch 4K IPS LCD monitor with HDR support has great ergonomics and a wide viewing angle. The design isn’t fancy or sleek, which lets this display speak for itself when it comes to what it packs inside. It has a 3840×2160 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and a 1000cd/m2 peak brightness.

I really enjoyed the vivid colors that the Dell u2718q produces. It has great low input lag for gaming, however, dark room performance leaves something to be desired as blacks appear grayer than true black.

This model offers decent connectivity options like 1 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 Mini DisplayPort 1.4, and 2 HDMI 2.0a ports. There are also 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 in the back and 2 on the left side. I like the extra USB options and wish more of these models followed suit. I also like the factory calibrated modes that it comes with as well, but they aren’t perfect.

I love the slim design and games look great on this monitor despite the blacks not being completely black. This is a solid monitor for Xbox One X gamers. Your favorite games are going to look amazing. Dell has delivered a solid gaming monitor here that users can depend on.

 #9  LG 32UD99-W – Best 32 Inch Monitor For Xbox One X


  • Ultra-Thin 1.3mm Bezel
  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Easy To Use Controls


  • Expensive

LG makes our list once again with the LG 32UD99-W, a 32 inch Ultra HD 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution monitor. The realistic images on this 4K display are superb and I really enjoyed gaming on it. It isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the best 4K HDR gaming monitors you can buy right now which is why it ranks at #9 in this buyers guide. It delivers color consistency no matter what angle you look at your screen from, thanks to it being an IPS monitor (in-plane switching).

It has a thin and sleek design, although it doesn’t swivel, and has a limited tilt range. The  1.3-millimeter bezel looks really nice too. This model has a decent contrast ratio and black uniformity is also very good, with good SDR peak brightness. HDR 10 means that it supports more color levels and I was impressed by how the colors pop out at you. Other features include a 5 ms GTG response time and a 60 Hz refresh rate.  There is no local dimming feature.

Surprisingly, the LG 32UD99-W delivers a great sound experience with its 2 5-Watt speakers that cover the 85 Hz range. I was pretty surprised by this. Connectivity is also decent here with two HDMI 2.0a ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and a USB Type-C DisplayPort 1.2. You can watch 4K videos, transfer data, and charge your devices at once via a single cable.

Yes, this 32 inch display has a lot going for it. I loved using Screen Split 2.0 on this display, which allows you to resize and display multiple windows simultaneously. There are 14 layouts and 4 of these are picture-in-picture. I absolutely love this feature. 

Other LG models that I looked at, but didn’t make the cut are the LG 32ud60b, LG 32ud99 and the LG 27uk650, to give you some idea. Those are good monitors, but this one is a better gaming monitor for Xbox. This model proves that you don’t need a huge 4k version like the Philips 436m6vbpab to experience great gaming.

Key Features

  • Screen Split 2.0
  • HDR10
  • Great Speakers

The LG 32UD99-W is a great choice for gamers who love a great visual experience thanks to its wide viewing angles, and response time speed. It delivers superb picture quality thanks to Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution. You won’t find a better 32 inch display this feature rich or this good looking. One of the best monitors for ps4 and Xbox.

 #10  Acer G246HL – Best 24 Inch Gaming Monitor


  • 5ms Response Time
  • EcoDisplay technology
  • Great Image Quality


  • Speakers Aren’t Good
  • Lack of UDB ports

Many gamers have a very small budget, but a big desire for the best experience when PC gaming or using a console. The Acer G246HL is for those people.

This 24-inch screen LED-lit monitor is super slim with an X-shaped stand that ensures stability. It looks lovely, but the performance also does not disappoint. The resolution of 1920 x 1080p delivers crystal-clear images for Xbox gaming without any lag or glitches in a 16:9 aspect ratio. A great monitor for PS4 Pro as well.

It has a quick response time of 5ms and Acer eColor management allows you to use a customized mode, while Acer Adaptive Contrast Management gives you improved color quality and seamless visuals. It is not Vesa Mount compatible.

It has DVI-D, VGA and HDCP ports. Like many models, it lacks USB ports. The only other downside is that the speakers do not sound good at all. This monitor does have a wide viewing angle of 170º so that you can see all of the action from any position.

EcoDisplay Technology reduces energy consumption and is better for the environment, which makes this a great buy for those who are environmentally conscious.

Key Features

  • Acer eColor management
  • Acer Adaptive Contrast Management
  • EcoDisplay Technology

This monitor for PS4 Pro and other consoles scores big while being cheap, beautiful and performing great. If you are a gamer, I think you’ll love it. EcoDisplay technology is a nice plus. Honestly, gaming on a budget never used to be this good.

