KeyWe Is A Smart Lock For Your Home

Don’t tell me you still have one those old dumb locks on your doors. What year is it again? It’s time to try a smart lock. They not only keep you safe, but they have features that your old lock never dreamed of.

KeyWe is Smarter than the Average Smart Lock

Like the ability to approach your front door, have it unlock automatically and then after you enter, the door will lock itself. Now, are you seeing why you have to join the rest of us in 2018?

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If you’re ready to make your home a little smarter, a smart lock is a good place to start and KeyWe should be first on your list.

So what does the KeyWe have that your current lock does not? Well, it’s built with an Ansi grade 2 deadbolt and strong materials. It also gives you 6 different ways to open your doors. It also comes with Z-wave and Bluetooth. Plus, it’s affordable.

Sure, it’s smart, but it was developed with your safety and security as a priority. Install this smart lock and your home is instantly much safer. I already mentioned the Ansi Grade 2 Deadbolt, but even more impressive is that the aluminum used is so strong because it is the same kind they use to build airplanes and boats. It doesn’t get much tougher than that.

The connection between the KeyWe App and the door lock is 128 bit AES encryption, so even the signals between the app and hardware are encrypted and are constantly updated for constant top-notch security. This lock actually takes things a bit further, because if there is an attempt to jailbreak or rooting the device, the app will block logins and delete all data.

Security and Convenience

Other features include auto lock and unlock, a touchpad that cab store up to 20 passcodes, one-time passcode, guest key, NFC and mechanical key.

These features are pretty convenient. For instance, if you’re expecting a package, you could give a one-time passcode to the delivery agent. Your package will be waiting when you get home. The passcode lasts for only 2 minutes. That’s a smart lock feature that I love.

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Best Home Security for Las Vegas

With a huge increase in people moving to the region, it’s no wonder that Las Vegas has also seen a rise in their home burglary stats over the past several years. The region is known for having the most hard cash/valuables within city limits of any county in the United States at any given time, and with such a huge tourist population flooding the streets every weekend this makes it a hotbed for illicit criminal activity.

Overall the city only ranks as 11% safer than other cities in the country, which is why it’s vital that anyone currently living in the Las Vegas metro area (or those with plans to move there in the near future) has a strong home security solution at their disposal which can help to deter or even capture any burglars who might try to break into your home unannounced and uninvited.

But which security system is the best for Las Vegas overall? After exhaustive testing of some of the most high-profile options available, Gadget Review has determined that Protect America is the #1 home security system for Las Vegas, thanks in part to its $0 equipment cost for new subscribers and 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the system in 30 days.

Table of Contents

Las Vegas Home Security System Reviews

#1 – FrontPoint Security


  • Smoke and heat monitoring
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • 100% wireless home surveillance
  • Pets under 40 pounds will not trip the alarm (meaning no fines from Atlanta city hall)
  • Live streaming to your device
  • 30-Day Risk-Free trial
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau


  • No snapshot pictures or recording available
  • Monitored outsourced though one company (Rapid Response)
  • Contract must be at least three years
  • Only a 3-year warranty

FrontPoint Security is our #1 pick for home security in Las Vegas for one big reason: simplicity of setup.

Oftentimes one of the main reasons that a homeowner or apartment leasee might go with a company like ADT or Bay Security is unlike DIY systems, generally those companies will send a technician over to your home to get everything set up and running to code. The catch is they’ll also charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege, which means that money which could have gone to either signing up for a longer monitoring contract or buying better equipment instead gets spent upfront on a job that usually, you can do yourself without much trouble.

This is where the magic of the FrontPoint Security system comes into play. From the moment you open the box every step of getting the system up and running is clearly laid out for you, leaving nothing to chance with big green letters that hold your hand from the time you put up your first sensor until the tech on the other end of your phone call gets your monitoring program operational. FrontPoint doesn’t always get the best reputation with its customers for a variety of reasons, but our experience with both their customer service and the system we tested was top notch across the board.

