BenQ HT3050 Review Roundup

The BenQ HT3050 is am $800 home projector that tries to reach toward high end projection qualities while still keeping the price as low as possible. It doesn’t quite succeed in this, but it is a notable contestant in the middle of the market. Let’s take a closer look!


This 1080p 3D projector offers a 100-inch images from 8.4 feet, with options for up to 100 feet of coverage (and an option 2D keystone side projection). The stereo speaker in the model offers up to 20 watts of sound. At 2000 lumens, it’s not the brightest projector, but it does come with lens shift option, which may help with closer placement. Ports in the model include both 3 HDMI ports, with an included MHL connection.


  • Accurate color without adjustment
  • Low lag


  • Some installation limitations
  • Not as good as high-end models

Projector Reviews

Projector Reviews recommends this BenQ model for those who want something better than an entry-level home projector, but don’t have much to spend. They put its brightness and image processing at better than low-end projectors, but not really comparable to high-end models. Fortunately, they did approve of the ports and features, although they found the picture looked best without any tinkering.

“BenQ’s big pitch for this “Colorific” projector is its REC 709 mode.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, some might call that mode; Cinema, or Theater or Movie, or???  The point is that BenQ does a very good job, providing rather accurate color right out of the box in their REC 709 mode which is the best looking one.

Because both the HT3050 and it’s big brother, the HT4050 both have REC 709 modes, I had hoped that the same calibration settings for the HT4050 would work for the HT3050.  They do not!  Normally I would have had the HT3050 calibrated in that case, but at $999, where few will ever bother to pay someone to calibrate their projector, I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble since that REC 709 mode looks so good without any adjustment.”

PC Mag

PC Mag notes that the projector makes a good upgrade from cheap 3D home projects (although it does come without 3D glasses, and praises the sound system as far better than expected. However, they did note that rainbow artifacts may be a problem for some users.

“The HT3050 is a touch bigger than most home-entertainment projectors, at 4.8 by 15 by 10.9 inches (HWD), and on the heavy side, at 7 pounds 14 ounces. That makes it a little less portable than most, which might be an issue if you want a projector that you can easily move from room to room or take to a friend’s house to watch a movie. BenQ says that the extra size and weight goes hand in hand with the better-than-typical sound quality, however. And keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to carry and set up a projector that weighs a pound or two more than most than it would be to carry a lighter projector plus a separate audio system.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users were overall impressed with this BenQ, praising multiple facets including color, low noise levels, good keystone controls, and visual clarity. Some of the few problems noted by repeat reviews including difficulties setting up on a shelf (the projector apparently works best with a ceiling mount) and some overheating after continued use.

“After much review, tech support, pictures, youtube reviews, etc, I chose the HT3050. Im very happy with my choice. I have about a 156″ super clear display at about 13ft. The benefit of the 2150ST was the low latency in gaming lag. Well, the first time I played my XboxOne through the HT3050, I noticed no lag whatsoever. The picture quality on this thing is astounding. Every color is vivid and colorful. There are no rainbow effects. No lag between frame rates. If you are debating between this one and another projector in this price range, I guarantee you will be extremely satisfied with this projector. I have it in Eco mode and the picture quality literally didn’t even seem to diminish. So I’m getting a lot more lamp life out of an amazing looking projector.”

Bottom Line

If you really want a 3D projector but also want it to do other things, this BenQ may be a good choice. Just make sure your mounting options match.

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Optoma HD28DSE Review Roundup

The Optoma HD28DSE is minor upgrade model that’s primarily suited for those who haven’t switched their home projector in years and are looking for a good replacement that will give them more than entry level specs – plus imaging technology to make the picture as sharp as possible. But let’s see how this model performs overall!


The screen size range for this 1080p Optoma is 71 inches from 8 front and 107 inches from 12 feet. That 3000 lumen bulb is rated for a long lifespace, and the mode includes both keystone correction and lens shift for easier placement and adjustment. Ports for the model include 2 HDMI connections, a 3D sync port, a mini USB and USB-A option, and 12V trigger.


  • New processing technology for extra sharp image
  • Very bright bulb for the cost
  • Good for gaming


  • Can make images “over” sharp
  • Some issues with contrast and blacks
  • May cause noticeable rainbow effects

Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews like the processing technology of Optoma, which adds detail and clarity to the image for a better picture, especially when it comes to action movies. They also praised the low lag on the projector, which may not seem like a big deal at first, but is excellent for gaming with your monitor! On the downside, the dynamic blacks didn’t really impress them, and they noted that the range was limited.

