Gate Camera Smart Lock Is Packed With Security Features

Many people are choosing smart locks for their home these days and it’s easy to see why. They offer great home security and a versatile array of features, but not all smart locks are created equal. Some are pretty basic, while others give you premium features that open up a whole new world of possibilities for your home and your door.

Smart lock. Smart Features.

The Gate Camera Smart Lock comes packed with a ton of features. Unique access codes and video streaming are just the beginning. The motion activated camera gives you a 720p 150-degree field of view as well as live video streaming of all activity outside of your door.

The Connected Keypad Lock is an LED lit keypad lock that lets those with access codes enter and it has a mobile chime that connects you with guests. Don’t worry, you can still use your old-fashioned key in the physical key cylinder. If you want to communicate with visitors in real time, you can do that since this lock has 2-way audio.

With the app, you can be notified whenever someone is at your door. The video is streamed live to your smartphone. So even if you aren’t home, you’ll know who showed up and what they were doing. The Remote Lock and Unlock feature allows you to lock or unlock your door with your smartphone no matter where you are.

Never Miss a Delivery Again

Gate has also partnered with some delivery services so that you’ll never miss a delivery again. You will be able to see the photo and name of the scheduled delivery personnel on your phone. And if you need to let people in the house while you’re away, you can create and share unique one-time use or multiple use access codes for them.

In short, everyone who should have access to your home will be able to gain entry and that’s it. Gate will fit most standard doors and it installs in just a few minutes. This is a very capable smart lock.

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izzbie Delivers Online Protection Anywhere

These days you can’t take security for granted. You are either secure or all of your data is exposed. There is no in between. That’s why you are going to love izzbie, because it lets you connect to an unlimited number of home and office networks at the same time.

Be Safe Online From Anywahere

Your data is protected while giving you complete online freedom on your own virtual private network. izzbie is also very easy to use and it has all of the features you want.

There’s no need to use third-party VPN services. Security begins and ends with izzbie. We’re talking military-grade AES 256 encryption that protects your data from hackers. izzbie promises to deliver the most private, safest online experience and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. This is the kind of computer security you need.

It couldn’t be easier to use since you don’t have a device to carry around. All you have to do is log in from anywhere using your computer, tablet or phone. This solution is perfect for travelers or anyone who is on vacation. You could be halfway around the world, and you will still have access to all of your important files and apps. No matter where you are in the world, you can check your social media and email accounts too. You’ll never be out of the loop again.

You can expect fast speeds too since the data doesn’t go through cloud servers. That will obviously make things like file backup and retrieval much faster. It also allows you to link multiple home or office networks to form one centralized private network and you can share resources with others over that network.

Easy To Use. Safe and Secure

When you need a secure network, just log into the izzbie app, choose a location and log into a personal network. Easy, fast and secure, which are all of the features that you want in a VPN. It looks like izzbee could be right up there with the best VPNs.

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GAZEDESK Workstation Transforms Any Desk Into A Standing Desk

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our desk jobs are killing us. Oh don’t worry, it’s not as if most of us are going to keel over onto our desks and have to be hauled off, but our office lifestyles are making us very unhealthy.

Work Smarter. Work Healthier

What if I told you that there was a healthier way to work your desk job? There is. In fact, that’s what the GAZEDESK is all about. This desk creates an ergonomic working environment by motivating you to keep up with your sit-stand routine and encourages you to change your working posture with just the touch of a button. It may be the most ergonomic and compact standing desk ever.

We’ve known for some time that standing desks can dramatically improve our health, because the simple act of standing burns more calories, increases blood flow, and forces us to use our muscles. Standing desks are something that every office should have. A standing desk and a proper standing desk chair can make you feel much better.

The GAZEDESK sits on top of your existing desk and it is easy to adjust from sitting to standing mode with the touch of a button. It will adjust to any height up to 21.65″. And you can still
easily tilt, swivel, and pivot your monitor with any VESA monitor support. If you need a dual display setup, the GAZEDESK workstation duo can support it.

Say Goodbye To Those Aches and Pains

This workstation will help you with that chronic neck pain as well since you can position your monitor correctly. This pain is usually caused by putting extra weight on your spine by constantly looking downward. The powerful motor and intuitive control button allows you to adjust your monitor to match your eye level.

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You’ll love that this workstation is easy to setup, easy to use and you can move it from desk to desk easily. This standing desk alternative will not only improve your health, but it will also improve your workflow since you will be happier.