#2 – Scout Alarm


  • No activation or installation fees
  • Easily to relocate
  • Backup 3G network
  • Integrates with Nest and Nest Cam
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money back guarantee
  • No contract despite using professional monitoring


  • Not many equipment options
  • Upfront payment for equipment
  • Does not include flood, break glass, or temperature units
  • Not registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • Limited motion sensor range
  • Inadequate battery life

Scout Alarm is a company that really strips down the DIY security system to its most essential elements, and doesn’t really leave much room to spare for extra frills or add-on equipment we’ve seen from other providers in the space. Scout Alarm works more as an equipment vendor than it does as a full-fledged security outfit, and actually leases out their monitoring services to a third-party vendor. That said, the equipment is painfully simple to set up and operate, and everything about operating the Scout Alarm network has been streamlined to its most basic implementation that just gets the job done without a lot of muss or fuss in between.

Unfortunately as of this writing the company doesn’t offer any kind of glass break detectors, nor is the main hub protected by a system known as “crash and smash”, which will provide backup power and send out a CDMA signal in the case that either the main unit or your home router/internet signal are tampered with in the case of a break-in. That said if you want a system where you won’t be locked into a contract and can buy protection a’la carte as you need it, there isn’t a better option out there that still provides a wide range of motion and door sensors designed to cover every inch of your home in a warm blanket of security and protection.

#3 – Protect America


  • No activation or installation fees
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Backup 3G network
  • HD camera has great quality


  • Not many equipment options
  • Three-year contract commitment is lengthy
  • No glass break detectors

Protect America is our #3 pick as the best security system for Las Vegas thanks to the company’s innovative approach to avoiding as many upfront costs as possible. Rather than making you buy a ton of equipment while also locking you into a long-term contract (like FrontPoint), Protect America goes the “cell phone plan” route and covers the cost of all your hardware as long as you sign up to a three-year minimum monitoring plan. While that may sound like a long time, if you’re homeowner and plan to be living in the same location for the foreseeable future it should only represent a fraction of the total time you’d want to keep your home safe in the long scope of things.

The company offers a range of monitoring tools that are on par with some of the best in the business, along with a main hub that can’t be hacked thanks to the company’s own proprietary firmware installed by default on every unit they ship. If you’re looking for a system that will just work the way you need it to but also won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get running out of the gate, Protect America is currently the only security system offering we know of that will foot the hardware bill for you, no questions asked.

Las Vegas Crime Statistics

Unlike many cities across the United States which have seen an overall reduction in their crime rates over the past decade, Las Vegas has actually seen their crime rate climb considerable, with a 32% increase in the overall average of crimes compared to the rest of the country. Although violent crime has decreased, property crimes like home burglaries are on the upswing. This is most apparent in the statistics: in 2002 Clark County police reported 11,136 burglaries within city limits; in 2014 that number had increased to 14,150.

This means that it’s vitally important anyone who already lives in Las Vegas or is considering a move there get a home security system that can combat the rise in home invasions the county has been experiencing over the past several years.

Other Las Vegas Home Security Companies to Consider

Aside from the big national brands, there are several local home security companies in Las Vegas who are highly rated for their service and tech options in Clark Country metro area. As a city with one of the highest concentrations of raw cash and goods flowing in and out of the county every day, it’s no wonder that dozens of highly-rated security companies have descended on the region as a result.

Las Vegas Home Security False Alarm Policy

Las Vegas is one of the few cities in the United States that works off what’s known as a “Broadcast and File” policy when it comes to false alarms. This means the police department will broadcast the call over the air, and allow their “best officers” to determine which calls they do or don’t respond to. If a specific location has had a large number of false alarms (5+), the department may only follow up with the security system company who called the alert in rather than dispatching someone to the location immediately. If the company reports that a user called them and verified it was a false alarm, the call will be canceled out.

This means that while you won’t be charged any fees for lodging a false alarm in Las Vegas, there is a chance that officers may not even show up at the property at all if you’ve had multiple infractions before that. So be careful in Clark County if you’re the type to accidentally cry wolf too often with your home security system!

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ZEROHOUR APEX Bolt Action Titanium Pen With Multi-Tool

If you’re like me, you like to carry a multi-tool on you at all times. They come in handy for quick fixes around the house and in the yard, not to mention when you are camping and in other situations. Some people even carry several multi-tools.