“The HD28DSE delivers its pictures using a single-chip DLP system, claimed to be capable of pumping out a huge 3,000 lumens of brightness and an unexpectedly high 30,000:1 contrast ratio.

Note, though, that this contrast figure is based on a “Dynamic Black” feature that adjusts light output in response to the image content. This is a process that can result in light instability issues if it isn’t handled well. This is especially likely if partnered with the sort of extreme brightness the HD28DSE can apparently deliver.

The practical benefit of the Dynamic Black feature is that it delivers a claimed 8,000 hours of life from the HD28DSE’s lamp. That’s an impressive figure for such a bright, affordable projector – and it means that, even if you watch a movie every day, it could last you up to 10 years.”

Projector Central

Projector Central notes that the lowish cost and long lamp life of the model combine to make it an ideal pick for homeowners who want to save some money. However, they noticed that DarbeeVision was a little unpredictable, and often best left on a low setting to avoid messing with a pixture too much – although once again, it appears ideally suited for video games.

“The picture looked dramatically overprocessed, as if Sharpness was highly overdriven. After some further poking around I discovered that the projector had powered on with the optional DarbeeVision feature already enabled at an aggressive setting.

DarbeeVision is a video processing sub-system intended to increase contrast, color saturation, and detail definition/separation, in the hope of creating a sharper, cleaner picture. You have the choice of activating it or not, in the same way that you can activate frame interpolation or detail enhancement features on other products. When DarbeeVision is on, you can choose varying degrees of aggressiveness between 0% and 120%. (It was already “on” and set to 80% in its factory configuration out of the box.) At more modest settings it can be quite helpful, making the picture look sharper and clearer.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users liked the image processing as a poor man’s 4k option, and noted that brightness levels seemed improved from past models. However, several reviewers agreed that that there were some “visual artifacts” that created color flaws across the image on occasion. Even more reviewers claimed that the projector bulb had a habit of failing during the first year, sometimes only lasting a few months.

“The overall picture quality is good. Still getting use to the Darbee settings. I’ve found the Hi-Def setting at 30-45% seems to work best. Any higher and the picture starts to look over processed. The colors are amazing. The brightness from being a DLP really seems to help with how vibrant they are. Slightly grainy at times with fast images but nothing out of the ordinary for a projector at this price. Something I feel could be tweaked within the settings as well. Picture quality 8/10.”

Bottom Line

For a more affordable, gamer-friendly model, this Optoma makes a solid upgrade choice – but beware of bulb failures, which seem to be an issue with this model. We suggest never letting it overheat. Check out all our best projector reviews at

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GE JES1145SHSS Review Roundup

The GE JES1145SHSS is a well-crafted countertop microwave that no doubt looks good in any kitchen, especially if you don’t need a particularly large microwave and are just looking for something that heats up food fast. But how is the performance? Do people like the controls? Let’s take a look at what the reports say!


This GE model is a 1.1 cubic foot microwave with some pretty familiar controls and 950 watts of power. It’s particularl well suited for small, fast reheating projects, but comes with buttons for automatically cooking dinner plates, frozen veggies, soup, bread, potatoes, fresh veggies, and more. There are ten power levels, a turntable that’s a little over 12 inches, a 30-second key, and a child lock. However, there is no automatic sensor option to cook an unknown food like many modern microwaves include – although this helps lower the price to around $100.


  • Powerful performance for a smaller microwave


  • No sensor button
  • Occasional performance issues reported

Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten reported that this GE unit reheated pizza faster than any model they’ve ever tested, which may be all you need to know right now – in which case, have a great day! But if you’re sticking around, know that they also noted that it’s sort of a small microwave, and has no sensor-based reheating option for more complicated foods.

“For a small microwave, the GE JES1145SHSS packs a powerful performance. It’s one of the best compact microwaves we tested because, in spite of its small size and low wattage compared to the two top-ranked microwave ovens, it holds its own in cooking food completely and quickly.”

Best Buy Users

Best Buy users had a lot to say about this model: Some thought the display was very easy to read, some thought it was too hard. Some thought the microwave was very durable, others complained that it quickly broke. Some said it was quiet, others said it was noisy. However, most in general agreed that it’s a good middle-sized microwave if you need a quick replacement.