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Is 4k Worth It?

Every year, around TV-buying time (notably the holidays and early new year), people start asking themselves, “Is it finally time to upgrade to a 4k TV? Or should I just stick with my 1080p TV and save money?”

For the past several years, the answer to upgrading to the massively improved resolution has been, “Maybe buy a 4k TV, or maybe wait and see.”

These days, however, the answer is moving more firmly toward a yes. 4K TVs, with their incredible higher resolution, are now incredibly common and very affordable, especially if you count in sales. That’s been true for a while, but now content is finally catching up as well.

Let’s break it down by content type so you can get a better idea if a 4k TV is right for your entertainment, or if 1080p TVs are fine for now.

Reminder: You need 4k televisions, 4k content (including 4k gaming), and a device capable of handling 4k, along with newer cables that are 4k compatible. They all have to deal with more data, so make sure you are prepared to make the full upgrade.

Also remember that viewing distance is important for 4k: The closer you are, the more you will be able to tell the difference.

4k Digital Movies

Like to download your movies onto a hard drive? Good news!

Basically all new movies, and many updated old movies, are available in 4k. These tend to cost around $5 to $10 more than the non-4k versions, so there’s a small price increase, but content availability is no longer a problem here.

Most devices have been updated for 4k as well, although if you have an old device to play movies through you may have to upgrade the firmware or replace it. More modern TVs have 4K HDR that’s very good at knowing what treatment content needs.

The only big issue here is storage space: 4k movies can take up a lot of room so having dedicated storage drive is a really good idea.

4k and Video Games

Games have been slower to adopt 4k than movies. Most indie games still don’t have that option, and still don’t need it.

However, if you play primarily AAA titles, then the time to switch to a 4K TV has arrived. Not only can modern gaming consoles, like the PS4 Pro, handle 4k, but most new triple-A titles offer 4k compatible for an all-new resolution experience. This applies to plenty of remasters, too.

Note: Computer displays don’t really enter into this, because they tend to have different resolutions from a true 4k image (different numbers of pixels for the aspect ratio). It’s best to look at computer consoles on a case-by-case basis.

4K Sports

Where do you get your living room sports channels from? Cable, over-air broadcasts, satellite, and online streaming are all popular options.

Check your particular package and settings to see what content is 4k video. Satellite is the most likely to offer 4k UHD, but it usually depends on your package. Cable is a bit more hit or miss, but it’s becoming more common. 4k is typically offered only for specific channels or events, so check your plan!

Over-the-air broadcasts are great, but the protocol for 4k broadcasts is quite new, so it will take some time for your antenna to pick up 4k signals. This just isn’t an option right now.

Ultimately, if you get a significant number of sports channels in 4k, this is a good reason to upgrade to a new TV and enjoy the action in greater clarity.

Streaming Shows

Many streaming TV shows are offered in 4k these days, but you typically have to pay more for the streaming 4k subscription. This will also take up a lot of data on your internet plan, which may be a problem if your data cap is already pretty close to the amount of data used each month.

If these concerns aren’t an issue, then you can enjoy the latest shows in 4k on most streaming services, which are typically supported natively as smart tv features, even without a device. Hulu is a big exception: Hulu has unexpectedly dropped all its 4k compatibility and there’s no sign of when it might return.

Hard Copy

Get a Blu-ray player that can support a 4k screen and buy 4k discs: Then you should be set! All new movies are available in 4k options, so finding them shouldn’t be an issue. Your old catalog of hard copy movies, however, won’t benefit very much from the upgrade.

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Razor Dune Buggy Review

So your child wants to get out into nature and away from video games by riding a 4 wheeler. That’s a victory for parents in this day and age. But as a parent (aka grown adult) it virtually impossible for you to test a kid’s or children’s sized dune buddy yourself. It also ain’t easy finding test models so that your kid can try them all out. So that’s why you’re here.

You and your child are looking at the battery-powered Razor Dune Buggy, but you have a ton of questions. I’m here to answer them with this review since I recently teamed up with nephew and tested this ride-on toy thoroughly.

I’m also too big to test this one myself, so I enlisted the help of a young relative, and together we put this battery operated vehicle through its paces. He was more than happy to help out and I scored some sweet uncle-points because who else has an uncle that says, “Okay kid, get in this awesome 4-wheeler so we can have fun and test it out!” Yeah, I’m awesome like that.

Is the Razor Dune Buggy One of the Best Dune Buggies or a Buggy Bud?