This is One Tough Pen

One of the more popular kinds of tools that many like to carry are pens that have tools built in. If that’s you, check out the ZEROHOUR APEX Bolt Action Titanium Pen With Multi-Tool. It’s a premium writing instrument with a ceramic glass breaker and hex bit socket. It comes in titanium and aluminum finishes.


This is a pen that gives you some very handy tools and it all fits in an ultra-compact form. APEX BOLT is designed with indestructible materials and a waterproof ink cartridge, so the pen is as tough as the tools. It packs in a ceramic glass-breaking tip, removable pocket clip, and a hidden hex-bit screwdriver for precision repairs on the go.

Why bolt action? The answer is simple. The bolt action mechanism saves time with a single-handed pen release and securely locks the pen in position. Plus if you love to fidget, bolt action is the only way to go.

The ceramic tip can break glass when you need to enter or exit a space quickly in a dangerous situation, or it can be used for self-defense to strike an attacker in close combat. Just unscrew APEX BOLT from the cap to reveal the hidden hex bit socket and you have a handy screwdriver for repairing things around the house, fixing electronics etc. They offer an optional 33-bit set to go with your tactical pen, which supports Flathead, Phillips, Hex and TORX bits.

This is one of the smallest and strongest everyday carry tactical pens you’ll ever find.

It Comes in Three Finishes

APEX BOLT comes in three finishes: Black Matte Aluminum, Polished Titanium, and Sandblasted Titanium. Each has a unique texture and feel. This pen will feel great in your hand thanks to an improved ergonomic grip and balanced weight distribution.

It’s a durable pen and a multi-tool in one. You won’t want to be without one in your pocket. You can never have enough tools.

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Rescuer Emergency Assistant Can Save Your Life

Look, there are a lot of bad people in this world and even those most of us are standup citizens, there are people who will do you harm. So no one can blame you for feeling unsafe on your way to work, or for feeling uneasy about that sketchy looking guy nearby.

Rescuer is Easy To Use

It would be cool if you could alert a friend that you were uneasy about that guy in a stealthy way. Well, there is a way. The personal safety assistant called Rescuer is here to help.

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Rescuer makes it easy for you to be safe and connected no matter where you are, allowing you to relax while knowing that you are taken care of in an emergency. The best part is that Rescuer does this without the need to even touch your phone.

Your loved ones are able to contact Rescuer any time to make sure you’re safe. If there is an emergency, Rescuer will make sure that these are the people who will know first. It uses four life-saving features to ensure that you are taken care of. They really have thought of everything with the following features.

Voice recognition allows you to say your customized key phrase. Rescuer hears this even your phone is in another room. Then emergency messages are sent with your GPS coordinates along with pictures of the crime scene to your pre-set emergency contacts.

Volume button toggle allows you to silently call for help by pressing your phone’s volume buttons to send emergency messages to your contacts. Your contacts get your coordinates and photos of the emergency without you having to say a thing.

Remote Location Tracking makes it so your worried friends and family can send a quick text to Rescuer to find out your location and safety status. So even if you forget to let your friends know you got home safe. Rescuer handles it for you. This is going to ease a lot of minds.

The quick access help widget is handy if you already have your phone open. All you have to do is press the giant red help button on your home screen and emergency messages and pictures of the crime scene will be sent.

This App has Your Back

As you can see, Rescuer really has you covered. Being armed with this personal safety assistant is as good as having a guardian angel by your side. The app is even free for Android for a limited time.

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Fixed vs. Non-Fixed VoIP: Quickly Learn The Differences

These days, most phone-users are aware that VoIP exists and that it has…well, something to do with the internet.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, simply uses existing internet connections and physical internet networks (cables, fiber optics, etc.) to deliver phone services.

As we all know from those annoying pop-up videos on websites, internet lines can easily carry audio data. VoIP services simply use that data in a phone number-based communication model.

Using VoIP over traditional telephone lines carries a number of benefits, including lower costs, bundles services, more features, and easier management. It’s no surprise a lot of businesses switch to VoIP or start using it on day one.