“I moved into a temporary apartment and needed to get a small microwave for the kitchen. I didn’t want to give up capacity if possible so I looked at all of the countertop choices available. This microwave is not the smallest but is of a good size so that it doesn’t take up all of the space on the counter. So far it has been very dependable. The microwave is also quiet when running which was a surprise. For the price, this is a great value.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users praised the design and intuitive controls on this model, but noted that it tended to retain a lot of moisture. There were also a number of complaints about the microwave suddenly not working – you always see these kinds of complaints here and there, but the number was a bit higher than average here.

“Very happy with this microwave. Quality of item appears to be very good compared to other brands I reviewed in local stores. Has all the features and functions (and more) then needed. Price was reasonable for a stainless steel appliance of a mid range power microwave. Did not want a small one, but also did not want a large one too, so good size for our family of 4.”

Bottom Line

Check this model out for yourself before you buy to make sure it’s what you want – but enjoy the low price when you make a decision!

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Panasonic NN-SU696S Review Roundup

This countertop Panasonic microwave model has dropped in price (currently sitting around $100) and is now an affordable option for those who are looking for a little extra space and quick results. But let’s see how it compares with other microwave models, and what reviewers have to say.


The NN-SU696S is a 1.4 cubic foot, countertop microwave with a 1100 watts of power and a lot of features that you’ll probably find familiar. There are 7 pre-program buttons for specific foods including an advanced popcorn button, an add-30-seconds option, a basic timer screen. The one part that may be of particularly interest Is the “Genius Sensor” option, which automatically picks a reheating option for your food.


  • Fast heating
  • mid-to-large capacity


  • Has trouble with consistent temperatures

Tech Gear Lab

Tech Gear Lab had some problems with the NN-SU696S model – namely, that it just didn’t perform very well. Apparently, they found that it could heat quickly but otherwise failed compared to the other microwaves they tested…particularly in this price range. They suggested trying out the NN-SD745S mode instead.

“The Panasonic NN-SU696S did well at heating up an individual portion of lasagna, though not as well as the burrito. While all areas did exceed the minimum temperature, there was much more temperature variation compared to the other models, around 8.7°F. This was much more than the 3-5°F of average variation present on the OsterKenmore, or the Sharp.

This product did about the same at reheating our plate of leftovers — green beans, chicken tenders, and mashed potatoes. We used the sensor reheat function on this model. The green beans were the warmest — like every other model — but there was an extreme temperature discrepancy between the mashed potatoes and the chicken tenders, with the chicken tenders being almost 40°F warmer.”


C-Net liked that the inside of this model was particularly roomy, making it easy to heat a large amount of food at the same time. However, they did point out that the model boasted about new inverter technology that was able to cook eggs or fish even better than the traditional method – which it failed at.

“This Panasonic would be best suited for someone who regularly cooks large quantities of food in their microwave. It will take up a lot of countertop space, or a lot of cabinet space if you want to buy the $180 accessory kit and turn it into a built-in model. If you’re on the hunt for a midrange appliance that performs well and masquerades quite effectively as a higher-end product, you may have just met your match.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users gave most of their praise to the sensor mode, which they claimed did an excellent job as long as you followed the instructions correctly. They also mentioned that the microwave is very quiet for its size.

“Read a lot of reviews on microwaves before settling on this model to replace my ten yr old GE. Didn’t want too many preset settings, browning top, convection , etc..this one fit the bill and was well liked fact it operates just like my old one so there’s no learning curve. It’s white inside, which I like, although the light only comes on when it is cooking..can live with that.. As far as hitting the power button multiple times to get the desired power, as some reviews mentioned, does any one really cook at 20%?? I generally use 70-80%.. so not an issue. I haven’t tried the Keep Warm function yet but that mode appeals to me. The best thing I like about it, in addition to its simple functionality, is how quiet it is compared to my old microwave . Even the beeps at the end are quieter.”

Bottom Line

While it can make a strong replacement model for larger microwaves, may sure you check out all of Panasonic’s offerings before you decide.

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Best Men’s Ski Goggles 2018

In order to make the cut for our list of best men’s ski goggles this season, we’re looking for goggles packed with new tech. UV coated spherical lenses with a great peripheral view, helmet compatible design and straps, as well as sleek aesthetics. Form and function come together with our cream-of-the-crop list!