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The igloohome Smart Mortise Lock Is A Premium Smart Lock

If you are looking to upgrade the home security in your house, then smart locks are a good place to start. You may as well skip all of the other gadgets and get yourself a premium smart lock like this Smart Mortise Lock from igloohome.

Smart Mortise is a Premium Smart Lock

Smart locks not only secure your home, but they can make your life easier as well. Imagine never needing your key again to gain entrance to your front door. Imagine never getting locked out again. Smart locks also allow you to use apps to control who can get into your house.

Maybe you have a delivery and you want to let the delivery man inside. Or let a neighbor in to take care of the doing while you are away. Smart locks make this kind of thing easy. Isn’t it time to streamline your life?

The Smart Mortise smart lock features multiple entry modes for even more convenience. You can unlock your door with a PIN code, a bluetooth key on your smartphone, or a key card. That gives you a lot of options for flexibility of access. And if you want to use it, the physical key is still available as a back-up.

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Using the mobile app, you can allow others in your home, create PIN codes or bluetooth keys, and select how long you want them to be valid for. You can send them directly to your visitors from the app itself. This smart lock even works offline. The Internet isn’t needed for the lock so you also have increased reliability against WiFi hacking. Combine this lock with a winning home security system and you have a safe home.

A Smart Lock with All The Right Features

You can track the dates and times that visitors enter your home and Bluetooth key access logs are updated in real time. Other features include Security Lockout Mode, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention, a Fire Alarm that detects if the temperature is between 50 – 70 degrees celsius in the house so that it can unlock automatically, a Low Battery Warning, Volume adjustment and more.  This is one of the most capable smart locks available.

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Vonage Review: Simple to Set Up and Easy to Use

Vonage is one of the most well-known VoIP providers around, and it’s easy to see why. With simple configuration and extra-helpful support, this business VoIP provider can help you and your business achieve more reliable calling capability.

What else makes Vonage Business Cloud a solid solution for businesses? After reviewing all the features and services Vonage provides, we are confident you can walk away from this review knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Keep reading my Vonage Business Cloud review to learn more about this popular business VoIP service.


Summary: Vonage Business Cloud is a reliable VoIP service that gives you 40+ standard features with the option to add on extra functions as needed. With no contract, easy setup, and good value, this is a VoIP service to watch.

What We Liked:

  • Simple and versatile pricing to fit a variety of budgets
  • Easy initial configuration
  • Great customer support

What We Didn’t:

  • No calling over Wi-Fi
  • Some features cost more that are included as standard with other VoIP services

Setup Process

Sometimes, getting set up on a new business service can be overcomplicated and not worth the time. Vonage takes a different approach. The company focuses on providing out-of-the-box configuration, which is about as simple as it gets.

Once you receive the Vonage receiver and IP-to-phone adapter, simply plug the phone’s cord in to the port labeled with a phone icon and the Ethernet cord to the port labeled with a globe icon and you’re good to go.

If you have troubles with setup, Vonage offers a free online troubleshooter that can walk you through some common setup problems and provide solutions for them.

Call Quality

Once you’re all set up with Vonage’s VoIP service, you need to choose between a local or toll-free number. If you have a current phone number that you like, you can port it over to Vonage’s VoIP service for your use.

Once you’ve chosen a phone number and completed the setup process, you can start making calls immediately. Test calls with Vonage’s services indicate that call quality is clear, even on budget handsets.

Unfortunately, Vonage’s box only allows you to use one of the two available phone jacks, unless you pay for another full subscription. You also can’t make any calling over Wi-Fi, as some of the other virtual PBX services offer.

Plan Availability and Pricing

As a cloud VoIP provider, Vonage offers a wide variety of different plans that fit a variety of different needs. Vonage Business Cloud offers three different plans with different pricing tiers. Each of these plans provides 40 standard features, including unlimited calling and text messaging. You’re not locked into any contract with any of the plans, meaning you can cancel at any time without penalty.

These plans are priced competitively as following:

  • In the Mobile plan, you pay $19.99 per month per user, for one to four users. For 5-19 users, you pay $17.99 per month per user. For 20-99 users, you pay $14.99 per month per user. The Mobile plan only includes the standard 40 features.
  • In the Premium plan, you pay $29.99 per month per user, for one to four users. For 5-19 users, you pay $27.99 per month per user. For 20-99 users, you pay $24.99 per month per user. The Premium plan includes the standard 40 features, along with a multilevel auto attendant, integration with CRM software and more collaboration tools for up to 100 users.
  • In the Advanced plan, you pay $39.99 per month per user, for one to four users. For 5-19 users, you pay $37.99 per month per user. For 20-99 users, you pay $34.99 per month per user. The Advanced plan gives you all the features from the Premium plan, along with on-demand call recording, dedicated support and visual voicemail.