The good news is that the Razor Dune Buggy is a fun and more importantly SAFE dune buggy that is easy to ride and has some great features. Your child will be safe thanks to:

Key Features

  • A built-in safety belt
  • A speed of only 10 mph
  • And a durable tubular steel frame.
  • Some of the Razor Dune Buggy’s features include:
  • Powerful 350 W motor
  • 10 mph maximum speed
  • 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires
  • Strong tubular steel frame
  • Padded bucket seat with a seatbelt
  • Hand throttle and brake controls
  • Adjustable speed
  • 120-pound weight limit
  • Safety flag
  • Age range of 8 and older

The manufacturer, Razor is a top-selling brand that makes hoverboards, scooters and even mini ATVs for kids. They have a reputation for making fun vehicles that are safe, durable and loved by kids everywhere. They make scooters like the Razor e100 and Razor e200. Some of their coolest dune buggies include the Force Drifter and Ground Force Drifter.

So how does this dune buggy go kart stack up? Is it up to their usual quality?

Read on for our Razor dune buggy review and buying guide.


  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Terrain Following Rear Suspension
  • Powerful 350watt Electric Motor


  • Charge Time Is 5 Hours
  • Ground Clearance Is A Bit Too Low
  • Low Max Speed

Razor Dune Buggy Build Quality

Let’s be honest, kids are not gentle with their toys. So a vehicle like this one is going to get abused and handled roughly with every ride. So I was very happy to see that the Razor Dune Buggy has a very solid and rugged tubular steel frame. Your kids will have a hard time damaging this heavy duty 65 lb frame. At that weight, the frame also helps to keep the vehicle upright during tight turns. The design of the frame is sort of a half roll cage design that keeps your kid from falling out during those turns but also lets them get in and out of the driver’s seat easily.

The quality of the construction here is very impressive and one of the best I’ve seen in a child’s electric vehicle. Many go karts and 4 wheelers have cheap plastic frames that crack after so many hours of playtime. This frame is going to stand up to just about anything. The quality here is something that you normally see in more expensive dune racers.

Razor Dune Buggy Design

When it comes to design, what Razor delivers for kids can be hit or miss. For instance, some of their electric scooters are just plain ugly, while others are very sleek and modern. In this case, the  Razor Dune Buggy is very well designed. It has the style of the classic dune buggies or go-karts that you know and love and the shape seats your child comfortably.

It’s very minimal in design, but every part here looks good and is quality made.  It’s a ride that is low to the ground and heavy enough that the large 8-inch pneumatic tires hug the terrain nicely no matter if it is sand, grass, rocks or when zipping across the driveway.

Paying special attention to safety with this model, they have also included a safety flag so that this vehicle is more easily seen. That not only helps other vehicles see it more clearly, but it also helps parents to easily see where their child is at all times. Both the speed throttle and rear disc brakes are easily accessible on the steering wheel as well. It also has quality plate floorboards. Considering all of these design factors, I have to say that I was really impressed by how much thought went into safety.

This is probably the safest buggy for kids I have seen for this age group, so it gets extra points for that. If you feel like the speed is too fast for your kid, you can adjust the top speed by using the supplied Allen wrench. This lets you limit the speed and adjust braking controls.  Then when they are ready for higher speeds, you can adjust it again to speed things up. It’s nice being able to have variable speed in this way.

I kind of wish it had a remote control so that you could set features like this more easily, but it’s pretty quick to do it with the Allen wrench anyway.

How Powerful Is The Razor Dune Buggy?

The 350 W engine provides plenty of power for your child’s off-road adventures, with a top speed of 10 miles per hour. That’s plenty of speed for any daredevil, but not so fast that it puts them in serious danger. It performs like a champ on asphalt, grass, gravel and other terrains. Even with kids riding it in wet conditions, it didn’t seem to slow it down.

The throttle responds well and the brakes are also very responsive so that you can be sure the vehicle will stop when you need it to stop. Forget kids dirt bikes and other gas-powered vehicles. This is a ride that’s perfect for kids and teens. A great little dirt rocket.

Battery Life

When you first get your Razor Electric Dune Buggy you will have to charge it for a longer period the first time since it has been sitting on the warehouse shelf. Razor recommends an 18 hour charge time for this first charge. Other models have a shorter initial charge time, like 12 hours, so this was my only real gripe about this model. That way your battery will be fully charged and ready to go after that.

Each battery charging will give you about an hour of run time and it takes about 5 hours to fully charge the batteries at that point. That’s a better run time than many competitors, which usually give you about 40 minutes or so. Again, it’s beating the competition’s ride on toys in that department. This youth ATV operates on a 24V rechargeable battery system that consists of two 12V batteries.