As a result, my #1 pick for the best men’s ski goggle for 2018 is the Smith IO 7 Goggle in blackout styling for a mysterious and luxurious aesthetic. While skiing gear gets more flashy and colorful, you can still stick to your guns with a technical goggle featuring advanced spherical lenses and perfect interchange system.

Best Men’s Ski Goggles 2018

How We Choose

Over the last five years I’ve spent more than 500 days on skis and I know what can make or break a great pair of men’s ski goggle.

So what really separates great ski goggles from the rest? Personally, I only accept goggles with technical spherical lenses which offer exceptional peripheral views, coated UV protection, and manly color options. My choices must be helmet compatible too, as more and more skiers wise up to the benefits of protecting their heads when they ride. 

All of the goggles I have chosen are offered by the best ski goggle brands in the industry, each with proven track records of uncompromising gear. We’ve avoided budget and up-and-coming brands to bring you only the best men’s ski goggles available today. Don’t forget to check out my other top ski goggles list for this season too!

Why You Should Buy New Ski Goggles

The goggles of today have evolved rapidly from just a few short years ago, and are the result of improving technology and evolving skier taste. Buying new ski goggles will offer you a lot more than just looking cool on the slopes (though that’s important, too).

Helmet use is on the rise, from men and women to children, all skiers are wearing helmets today. This means older goggles not made to fit helmets may no longer function properly with new safety gear. You need a goggle with enough strap adjustment to be worn with or without a helmet which is exactly what we’ve chosen here. My men’s goggle picks feature highly adjustable headbands and wider attachment points at the edges of the goggle to accommodate your need for a helmet.

New reflective and mirrored lenses are available in every color under the sun, but did you know they actually help protect your eyes too? Newer goggles and lenses are beginning to incorporate wide lenses with a greater peripheral view. This helps with safety, allowing you to see more of what (and who) is around you at all times. On top of that, newer lenses are using UV coated technology to help shed harmful UV light before it reaches your eyes. Because crisp visibility and wide viewing angles are an important part of skiing at your best level and avoiding potential dangers, I feel there’s a strong case to be made for an upgrade there as well.

Without a good goggle you’ll be left skiing in poor, flat lighting which makes skiing difficult and unsafe. Don’t overlook the most critical piece of skiing equipment – choose a replacement goggle today! Choosing the right goggle and lens combo will revolutionize the way you see the snow you’re skiing…literally.

Smith IO 7 Blackout

Smith IO7 Best Men's Ski Goggle

Price: $205 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 2

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The black-on-black style says sleek, elegant, and mysterious.

When we say “best men’s ski goggle” the Smith IO7 with blackout lenses is what comes to mind first. Large lenses, refined styling, and a foolproof lens change system make this goggle our absolute top pick. I can recommend them as my top pick for the best anti-fog ski goggles. I’ve skied the last 4 seasons with the Smith IOX goggles (the predecessor of the IO7), and never had an issue with fogging.

With dual-pane lenses these goggles will never fog up even during the most intense shredding. Lenses can be swapped with a simple single-lever adjustment that takes no time and almost no effort. Smith’s IO7 line is a direct evolution of the IOX goggles which I have used and loved for years on the mountain. Ski with confidence that you’re wearing only the best goggle money can buy.

Black lenses are perfect for bluebird sunny days and can be swapped with dozens of colors from Smith’s lineup. Wide anchor points and dual-pivoting straps mean unlimited adjustability with or without a helmet. One of my personal favorite aspects is the triple-layer foam, which seals to the face effortlessly and comfortably so you’ll forget you’re even wearing the best ski goggle for men!

 Oakley Flight Deck

Oakley Best Ski Goggle for Men

Price: $170 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 1

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: With a wide array of great color options, this modern goggle has every technical feature you could want with style to back it up.

Oakley has been producing and refining top quality ski goggles for years. With the Flight Deck goggle we get huge spherical lenses, a multitude of color options, highly sizable straps and so much more. These are definitely the best ski goggles for huge lenses and fashionable statements on the hill.

The rimless frame design maximizes lens real estate, but what does this mean for you? It means an awesome large lens look with uninhibited viewing from the inside. Did we mention the lenses are platonized for 100% UV protection? You’re not going miss a thing with the Oakley Flight Deck goggles this season. Pair them with one of my picks for this year’s best all mountain skis to really send it over the edge!