But there are two different kinds of VoIP services – fixed and non-fixed – and choosing between is a particularly important decision. We’re going to explain the exact differences between these services, and which one is right for you!

Fixed VoIP: What It Is and How It Work (hint: linking number and address)

Best Business VoIP 2016

Fixed VoIP is “fixed” to a physical address. This is the traditional way that phone numbers were assigned: Without a physical address to link the number to, you couldn’t get a phone number. That changed quite a bit when smartphones started showing up, but even now mobile phones typically need a physical address on the account.

So, when you sign up for a popular service like Vonage, they require you to associate the VoIP number with a physical address. For most users, this is no problem. In fact, most businesses are very happy to have a phone number associated with a physical address: it ties their contact information together neatly, and makes an easy reminder to include the correct address with the phone number.

In this situation, the provider tends to use their own cables to provide VoIP services, which lends even more authenticity to the number. This can come with some surprising benefits, including less chance for your number to be stolen, and a better chance that important local services like 911 will work on your VoIP line.

However, the strict address rule does create some limitations as well. Pricing, for example, may be stricter for fixed VoIP. You realize those great savings when calling from the address itself, but other charges may apply if you try to use the service from elsewhere, depending on how your VoIP network is set up. This means it’s important to look at the details of your contract, and how fees are applied.

Additionally, fixed VoIP is an in-country service. You cannot get a number if you are operating outside of the country, and you may face extra charges for international calls, which could make international communication a little difficult for some.

Non-Fixed VoIP: Free-Floating Phone Numbers

Non-fixed VoIP is just what it sounds like: these numbers are not fixed to a physical address. When you sign up for them, the most you need to provide is an email address and payment option. This makes such services very flexible and easy to use.

Skype, for example, is an extremely popular version of non-fixed VoIP services.

The non-fixed approach has its own advantages and disadvantages. These services don’t really care about where people are, so using them internationally is very easy, making non-fixed services popular for businesses that do a lot of global communication. Costs may also be easier to control with a one-size-fits-all approach, especially for small and growing businesses that only need simple services.

However, non-fixed services also tend to lack the extra services and business-friend phone network models that fixed VoIP offers. It may not be possible to create a complex office phone system over these services. Also, non-fixed services are notoriously common for fraudulent activities and scams, so it may not make the best professional impression if there is another option.

Bottom Line for VoIP

Fixed VoIP options act a lot like traditional phone lines, and being associated with a physical address has a lot of advantages for a professional business, especially larger companies with a lot of phone lines. Non-fixed VoIP is generally better for personal use and more flexible for global communication, but doesn’t have as many professional options, and it’s not as reputable of a service.

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RingCentral Review: Budget Friendly and Feature Heavy

In a world of an almost unlimited number of selections in the business-class VoIP market, only a few companies stand out from the crowd.

RingCentral is one such company. With a huge number of features ranging from unlimited international calling to contract-free plans, this business VoIP solution is one to watch.

So, what exactly makes RingCentral and its features such a great choice for small businesses? We reviewed the RingCentral service to understand why.

Let’s take a look at the features it offers, along with some of the cons so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Easy Initial Configuration

Getting set up on a new VoIP business system is sometimes a headache-inducing process that’s more stress than it’s worth.

RingCentral has dedicated time and resources to minimize the stress of setting up the Ring Central desktop app (or mobile app) through the use of a handful of configuration wizards (a great feature mind you), rather than rely on the availability and schedule of an employee.

Upon testing these setup wizards, we found that they walk you step-by-step through the whole process of configuring this private branch exchange (PBX) system with clear explanations. For example, you can use one of these setup wizards to add a new user to the plan, assign a phone to the new user, and indicate which state and city they’re in.

RingCentral also offers setup wizards for creating auto-attendant services, user extensions, and company information maintenance.

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Cloud Connectivity

RingCentral offers a variety of cloud-based solutions for the administration of their Voice-over-IP system for small businesses. These solutions include mobiles apps for iOS and Android that allow you take your calls and texts on the go.

RingCentral also helps business teams collaborate better with an in-depth messaging, file sharing, and conferencing system in the same package. If you’re looking for ways to keep your employees more connected, RingCentral’s PBX system can help.