Bottom Line and Razor Dune Buggy Review Wrap Up

This kids electric dune buggy is worth every penny. Razor has built another quality kids vehicle in this 4 wheeler. It’s very similar to the Razor Ground Force model. Parents will appreciate the extra attention to safety thanks to key features like the safety flag, a solid steel frame, seat belt and a respectable speed of 10 miles per hour. Your kids will love how it performs. This is an electric toy that will keep them outdoors and away from video games.

Visually, the design looks great, but more importantly, it is designed to make sure that your kids have a fun time and don’t get hurt. This dune buggy’s best features are a powerful motor, large pneumatic tires, comfortable padded bucket seat,  thumb trigger accelerator, and a hand-operated rear disk braking system. The end result of all of these features is a 4 wheeler that that is comfortable for your child and easy to use. 

It’s a great performer on nearly any terrain with those large knobby tires and if you have flat terrain they will speed around even faster. Between the low center of gravity and that half roll cage, it is very unlikely that your child will fall out, even when taking tight turns. The tires and the terrain seem to work together in fact, so it’s a fun ride.

With a weight limit of 120 pounds, some older kids can ride too. If you are looking for a special gift for your kid and are considering a dune buggy type racer, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s one of the best karts for kids out there and it’s a great first vehicle. After they master this they will want to move up to a Razor Dirt Quad.

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Roomba 960 vs 980: The 980 Cleans Better and Stays Charged Longer

If you’re looking to purchase a robot vacuum, you’ll definitely want to consider the battle of Roomba 960 vs 980. These are the latest in a long line of Roomba devices, and the years of innovation shows in both models.

However, since they’re very similar in both design and cleaning functionality, it may be difficult to find the differences and how they affect overall performance. We’ve tested and reviewed both models side by side so you can make the best purchasing decision for your floors (and your peace of mind).

Keep reading to learn more about the Roomba 960 and the Roomba 980 and find out which vacuum will clean your floors most thoroughly

Cost: Roomba 960 is Cheaper

Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 costs $699.99 when it’s not on sale. There are plenty of places online and in person where you can purchase this iRobot vacuum at a discounted price. Check places like, Walmart and BestBuy to get the best price. Roombas tend to be more expensive than other robot vacuums on the market, and the 960 is no different. However, the features and functionality justify the higher price. WHY DOES THIS COST LESS THAN THE 980?

Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 costs $899.99 when it’s not on sale. Discounted prices on this version of the popular smart vacuum are less common than with the 960 model. Lower prices are uncommon because the 980 model is newer. For the best chance to get a better deal, check the same stores as we listed above. There are a variety of online stores that offer discounted models, but tread with caution, as you may get a refurbished model unknowingly. WHY DOES THIS COST MORE?

Design: Both Are the Same

When it comes to central design features, the Roomba 960 and 980 are exactly the same. They both feature an onboard camera, carrying handle, dual brush rolls, HEPA filters and manual Clean button. While there are very minimal aesthetic differences in color, these two vacuums don’t look different from one another.

Both the 960 and 980 are the same size, as well. They are 13.5 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height and they both way almost 9 pounds.

However, these both offer drastically different designs from the old 800, 700 and 600 series. None of the older series offered an onboard camera, which is what makes the 900 series so much more efficient at cleaning your floors.

Usability: Both Are the Same

When it comes to initial set up and overall user-friendliness, both the Roomba 960 and 980 are the same.

When you’re ready to start a clean, you can simply press the Clean button on the top of the vacuums, and a cleaning sequence will begin. You can also use the iRobot Home app to create scheduled cleanings. You can even connect your Roomba to your smart home system and use Alexa or Google Home to activate the vacuums.

It will take you very little time to learn the specifics on how to work the Roombas, even if you’ve never used a robot vacuum before. Which is to say the learning curve isn’t steep for either of these devices.

Cleaning Capability and Cleaning Power: Roomba 980 Cleans Better

Roomba 960

As with many of the previous iterations, the Roomba 960 can clean carpeted areas and hardwood floors with ease. If you’re not familiar with robot vacuum cleaners like Roombas, you typically use an app – in this case, the iRobot Home app – to create scheduled cleanings. The vacuum then uses its onboard camera and navigation system to move about your home while cleaning. You can also press the Clean button directly on the vacuum to initiate the cleaning sequence.

Roomba 980

Similarly to the 960 model, the Roomba 980 uses an onboard camera, navigation system and app to clean your floors of pet hair, dirt and crumbs. The main difference here lies in this model’s Carpet Boost mode, which allows the vacuum to sense what type of flooring it’s cleaning and increase its power when on carpet. This feature is super helpful and provides a better clean overall.