 Dragon Alliance NFX2

Dragon Alliance NFX2 Best Ski Goggle Men

Price: $118 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 2

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Dragon Alliance knows how to make a no-frills goggle and the NFX2 is simple, effective, and sleek.

Dragon Alliance has done it again. Another great goggle with unique simple looking styling that leaves plenty of room for people to ask, “What goggle is that?” True to their styling and design, this interchangeable lens goggle has a frame-less look and uninhibited lens. With handfuls of color and style options to choose from, I’m certain you’ll fall in love with this goggle.

DA has chosen to include two lenses with these goggles, which is always nice because you’ll want something a bit different depending on the weather. Use the darker lenses on bright days and lighter lenses on dark days – it’s not complicated. Don’t forget to check out my list of the best ski boots this season to keep your gear as simple as possible!

Hypoallergenic triple-layer foam with fleece lining is made for all day comfort and moisture wicking. Avoid sweaty goggle-face, it’s just not the right look for you. I also like the venting and modest medium fit design. So many goggles today are going bigger while the NFX2 continues to stand its ground.

Key Factors and Features of a Good Ski Goggle

  • View: Being able to see well will result in two great outcomes: First, you’ll be able to see obstacles, trees, moguls, rollers, and terrain better. This means less injuries and wipe outs because you’ll be prepared for anything the mountain throws your way. Second, you’ll gain improved peripheral vision. New goggles have large viewing angles, and the added peripheral will help you avoid other skiers on the hill.
  • Price: Great skiing doesn’t compromise on essential gear. Ski goggles are, arguably, the most important piece of skiing gear you’ll purchase. For that reason, make sure to leave room in your budget for a top-of-the-line goggle for improved safety, visibility, and enjoyment on the hill. If you’re looking for the best ski goggles under $100, try the Oakley Flight Deck in Sheridan Copper.
  • Helmet Fit: Moving into 2018 we’re seeing more skiers than ever realizing that wearing a helmet is actually a good idea when hurtling down a mountain at high speeds…imagine that! For this reason you’ll want to ensure that any goggle you purchase can fit that nice new brain bucket you’ve got. All the goggles on our list will fit any sized helmet.
  • Lens Types: Lenses are important and stylish. Different lens types offer darker or lighter light transmission for cloudy or blue bird days. Being able to swap lenses is critical for avoiding flat lighting which can leave you skiing “in the dark”, and may lead to injury. Make sure you get a pair of goggles from a great manufacturer offering a wide variety of lenses in the colors you’ll love!
  • Included Lenses: Most interchange lens systems now come with two lenses when you purchase the goggle. If not, no worries! Almost every manufacturer offers a handful of different aftermarket replacement lenses to choose from.

Mistakes to Avoid

Buying the Blackest Lenses: Blackout lenses definitely look rad, there’s no doubt. Frankly there’s nothing wrong with a blackout lens, but remember they allow very low light transmission. You’ll definitely want a lighter lens (yellow or high contrast) for overcast and dark days on the mountain. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference the correct lens will make!

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Skimping on Price: Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your money on your skis. Unless you’re a pro shredder your skis aren’t going to make or break your day on the mountain. Buy a reasonable pair of skis and save a little budget for your helmet and goggle setup. Staying comfortable means more time and more fun on the mountain!

Which Ski Goggle is Right For Me

Don’t forget that any of these goggles are just as viable for other snowsports, so if you’re looking for the best snowboard goggles of 2016, look no further! No matter what your pursuit, I’ll break it down for you so you know which ski goggle is just right for you.

If you’re looking for a fully featured spherical lens goggle with changeable lenses for this ski season, look no further than the NFX2 by Dragon Alliance. We’re certain you’ll love it and the frameless design is totally contemporary. For pure style and uncompromising design go with the Oakley Flight Deck goggles to make a statement while you shred.

For those of you looking for the absolute top performing ski goggle of 2017 and 2018 your bus stops with the Smith IO7. With more lens choices than any skier can possibly need, you’ll never run out of style and colors. Simple and fast lens change system means more time skiing and less time fidgeting with gear. On top of it all, Smith’s lifetime workmanship warranty can’t be beat. You’ll be glad you made the investment.