If you have more than 100 users, consider purchasing the Vonage Enterprise VoIP plan. Vonage provides a 14-day free trial if you want to try out the service before purchasing.

Outstanding Features

Vonage Business Cloud offers a variety of other services and features that may be helpful for you and your business. One of these features includes Vonage’s unique Work From Anywhere. With Work From Anywhere, you can literally unplug your desk phone, take it with you, plug it into any high-speed internet and use it as normal.

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With this virtual PBX, you also get mobile apps, selective call block and more to create a comprehensive solution. Unfortunately, Vonage does charge extra for some extra features that other providers include, like Salesforce integration. 

Customer Support

Vonage also offers top-notch customer support for all their customers. Upon further testing, Vonage’s customer support was responsive, quick and helpful.

You can get support for your VoIP service through a variety of different methods, including live chat, phone support and email support. Their website also includes tons of helpful guides, webinars and videos.

After reviewing and testing this Vonage’s Business Cloud VoIP service, we’ve given it a great score. Vonage charges extra for some features that other services include standard and can limit you on some functionality.

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Overall, Vonage offers a comprehensive PBX solution that is easy to set up and easy to use. If you’re looking for a VoIP provider with competitive pricing and simple configuration, consider purchasing Vonage Business Cloud.

Top Questions about Vonage Business Cloud Answered

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Ideal Security Wireless Motion Sensor Starter Package

You can choose from all kinds of security systems these days, but if you are looking to just get started with home security for the first time, you might want to start with something like this Ideal Security Wireless Motion Sensor Starter Package.

Keep Your Home Secure

This is an economical way to begin to outfit your house and make it more secure. You can use wireless motion detectors in all sorts of ways. The way that they work is very simple. The motion detector sends a signal to the receiver to alert you of movement. The range from sensor to receiver is up to 180 ft. The motion detector range is up to 26 ft.

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Since motion detectors are very versatile, they are a great way to keep your home safer. You can use them to monitor your front door, driveway, backyard, shed and other outbuildings fence and much more. You’ll be alerted to movement by one of 6 chime sounds. You could also use it near your swimming pool for added child safety. Or to monitor elders.

Both homes and businesses can benefit from this starter pack. It allows you to easily monitor the entrance to a store, restaurant, reception or lobby. This set comes with 3 x “C” batteries for the alarm, 2 x 9V for the motion sensors, and 2 CR2032 for the remote controls, so you can get it up and running the minute you receive it. You can’t say that about most home sensors or alarms.

A Versatile Motion Sensor System

The receiver can be mounted on a wall but is also portable, so you can move it around as needed. You can use the remote control to arm and disarm the system at any time. You also have the option to use the remote control panic button to warn people or scare them away. You get 6 sensors including remote controls and the set can be expanded with up to 2 additional wireless sensors. This starter kit makes  home automation easy.

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SpyFinder Pro Hidden Camera Detector

These days you really can’t trust anyone and you have to guard your privacy very carefully. People will hack your computer, steal your identity, even place cameras and listening devices in your home. Maybe they are hoping to get some dirt on you or blackmail you. Maybe your spouse is hoping to catch you misbehaving. Maybe they are just perverts.

Find Cameras Easily

Luckily for us, for every technological tool in their arsenal, we have some protective gear to counter them.

So when it comes to finding hidden cameras that might be around your home, we have gadgets like the SpyFinder Pro Hidden Camera Detector. This device will find cameras easily and quickly.

This camera detector is easy to use, but more importantly, it is very effective at finding these hidden eyes. Maybe you have made enemies at the office, or maybe you’re just concerned about your privacy when renting a hotel room, Air BnB or an apartment. No matter the situation, this little device will keep you safe from privacy intrusions.

It’s perfect for all kinds of situations. Make sure that you have privacy in dressing rooms, tanning beds, public toilets and more. You won’t have to worry about being paranoid that someone might be watching you in a private moment.

Take Your Privacy Back

Just push the button one time and the array of ultra-bright LED’s are activated. Then all you have to do is point those lights into the room while looking through the view-finder and slowly scanning the room. When it detects a hidden camera lens you will see a flickering bright spot through view-finder. Best of all, the hidden camera does not need to be transmitting any signal for the Spy Finder to work.

This camera detector works over a range of 3-45 feet. The adjustable light controller will let you adjust for distance. You can use it to find any camera indoors. It will find both wireless and wired cameras.

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