In our cleaning tests, we found the Roomba 980 to be more efficient than the 960 in every test. This is especially true in larger spaces. As we discuss below, the more powerful motor in the 980 is the reason for such a comprehensive clean.

Motor Power: Roomba 980 is More Powerful

Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 uses the same motor as the old 800 series of robot vacuums. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad motor, but it’s definitely nowhere near as powerful as the Roomba 980. If you need a more comprehensive clean, you’ll want to consider the 980. Roomba describes this motor as able to deliver five times the air suction power when compared to their popular 600 series.

Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 offers a much more powerful motor than anything else in Roomba’s product lineup. This new generation motor allows the vacuum to utilize the Carpet Boost mode to its full potential to suck up pet hair and take care of heavy duty jobs. Listed as 10 times the air suction power of the popular 600 series, the 980 model’s motor also provides a longer overall life for the vacuum.

Noise: Roomba 960 is Quieter

Vacuums are noisy, and the Roombas aren’t any different. When it comes to noise between the Roomba 960 and the Roomba 980, you need to consider motor power. Since the 980 has a much more powerful motor, it’s going to make more noise than the 960. This is especially true when using the 980’s Carpet Boost mode.

During our testing, we found the Roomba 960 produced around 65 dB of noise during normal operation. The Roomba 980 produced 68 dB during normal operation and a loud 73 dB during Carpet Boost mode.

It’s important to note, however, that Roombas are significantly quieter than most robot vacuums. On average, the Roombas are about 29% quieter than most other robot vacuums on the market.

Battery Life: Roomba 980 Can Clean More Square Feet in One Go

Roomba 960

As you might imagine, these robot vacuums run off battery power and need to come back to their home station to charge every so often. If you have a large floor plan, your Roomba might need to come back several times before the cleaning is done. The Roomba 960’s 1800 mAh battery is powerful enough to clean for about 75 minutes before needing to recharge.

Roomba 960 does include the Recharge and Resume feature, meaning it remembers where it left off cleaning and will finish the cleaning once charged.

Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 has a much more efficient battery than the 960 model. Instead of an 1800 mAh battery, this Roomba has a 3300 mAh battery, which is much larger and lasts much longer. With a runtime of around 120 minutes, the Roomba 980 can clean larger spaces without needing to go back to recharge as often. Like the Roomba 960, this vacuum also includes the Recharge and Resume feature, allowing it to return to its cleaning cycle after charging.

Extra Features: Roomba 980 Offers a Little More

When it comes to extra features and accessories, the Roomba 960 and 980 are very similar. Both of their designs include HEPA filters and side brushes, among the standard central spinning brush and dual brush rolls.

Both models also come with Roomba’s patented virtual wall barriers. These special accessories create an invisible line that the Roomba cannot cross. This is helpful for keeping your robot vacuum out of certain rooms and areas. The difference here is that the 960 only includes one virtual wall barrier while the 980 includes two.

Warranty Information: Both Are the Same

Whether you buy the Roomba 960 or Roomba 980, you’ll receive the same warranty from iRobot. This limited warranty is good for up to one year after the original purchase date and only covers defects in the machine that aren’t your fault. If your Roomba stops working properly within the first year of ownership, iRobot will first try to repair the original vacuum. If that doesn’t work, the company will replace your vacuum with a new or refurbished vacuum of the same model. If the model you purchased is no longer sold, you may get an upgraded version.

Note that iRobot won’t cover problems caused by normal wear and tear, deliberate damage, inappropriate care or tampering with the product.

Repair and Replacement Cost: Essentially the Same for Both

If your Roomba stops working outside of warranty, you either have to fix it or purchase a new one. Luckily enough, there are plenty of places that can fix your robot vacuum…for a price. Typically with electronics, it will be more expensive to repair the more premium model, but we found something different with the Roomba 960 vs 980. Since the two vacuums are made from the same parts, there’s no difference in price for replacing components like wheels or brushes.

However, if you want to purchase a replacement battery for the Roomba 980, you can expect to pay a cool $100 to iRobot, compared to the $80 you’d pay to replace the Roomba 960’s smaller battery.

Winner and Summary

After hours of testing and lots of floors cleaned, the Roomba 980 comes out on top as the clear winner in the Roomba 960 vs 980 battle. The 980 offers consistently better features over the 960, with a more powerful motor, longer-lasting battery and more virtual wall barriers. And let’s not forget the Carpet Boost mode, which gives you a more powerful clean on difficult surfaces.

Of course, you’ll need to consider that you’re paying an extra $200, but we think the extra benefits are well worth the added cost.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong purchasing either of these Roomba vacuums, but if you’re trying to decide between the two, don’t hesitate to go with the Roomba 980.

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