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Best Ski Goggles 2018

For our annual list of the best ski goggles in 2017, we only chose goggles with a high optical quality, interchangeable lens systems for maximum usability. Helmet compatible straps and high quality, layered foam for all day face comfort were also critical deciding factors.

As a result, our #1 pick is the Smith IO 7 goggle which boast large spherical lenses, easy lens interchange, and a highly adjustable strap compatible with most helmets. To that end, Smith offers tons of lens and color options for this particular goggle including a photochromic option, which automatically adjusts to the brightness of the sun. Also, did we mention that Smith offers a lifetime craftsmanship warranty?

Best Ski Goggles 2018

How We Choose

In the five years of teaching skiing full time, I’ve figured out how to separates the okay goggles from the legendary ones, and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes in goggle buying.

How do we choose the best of the best? We’re looking for goggles with advanced spherical lenses, that offer great peripheral views, UV protection, and stylish color options. Our choices must be helmet compatible too, as more and more skiers wise up to the benefits of protecting their heads. We’re also only including lenses with interchangeable lens systems – an important factor for swapping lenses on bright or cloudy days.

All of the goggles we have chosen are offered by recognized manufacturers in ski industry with proven track record, and we’ve avoided budget and up-and-coming brands to bring you only the most refined ski goggles available today.

Why You Should Buy New Ski Goggles

Goggles have evolved greatly over the last handful of years to meet two main needs. First, skiers are demanding more flashy colors and styles, and second, skiers are almost universally wearing helmets today which older goggles cannot fit over anymore.

Helmet use is on the rise, and we really expect to soon see every skier wearing a helmet. This means old goggles with small straps are out. You need a goggle with enough adjustability to be worn with or without a helmet and that’s exactly what we’ve chosen here. Our goggles feature highly adjustable headbands and wider attachment points at the goggle to accommodate that new helmet.

While fashion may not be the most critical upgrade factor, flashy new lenses do offer a few real upgrades over older lenses. First, newer goggles and lenses are beginning to incorporate wide lenses with a greater peripheral view. This helps with safety, allowing you to see more of what (and who) is around you at all times. Second, these newer lenses are using reflective coated technology to help shed harmful UV light before it reaches your eyes. Because crisp visibility and wide viewing angles are an important part of skiing at your best level and avoiding potential dangers, we feel there’s a strong case to be made for an upgrade.

Your goggles may be the unsung hero of your skiing gear. Without a good goggle you’ll be left skiing in poor, flat lighting which makes skiing difficult and unsafe. Choosing the right goggle and lens combo will revolutionize the way you see the snow you’re skiing…literally.

Smith IO 7

Price: $160 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 2

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Refined simple design with large spherical lens for perfect viewing.

Designed around a “less is more” concept, these interchangeable goggles come with two lenses (on most models). You can swap out your lenses with one simple turn of the release lever, and lock the new ones back in within seconds. All around the best ski goggle we have reviewed on our list.

Triple layer foam on the IO 7 surrounds your face with moisture wicking synthetic fibers for a dry, cool fit all day, no matter how hard you’re hucking it. One of many reasons this goggle earns our top rating is for the almost limitless variations available. Buy your goggles in one of more than a dozen frame and strap colors, and you can buy just about any color reflective lens to match your style. Highly customizable, reliable, and crystal clear viewing make the Smith IO 7 our editor’s pick  for  best ski goggle this season.

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Quick release strap and silicone bands around the entire strap help to make sure that once the goggles are on, they won’t be coming back off easily. Wide pivot strap hinges are designed with helmets in mind and we know this goggle will perform like a dream with your favorite helmet. I recommend the photochromic lens – it adjusts the darkness of the lenses automatically based on the brightness of the day. Sunny day? You lens will automatically become darker. Cloudy day? You lens will lighten up for better viewing and safer skiing!

Smith IOX

Price: $99 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 2

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: At a lower price tag this great wide lens goggle is compatible with glasses (OTG)!

I’ve been rocking the Smith IOX goggles for years since they first hit the market and I can say that with over 300 days in these goggles, they don’t back down and never fog up.

The Smith IOX are also one of the best ski goggles for wearing over the glasses (OTG). Roomy, comfortable, and featuring a cutout on the sides for your glasses to sit gently on your temples without being smashed by the goggle. Without a doubt, the IOX goggles earn the best OTG goggle pick on our list.