Budget-Conscious Plans

Many VoIP provides offer services at exorbitant prices that also have constricting contracts tied to them.

RingCentral is the opposite.

They offer a wide variety of business plans to fit any budget, starting as low as $19.99 per month. This introductory pricing is a win for all the small businesses trying to build a more reliable communications system on a budget.

The best part about RingCentral’s pricing structure and VoIP technology is that they don’t require you to purchase a brand-new, VoIP-only phone system when you sign up for a new plan, unlike other providers.

If you want, you can use your old analog system with their services (to engage in any type of meeting), which ultimately saves you the heavy upfront cost of replacing your entire phone system.

RingCentral is easily scalable.

As you continue to grow or shrink, you can easily update the features you need. And since RingCentral doesn’t lock you into any kind of annual contract, you can do this whenever you want without the fear of getting hit with cancellation fees. Many services we reviewed require service contracts, making RingCentral stand out.

External Integrations

RingCentral understands that most businesses use a wide variety of different communications software to meet their customers’ needs. As such, this small business PBX can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox. You can even integrate with enterprise solutions like Salesforce, Zendesk, and with higher-priced plans.

And the integrations don’t stop there. While these are some of the more common integrations, RingCentral doesn’t limit you on what software you can use with the VoIP system. The company also offers a developer platform that you can use to create custom integrations to fit your specific needs and software.

For the most part, integrating to other products works just fine. However, during our review and testing, we found that the integrations weren’t always the most reliable.

Customer Support

While RingCentral tries to keep everything automated and self-contained in your own sphere, it recognizes that there are still times when live support for their VoIP solution is needed, as we experience during our review. As such, the company offers a number of different support options for their customers.

For any plan with more than two users, RingCentral offers 24/7 live phone support in English. On their support website, you can find phone numbers for major regions around the world.

If you need non-English phone support, you can reach RingCentral Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Central European Time. RingCentral also offers 24/7 live chat support through their website.

If your matter isn’t urgent, you can also elect to create a case through RingCentral’s support website. This allows the support team to create a more personalized solution to your needs. You can also use this section of the website to check on any cases you have previously opened.

Finally, you can use the RingCentral community forums to find an answer to your problem. The forums feature thousands of   questions and answers, which are all easily searchable. RingCentral staff frequents the forums and answers questions where they can, but many of the users are helpful enough to answer the questions quickly and correctly.

After reviewing and testing this business VoIP provider, we’re giving it an exceptional score. It struggles at times staying fully connected and integrated to the third-party services you have linked, but still offers good stability most of the time.

If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-set up VoIP service for business, RingCentral is a solid choice.

Top Questions about RingCentral Answered

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UltraloQ UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lever Lock

Your smart home isn’t complete unless you have a quality smart lock to go with all of your other sensors and smart devices. Naturally, you want to choose a good one with some decent features and that also provides great security.

Just Knock on Your Phone To Open Your Door

So you’ll want to give the UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lever Lock a serious look. This smart lock is designed to be a “Real Keyless” lock to give you maximum flexibility and convenience. You can use your fingerprint, code, a key or your smartphone to unlock it.

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It even allows you to knock on your phone to open the door, even when it’s in your pocket. How is that for convenience? Your door is opened effortlessly with or without your phone. That’s pretty handy for those times when you forgot your key.

The UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled smart lock also lets you know who opened your door and when. It’s a great solution when you need higher security for a special door.

Other features include Bluetooth 4.0, the ability to store 95 fingerprints, which will identify you in less than 0.5 seconds, and you can also shake your phone to open the door. It will hold 95 user-defined 4-8 digit codes. 3 AA batteries will deliver up to 8,000 times access with 50% less power consumption compared to similar locks on the market.

This smart lock is also built tough so that you can trust it in your home. The solid one-piece Zinc Alloy body is IP65 rated and completely waterproof and dustproof. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor use.

Open Your Door in a Variety of Ways

The app lets you see a log of who entered and when use Clone to transfer all users when you install another lock and set the lock to 3 settings: Auto relock, privacy lockout and free passage.

It’s also easy to setup with no wiring necessary. You can install it in about ten minutes and have it up and running.

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