Changing lenses on these goggles isn’t as easy as the newer IO 7 goggles, but it’s still quite simple. The quick release strap is durable and reliable, fitting any helmet with ease and style. Our main concern is that the IOX goggle offers slightly less peripheral view compared to the IO 7’s. These are great, reliable goggles with all the performance of the IO 7’s at a fraction of the price.

Oakley Flight Deck

Price: $174 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 1

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Massive lens will keep you looking like the best skier on the mountain  (even taking diggers on the bunny hill).

Oakley has been making solidly-built optics for years, and ski goggles are no exception. The Oakley Flight Deck ski goggles are based around an oversize spherical lens and a low profile look. The may not be not as slick as Maverick’s gold rimmed aviators from that 1986 classic, but it’s as close as you’re going to get without an F-14. Without a doubt, the best ski goggles for style and fashion.

The included lenses are designed to be 100% protective to UV light for prolonged high altitude exposure to sunlight. We all know how bright a cloudless day can be on fresh snow pack at 12,000 feet – keep yourself protected! Our only real complaint is the high price and single lens included with the goggle.

Dragon Alliance X2

Price: $129 | Style: Interchange| Included Lenses: 2

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Thin frame design makes the lens view unobstructed and completely immersive for great skiing.

If you’re looking for a serious goggle with a lens view that won’t compromise, then the X2 is for you! Dragon Alliance created this goggle around a frame-less design, which maximizes real estate and minimizes any obstruction of view.

For their reasonable price it seems Dragon Alliance has been able to create an awesome goggle at a killer budget price. Don’t forget the goggles come with two lenses right out of the box. We think this is a great deal at a great price.

Dragon Alliance has really been the sole maker of “frameless” goggles up until recently. You can be assured these goggles make a statement and won’t be mistaken on the hill. While gaining popularity, they’re still much less common than the Oakley and Smith goggles. Dragon Alliance X2’s earn best frame-less goggle design.

POC Lobe Goggle

Price: $77 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 1

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Economy based pricing with a wide lens view and great fitment.

If you’re in the market for a great wide lens goggle with helmet compatibility at a reasonable price, then the POC Lobe might be just the ticket. Unfortunately the interchange system is a little clunky compared to other goggles on our list but the lower price might just make up for it.

Relatively narrow outriggers for the goggle straps mean you may have a tight fit over larger helmets, but the strap its self is plenty adjustable to meet your needs with or without a helmet. Unfortunately lenses will cost as much or more than a whole new set of these goggles, so choose your color options wisely when purchasing.

These goggles stand out on the hill with a unique, simple aesthetic that’s recognizable from a distance. With uniform color throughout the goggle, the POC Lobes earn the best ski goggle choice for the skier looking to match colors. They look great with a sleek, matching color helmet too!

Key Factors and Features of a Good Ski Goggle

  • View: Never compromise on view. One part of having great clarity and contrast through a goggle is a high visibility lens for overcast days. I highly recommend an interchangeable lens system for this reason. Spend the extra money on a good pair of wide view goggles too, and your skiing will improve dramatically.
  • Price: Price is a big deal to many skiers. A new pair of skis and boots are expensive, so it can be tempting to try and save a little money on the goggles, but don’t do it! Investing in good goggles is critical to avoid fogging, clarity issues, and low light contrast issues. It’s scary trying to ski moguls in low light with a foggy lens. Avoid that by investing in a good goggle system.
  • Helmet Fit: Most goggles these days are designed to be worn with a helmet. Wide hinge points for strap attachment and silicone bands on the strap help keep everything in place. Make sure your goggles and straps are wide enough to fit around your helmet – all of our recommendations are!
  • Lens Types: Buying a goggle with a wide assortment of available lenses is a huge bonus. On super dark and snowy days a clear (or near clear) lens is great to improve visibility. For bright bluebird skiing a reflective lens helps protect your eyes from solar radiation, and also gives a good increase to your overall “radness” level in style.
  • Included Lenses: If you’re spending good money on a new goggle system, look for one that includes more than one lens with your purchase. The Smith IO7 goggles we reviewed, for example, usually come with two lenses – a dark and a light lens to accommodate different weather patterns throughout the day.

Mistakes to Avoid

Going Too Big: With the big goggle trend at an all time high, some skiers may buy the coolest goggles only to find out they’re actually too big to fit with their helmet. Yeah, that’s a thing. Check reviews to make sure the goggles you’re ordering aren’t too big to fit your riding setup.

Skimping on Price: Many skiers will say their skis or ski boots are the most important piece of gear. I would urge you to think differently – your goggles are the most important piece of gear. Without a good, crisp image to see while you’re skiing, it’s impossible to avoid dangers and injury. Fog, flat lighting, and overly dark lenses are all common issues. Spend the extra dough on your goggles – you’ll be happy you did.

Which Ski Goggle is Right For Me

With so many options on the market, we’ve narrowed it down to reputable brands with goggles that outperform and are feature rich. We recommend you stick with high quality ski goggles to get the most out of your day on the mountain.

Glasses can be difficult to wear when skiing so if you’re looking for an over the glasses (OTG) goggle solution, go with our #2 pick, the Smith IOX goggle. Interchange lenses, high performance, and OTG fitment make this goggle a clear winner. If you want only the best all-around goggle system today, we recommend the Smith IO 7’s with quick interchange lenses, triple layer foam for all day comfort, and many choices of advanced lens technology. We also think they beat the competition with helmet compatibility and adjustability.

For the newest and sleekest frameless goggle look on the mountain, it’s tough to top the Dragon Alliance X2’s upgraded from previous models. Huge lenses, tons of color options, and reworked design make them a total winner. Ultimately all of the ski goggles we’ve chosen have a place on the mountain, and all that’s left for you to do is choose a goggle based on your needs and budget.

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review Roundup

Aeron is one of the main flagship office chairs of Herman Miller, the famous $900-$1,200 office chair that’s been around for decades and, several years ago, received an update that made it even lighter and more ergonomic. The Aeron has been considered the sign of an office that’s keeping up with the times and encouraging healthy behavior…but how does it hold up today?


The newest Aeron is very much what you see – a messh and fabric-based office chair designed to offer general back support and comfort. The lines are more familiar than the daring chairs like the Sayl, which may make it more comfortable for long-term users. Overall, the updated model is slimmer and more focused on mesh and hard fabrics: The arms, height, and more can be adjusted as well, so there’s customization options here, too.


  • Updated design
  • Customization options for some aspects


  • Steep cost for many buyers

From Gaming Scan

Gaming Scan gives the Aeron some generic praise, pointing out that the chair can help prevent wrist and back problems if you are a computer gamer and will be spending some significant time sitting in it. Of course, you also have to pay a little extra for the investment, but the durability of the chair (there’s not much padding to wear out) makes it worthwhile.

“Like all of Herman Miller’s products, the Aeron has a strong emphasis on health. Everything from its shape to its build is designed to reduce strain, making it a great investment for people who sit for several hours a day.

Now, this chair is more expensive than some others on the market but don’t let that put you off. After all, its higher initial cost is offset by your improved wellbeing. It even comes with a 12-year warranty so once you buy this, you won’t have to buy another chair for over a decade.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re self-employed, this chair can be written off as a business expense. It’s rare enough to find a chair that is as comfortable as this, but for it to lower your taxes is even better.”

From Office Designs

Office Designs focuses on the remastered version of the Aeron, which was updated based on how we currently use our offices andwhat we’ve learned about ergonomics. The new design is reported as more comfortable, and offers additional lower back support with an overhaul simpler design that helps the user experience.

“First off, the look. It’s beautifully updated. The new Aeron silhouette holds closely to the original. From afar it’s easily recognizable. Up close there is much to appreciate in the details. The bulky visual weight has been reduced with a slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing chassis and updated base finishes. For those who want to splurge on the upgraded polished aluminum, the desk chair looks even more striking. Even the knobs and adjustments have been reworked. It looks like no aspect of the chair has been left untouched.”

From: Amazon Users

Benefits noted by reputable Amazon users include comfort while sitting at work, super easy assembly, and quiet functionality. Issues include the high price and issues reported with some settings such as the locking mechanism and the armrests.

“What can I say about the Aeron that hasn’t already been said? By all standards, it’s an amazing chair, great functionality, great customization.

My only complaint…and it’s a big one, the instructions are embarrassingly bad. It comes with two sets of instructions, one for models built earlier than 2014 and one for those built after, with little help determining which you actually have. For a chair so meticulously and carefully designed I expect a set of instructions to be at least half as good.”

Bottom Line

The Aeron is a particularly safe purchase as long as you can afford it – just remember to get the updated version!

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